Thursday, October 23, 2008

Love being home

I saw a blog recently that had a title something like that, and it really caught my attention, because it so accurately depicts my life right now. With three children all under four, going 'out' is a bit of an expedition. Two diaper bags to fill, two children need to use the potty, one needs pull-ups on, the baby needs nursed and diaper changed. And then, getting everybody out to the car and strapped into car-seats! Well, that takes a good 15 minutes all by itself! And then, whenever you actually get where you're going, it takes another 15 minutes to un-buckle everybody! Yes, we do take our occasional trips to Grandma's house, the library and story time, or sometimes, if I'm feeling really brave, to the store. But mostly, we stay home. Yes, I do go stir-crazy every now and then, just ask my husband. But, he always rescues me. Take last night for example, when he let me go grocery shopping for two hours all by myself!! What a treat! So, times like those help when days seem to get long.
I hope and pray that I can make my home a loving place for my family, where we all enjoy being. Here are some things that make our home a nice place to be right now.

  • Good food, dinners eaten together. Fall is my favorite season for things like soups, stews, hot bread, casseroles, hot cocoa and cider-- you know, the 'comfort' foods.
  • Candles making it cozy and covering the smell of dirty diapers.
  • Moms and their kids coming for a Bible study once a week
  • Cosette learning how to hold Noah in the boppie pillow--they're so sweet together!
  • Children wrestling with Daddy and playing Tiger before bedtime.
  • A stack of library books waiting to be read for the third--or fourth--or fifth---time.
  • A mom who is happy that baby is big enough that she can get in a few minutes on the treadmill each day.
  • A little girl who prays "Thank you God, for my food, for the refrigerator, for the table, and for all the other things you give us. Oh, and thank you God that you are so merciful!" Yep, she actually said that :)

So yes, I can agree with that other blogger, I 'love being home'


Jodi said...

Well your home sounds so wonderful, I'd want to stay there all day too! It's convenient to have a new baby right in time for those cozy fall months, isn't it? :)

I love that Cosette thanked God for being merciful. :) So sweet.

Chuck said...

You Go Cosette!!
Teach the Church, in her sleepy, self-centered condition, to cry out in thankfulness for the Mercy of God!
Let the little child lead us today!

Anonymous said...

I would have loved to been there and heard that prayer. Cosette is so full of knowledge and so much more in an innocent way, I know she is pleasing to God. G. Rosina

Marsha said...

Yeah, going out with little ones can be a challenge. I just shake my head in wonder how parents do this with multiples. Mind boggling...


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