Thursday, October 09, 2008


Why are the stupid movies always the longest? Or, maybe they just seem that way. We don't have TV, so Joel and I will occasionally find ourselves watching a movie in the evenings after the kids go to bed. I LOVE a movie that makes me laugh. But the last four I have picked out, which were supposed to be funny, have been, well, just plain stupid. I won't even tell you the titles, because you'll probably just laugh at me for even trying them. So disappointing! There are just a handful of movies with places that make me laugh every time I watch them. Here are two of my favorites:

  • In Father of the Bride II, when Steve Martin unknowingly takes two extra-strength sleeping pills. He then says to his son "Could you please pass the rolls?", and next thing you know, he literally falls asleep in his soup. Then Franc, the rather eccentric nursery decorator says "Well, it's like, take these two pills George, and then, bye-bye, see you next Friday!", or something like that. For some reason, this scene just cracks me up. Steve Martin falling over in his plate like that is just too much.

  • This one just can't be beat, in my opinion. In Christmas with the Kranks, Tim Allen has just received a Botox treatment. He then sits at the table with his wife and tries to eat a bowl of canned peaches. However, he can't chew or move his lips, due to the Botox treatment, so the peaches just keep dribbling out his mouth and down his chin........HILARIOUS!! I crack up EVERY time I watch it! I rewind and rewind again until Joel begs me to please stop!

Okay, okay, so maybe I sound stupid to you now.... Hey, I'm a mother or three under four, my tastes in comedy run a little on the 'weird' side...

So, does anybody have any suggestions of any really funny movies? Not corny funny, like, I hate dumb 'romance comedies'--they just end up irritating me. And I can't stand it when the movie gets inapproapriate. So, any good, clean, funny, non-stupid movie suggestions??


Chuck said...

good, clean, funny, non-stupid movie...tough category
when "Hoodwinked" came out on DVD it had a free DVD with it called "Wobots" i really liked it, and it had a good message.

Kristin said...

Like you I have a hard time finding good, clean, funny movies. However, I haven't watched 'Christmas with the Kranks' since last I suggest a sister movie night. I don't mind rewinding the part with the peaches:-)

Marsha said...

Decent, clean movies that are funny are few and far between these days. Good luck finding one.


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