Friday, October 10, 2008

A video and some pictures

Here is a video of Eli counting to fifteen. Notice that he skips 'six'! :) (You'll have to turn the music off in my side-bar before you play the video)

If you're thinking that Noah's cheeks

sure look chubby in this picture--

you're right! They are :) My babies have

always been good nursers, so they plump

right up!

When I asked Eli what he was doing here,
he replied "Me, good helper!"

Can't resist that grin!


Jodi said...

Oh yes, Maisie has those exact same cheeks. All the better for kissing. :) You've got a cute little counter there, too!

Elizabeth said...

Very cute! I liked the teens he was counting "hourteen, hifteen, hixteen" :)

I can't believe I missed out on the last 3 blogs!! Either you picked up the pace or I got a few days behind!! :) Can't wait for tomorrow...something tells me Noah's going to steel the show :) (of course I'm sure he'll be an angel during the real "concert" show :)

Elizabeth said...

I feel the same way about movies too. I loved both of the movies you mentioned in the last blog...some of my favorites too!! Here a few I like, that I think you will too (I'll warn you if they aren't the "light-hearted" type...but these should all be movies that are good "Clean" fun

1)Mrs. Potter (more of love movie...about the author and creator of Beatrix Potter)

2) Last night I was watching the end of Grumpier Old Men which seemed a lot funnier than I remembered it being when I watched it years back ( I was probably in high school the first time I saw it)

Honestly, a lot of the others are cartoon movies!! I'll keep thinking on it...have you seen "Fireproof" I guess it's showing in Fairmont, but not Bridgeport/Clarksburg and I'd like to go see that if I get a chance...again, this is more of a Christian love story than a "funny" movie, from what I've heard

Sharon said...

I love the pictures and video. You are the first to get a two hand note from me since my shoulder surgery on Thursday. I thought I'd try and, "behold" the other hand is working a little. Hope you and Elizabeth have a beautiful day at AB and with Noah too.


Marsha said...

Love that grin! What a happy little boy! Eli does a great job counting. I'm sure he is a good little helper.


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