Thursday, October 30, 2008

I am happy because.....

1. My floor is done (see post from a few days ago). I love it! Joel did a great job, and it's so much nicer. Getting things like that done just gives me a great feeling :) I was so inspired by it all, I did four loads of laundry today......okay, okay, we were actually running out of clean socks and underwear, since my washer had been moved out of the way since last Saturday, when Joel first started this project.........but regardless, it was still nice to do all that laundry in a whole 'new room' :) Joel spent his whole Saturday afternoon on it last week, and a few evenings after work this week. Thanks Love!!

2. Eli hasn't had an 'accident' all week.... he's been in underwear, and has voluntarily been taking himself potty....could we be on the verge of something exciting here?? I sure hope so!

3. I found a whole new tub of baby boy clothes in my basement that I'd forgotten about--cute stuff that will be so nice for Noah to have a chance to wear! He's going Winnie the Pooh today :)

4. We've discovered that Eli loves fresh broccoli! I gave him some, along with other food, on his plate the other day. He ate all of the broccoli first, and then held out his plate to me and said "More occli, mom?"

5. Recently, Eli was misbehaving at the table, and I had to speak to him sternly about it. He then started crying for getting in trouble. I said "Eli, you need to stop crying--what you did was wrong, and you need to accept that" Well, a few minutes later, I turned around from the sink, and there was Eli, hands folded, and face turned up to the ceiling. He was saying "God, help me. Help me, no cry!" When I asked him what he was doing, he said "Pray to God, in sky, He help me no cry!"


Anonymous said...

What wonderful spirtual children you and joel are raising. I never ever heard the word mercy when I was growing up and didn't know you could pray to God in sky. What a good thought to go to sleep on tonight. I have come along way since I was Eli's age. What was broccoli when I was growing up? Never heard of it. G. Rosina

Elizabeth said...

I am always amazed at how child-like faith is so much greater than all the "mature" adults in the wonder God said "the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these"....hmm...lots of food for thought as I go to sleep tonight...and side note, I'm glad he likes his broccoli :) :)


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