Sunday, October 05, 2008

Random Thoughts

My 'beginning of the week' random thoughts....

  • This may be one of Noah's last weeks in his bassinet *sob!* I keep waking up in the mornings and finding him sideways, or in some other uncomfortable position--he's just getting too big for it. This is always a bitter-sweet thing for me--when my babies move out of the bassinet. But not. quite. yet. I'm hanging on to his 'new-born-ness' for just a little while longer. I like waking up in the middle of the night and rolling over to check on him (his bassinet attaches to the side of our bed)

  • Speaking of sad things, I think my lap-top may have officially died. It won't even turn on. But, I've had it since college-- almost eight years, so that's a pretty good life for a computer, right? I'm going to try laying hands on it and praying tomorrow, but I think it may be too late.... ;) Fortunately, there wasn't anything too important on that computer, and I'm glad we have this desk-top as well.

  • I'm beginning to love my crock-pot. I did three meals in it last week! Hey, when you have a baby who could be crying to nurse, two toddlers waking up from naps and needing help on the potty all around dinner-time---well, the simpler, the better.

  • I lost Eli in church today. At least, I thought I did. After the service, he was standing right there beside me, and then, he just, wasn't. I started running all over the church like a chicken with my head cut off. I informed Joel, and he started looking too. So, then we both looked like chickens with our heads cut off, running around yelling 'Eli, Eli! Elias Jacob!!"! I had just started to panic, when someone yelled "Jaime, here he is!" Turns out, he was in the sanctuary, where I thought he was, all along. He had wandered off from me a little bit, and started playing with friends, and I couldn't see his little head sticking up far enough. Arrghh! What a way to scare a mama!

  • I asked Cosette today who she had learned about in Sunday School, expecting to hear an answer like 'Jesus', or 'Moses'. Instead, she promptly replied 'Mi-yuka'. "WHO??" 'Mi-yuka!' Apparently, they had been studying missions over-seas, and 'Mi-yuka' was a little boy who was sick, but her answer just struck me funny, and also the fact that she could remember a name like that!


Elizabeth said...

I am sorry your baby is getting bigger!! (That sounds like such an aweful thing to say!). But, I feel for you. I can't believe he's getting that big...I just saw him once so far!! I'm looking forward to this weekend for one more reason now!! (well two if you count the other big news we talked about in email :) the 1st being, I get to see Noah ONE LAST TIME, before he's ALL GROWN UP hahaha :)

Anonymous said...

I just love that tiny little bits of your life that you always share - its so much full of life and love

Send more photos :-D

Marsha said...

Unfortunately, those little bouts of "where is my child?" don't go away when they go to school. For instance, when my older daughter Shayna started kindergarten, I had gotten her into a Daisy troop of the Girls Scouts which met at a different elementary school than she attended, but there was also another Daisy troop that met at her elementary school. I went down to the bus stop to meet her, but she didn't get off the bus. I made a mad dash back up to the house and called daycare thinking that maybe school had gotten the days mixed up and sent her on the bus to daycare instead of the bus to home. But she wasn't at daycare either. Now, panis started setting in and all those thoughts that are a parent's worst nightmare hit me..."someone has taken my child". Trying wildly to shake that feeling off, I then called the school and was in near hysterics trying to explain to the principal that my child had not come home. She calmly told me to stay calm and she went looking for my daughter at the school. She came back to the phone and told me that my daughter was at the Girl Scout meeting. Here my darling daughter had heard on the announcement at the end of the shcool day that the Daisy troop was meeting in the cafeteria after school (but this wasn't my daughter's troop) and had stayed after school for the meeting. I drive up to school, trying to get my shattered nerves calmed on the way, to find my little girl safe and enjoying a Daisy meeting with an entirely different troop. So, little things like this, that shred your nerves, also can happen when they get older.


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