Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Where did the food go??

I handed the bowl of pineapple chunks to Eli.

"Could you put these on the tortilla wraps for Mommy, please?"

"Yes. Um... I eat it, 'k mom?"

"Okay. Could you put this chicken on the wraps too, please?"

" Yes. Um.... I eat it too, 'k mom?"

"I guess that's okay. Could you put this piece of cheese on the wrap?"

(With a big grin) "I eat it too mom?"

"Yes, and could you please put this piece of tomato on the wrap for me?"

"Yes. Um.....I eat it too, 'k mom?"

Needless to say, that was one little boy who had trouble eating his dinner a little while later....


Elizabeth said...

haha :) Eli sounds destined to be a cook....they always have to taste before everyone else :) In our house there is a rule. When it's someone's birthday, the person baking the cake has first dibs on the batter mix left overs...and the icing...great rule :)...needless to say, I LOVE baking the cakes for other people's birthdays...whenever I get the chance!! :)

Marsha said...

It is funny the things that they will do. It doesn't even have to be food. I still remember when my Dad caught what we call a "miller" (smaller than moth but similar in appearance) that was flying around the kitchen light and was showing it to my older daughter. He held his hand down to my daughter with the miller fluttering in his hand. Before I could get the words out "Maybe you shouldn't hold it that close to her she might eat it."--that was what my little one tried to do. I'm frantically trying to swipe the thing out of her mouth with my fingers, but she already munched on it. ewww.


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