Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Playing 'Bride'

I was informed by my daughter that she intends to get married---today! To whom? She's not sure. Possibly Eli, or maybe some mysterious guy named 'David'. She assures me, however, that she will only be gone on her honeymoon for two days, so I wont' miss her too much. And, she's going to live in the little blue house across the road (??) And, I know you are all just dying to see her wedding gown, so here she is:

The dress was fashioned out of a hand-me-down from a friend at church--the style these days is to wear it two sizes too large. The veil was made from an old lace baby blanket, which is held in place by priceless two dollar barrette's from WalMart. I tried to talk her out of it--I told her that her Daddy and I were hoping for a few more years before she tied the knot, but she's dead-set on it. Oh well, I just wish I would have had time to teach her how to read first :)


Beverly said...

Oh how precious she is!! What a lovely bride ;-)

Anonymous said...

I could bake and decorate the cake for her. Did she say what her colors for the wedding will be? Oh that was a silly question, just look at her gown, ha ha ha.
G. Rosina

Elizabeth said...

She's so cute! I must's going to be hard for her to get to her honeymoon when she doesn't have a license, and couldn't see over the steering wheel, even if she did! :)

Marsha said...

She is so cute! Background check on this "mysterious groom" sounds in order :)

Very imaginative little girl!

Sharon said...

Cosette is so precious. Someday I will show you a picture of Elizabeth wearing my wedding gown when she was in grade school. :)



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