Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A few things...

Cosette adores Noah!!

The kids built this snow-man yesterday.
Cosette put the sticks in it for arms and
legs and then told me it was 'sitting down' :)

And finally, a clip of my 'graceful ballerinas'
Eli just cracks me up!

*Note to family and friends: Our phone line is down--well, not literally, but we have no dial-tone; we can't call out and nobody can call in. We have no idea why! It's been like this since yesterday. The phone company is coming to take a look at it--but not until Friday! So, in the meantime, if you need to get ahold of us, just call Joel's cell-phone. ( I am posting these pictures from my mom's house, since we have no internet connection either! :) *


Elizabeth said...

I must say of all your videos, I think this is the funniest one yet! Cosette is so serious about being a "good" ballerina and Eli looks like...well, he's maybe thinking, "Mom, when can I be done dancing?" He's so cute :) I guess you can take some comfort in knowing that your daughter is a better ballerina than your son :) Oh, and I did notice that "George" was still attached...just like you said he is...always with Eli :)

By the way..I'll be searching for your cell # so we can talk tomorrow about Friday...hope you get things working again soon! HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! :)

Chuck said...

Eli was combining the manly marching with the ballerina thing because somewhere in the back of his mind he knows he will have to live this video down in the future, smart kid!

Anonymous said...

They are just amazing :-)

Cosette looks quite professional and Eli always lets me leave your blog in a good mood with a wide grin.

Have a very blessed weekend - I love coming over to here!


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