Saturday, October 25, 2008

The three 'C's', and a new floor

Seven years ago, when I was still in college, my family used to tease me about the three 'C's'. What are the three 'C's'? Well, they were, in my opinion, the three things in life that I couldn't do with out. If I had to give up everything else, these were the three things that I would want to keep (speaking in a totally selfish, shallow manner here, of course). And, they all happened to start with 'C'. That first year of school, here are three things that I found necessary in my life---a Cello, a Car, and a Computer. The cello I already owned, and was taking lessons on. The car, well I bought that the summer after my freshman year. The computer---that was a necessary piece of equipment that I purchased the second semester of my freshman year (the computer that just died on me, actually).
And then, during my second year at college, I added another 'C'. Can anybody guess what it was? A Curtis!! LOL. And not just any Curtis, mind you, although they're all nice :) I had my eye set on a particular Curtis, one named Joel, specifically :)
Well, seven years later, here is where I stand on my four 'C's'---I still own my cello, although I don't play it nearly as much since I've had kids. My computer---well, you all know the fate of that! And my car?? It now belongs to a friend of ours at church--we had no need of it anymore.
So you see, the only 'C' that I really needed was Joel!! :) He is the incredibly handsome, smart, caring, spiritually mature, loving man that makes his wife so happy every day.
And what is that man doing right now? He's at Lowe's, buying 90 floor tiles. You see, ever since we moved into our house, my laundry space has been less than desireable. I don't have a laundry room, per se, just a corner in the basement where we keep the washer and dryer. But today, Joel is going to start installing a new tile floor for me around my washer, dryer, and utility sink. I am so excited!! It will be so much easier to clean, look so much nicer, and it will be almost like I have an actual laundry room :)
Who would have known seven years ago that I'd be so excited about a new floor??


Anonymous said...

I'm Thankful that the most important "C" came at the right time!! Please always be Thankful for Joel and stay in Love--which I know with you two and Jesus--the Love will only become stronger!! Tell Joel Thank-you very much for being the Husband, Father, Son-in-law, and Spiritual Leader that he is!!
Also,our "Men of Honor" group has a new member and it just happens to be that Man that drives your car now--What a blessing! I love you very much, Dad

Kristin said...

As I recall, there was another 'C' in there....cozy :-) You always wanted to come home on the weekends so you could be cozy

Elizabeth said...

Your simple and cute blog was inspiring to me...and timely. As I try weeding out all in my life that's less significant, I realize our hearts tend to fill up quickly (not to mention, our schedules and pocket-books too)!! I'm so glad to have you as a friend...oh yeah, and I could see you wanting to come home and be "cozy". The first time I came to your house and spent the night I thought "Wow! What a nice (and insert here-- COZY---) home! :)Now you can add ANOTHER c too...cosette :) (of course then you'd also have to add Celi and Cnoah :)...ok, that was a bad joke..sorry :)

Marsha said...

You are blessed to have such a wonderful husband. It is refreshing to see a Dad so involved with his kids as Joel is.


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