Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Just thinking 'out loud'

It's been a busy week for us. Tonight is the only night that we will all be home together, for the whole evening. Fortunately, weeks like this rarely happen for our family. Joel and I have tried to make a point of making sure that we spend most of our evenings at home, together, as a family. We realize how quickly our children's 'young years' will slip by, and we want to make the most of them, literally. I know older people always look at young moms and say " Oh, those years slip by so quickly, I wish I'd enjoyed mine more!" Well, I don't want to be one of those people!! I want to look back on my life as a young mother, and feel content in knowing that I made the most of every moment with my children!
So anyway, here are some simple things our family has been enjoying lately:

  • Watching Noah learn to laugh. He thinks it's hilarious whenever Eli sings to him!
  • Trying new foods and recipes. Cosette is so cute. She is learning to say 'Mom, thanks for the food!' , even if it's not her favorite thing in the world.
  • The changing leaves. Cosette and Eli 'ooh and aaahh' over them every time we go in the van somewhere.
  • Eli talking. He's absolutely so sweet! Cosette never really had a time like this. It seems like she went right from 'not talking' to using complete, correct sentences. Eli, on the other hand, says sooo many cute things, in sooo many cute ways! It's so fun to hear him talk. Maybe I can try to put a video clip of him on here some day.
  • Our bikes and kid carriers. We're learning to love taking bike rides together as a family.
  • Me--getting back into playing keyboard at church. I'd taken a long break after Noah was born, but I'm enjoying getting back into it a little bit.

And that's just some of the things we've been enjoying this fall. I hope to get some pictures on here soon, but I'll have to do it from my Mom's computer sometime---fast internet connection is not one of the things we've been enjoying here at our house :)


Jodi said...

Oh man, I could have written that whole first paragraph...I'm saying the exact same things all the time myself.

I'll look forward to pics of that little baby. In your mid-September pics he looks so different. Our Maisie is just six days older than Noah and I don't want to believe that she looks that different to other people too. It's going too fast!!! :)

Marsha said...

Yes, it is the little things that our children do that can really bring a tear of joy to your eye.


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