Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Funny things around our house

  • This morning, Cosette ate breakfast at my mom's house. When I asked her later what she had eaten, she said "A toaster noodle" (What she meant was a toaster struedel!)

  • The other day, Eli looked admiringly at Noah and said "I wuv oo, Noah. Oar my bruver!

Translation: "I love you Noah. You're my brother!" :)

  • Yesterday, I told Eli to go to the bathroom so I could help him use the potty. When I got there, he was hiding behind the door. I 'looked' for him, and finally said, "Oh, there you are Eli!" He came out from behind the door sadly and said "No find me, Mama, I hiding!"

  • I fixed chicken for dinner last night. Yuck! It was awful! The seasoning recipe I had used was not good! It was waaay too spicy! After one bite, Joel, Cosette and I all spit ours out. However, we looked over, and Eli had already downed his entire piece of chicken!! What a champ!

  • I tried to put Noah in a three month sleeper the other day. It was so short on him, he couldn't straighten out his legs! So, I put him in another sleeper, a nine month, and it fit just fine! *sigh*

  • At lunch today, Cosette asked me what color her hair was. I replied that it was blond. She said "I know mama, but what color is it?" I was a bit confused! "I just told you, it's blond!" She sighed and said, " I know that mama, but I want to know what color is it? " I was really confused now! " Um.....I just told you, Cosette, it's blond!" " Mama! I mean, what color is blond?" ( I think she's trying to make me gray early.....)


Anonymous said...

Mom don't you know that Blonde hair is golden yellow. I can hear Cosette now asking what does golden mean. LOL G. Rosina

Jesse Curtis said...

ahh, those are all so funny. your blog is making us want to have kids...

Marsha said...

Have to laugh at that. LOL. I used to ask my Mom the same thing (what color is blond) and she would say "blond is the color of your hair". I think we went around circles quite a bit with that.


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