Friday, October 31, 2008

My sweethearts

Sleeping peacefully

Yes, we had enough snow for these the other day....

Thursday, October 30, 2008

I am happy because.....

1. My floor is done (see post from a few days ago). I love it! Joel did a great job, and it's so much nicer. Getting things like that done just gives me a great feeling :) I was so inspired by it all, I did four loads of laundry today......okay, okay, we were actually running out of clean socks and underwear, since my washer had been moved out of the way since last Saturday, when Joel first started this project.........but regardless, it was still nice to do all that laundry in a whole 'new room' :) Joel spent his whole Saturday afternoon on it last week, and a few evenings after work this week. Thanks Love!!

2. Eli hasn't had an 'accident' all week.... he's been in underwear, and has voluntarily been taking himself potty....could we be on the verge of something exciting here?? I sure hope so!

3. I found a whole new tub of baby boy clothes in my basement that I'd forgotten about--cute stuff that will be so nice for Noah to have a chance to wear! He's going Winnie the Pooh today :)

4. We've discovered that Eli loves fresh broccoli! I gave him some, along with other food, on his plate the other day. He ate all of the broccoli first, and then held out his plate to me and said "More occli, mom?"

5. Recently, Eli was misbehaving at the table, and I had to speak to him sternly about it. He then started crying for getting in trouble. I said "Eli, you need to stop crying--what you did was wrong, and you need to accept that" Well, a few minutes later, I turned around from the sink, and there was Eli, hands folded, and face turned up to the ceiling. He was saying "God, help me. Help me, no cry!" When I asked him what he was doing, he said "Pray to God, in sky, He help me no cry!"

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Funny things around our house

  • This morning, Cosette ate breakfast at my mom's house. When I asked her later what she had eaten, she said "A toaster noodle" (What she meant was a toaster struedel!)

  • The other day, Eli looked admiringly at Noah and said "I wuv oo, Noah. Oar my bruver!

Translation: "I love you Noah. You're my brother!" :)

  • Yesterday, I told Eli to go to the bathroom so I could help him use the potty. When I got there, he was hiding behind the door. I 'looked' for him, and finally said, "Oh, there you are Eli!" He came out from behind the door sadly and said "No find me, Mama, I hiding!"

  • I fixed chicken for dinner last night. Yuck! It was awful! The seasoning recipe I had used was not good! It was waaay too spicy! After one bite, Joel, Cosette and I all spit ours out. However, we looked over, and Eli had already downed his entire piece of chicken!! What a champ!

  • I tried to put Noah in a three month sleeper the other day. It was so short on him, he couldn't straighten out his legs! So, I put him in another sleeper, a nine month, and it fit just fine! *sigh*

  • At lunch today, Cosette asked me what color her hair was. I replied that it was blond. She said "I know mama, but what color is it?" I was a bit confused! "I just told you, it's blond!" She sighed and said, " I know that mama, but I want to know what color is it? " I was really confused now! " Um.....I just told you, Cosette, it's blond!" " Mama! I mean, what color is blond?" ( I think she's trying to make me gray early.....)

Monday, October 27, 2008

Learning a better way.....

I tent to be a bit of a perfectionist. I want to try to do everything, and do it perfectly. However, since having children, I've learned that there are several areas in my life that are actually better if I ease up a little, and do things a little 'less than perfect'. Now, I'm not suggesting that we bail out on our duties as a wife/mother; far from it! Serving our husbands and children should be our greatest joy. However, there are areas where it is ridiculous to expect perfection, and I tend to just wear myself out. If we save time and energy on the less important things, we'll be more available when the life-changing moments happen (such as when your daughter asks "Mommy, can you explain about the Holy Spirit to me? or when your son has a fever and needs you to hold him all morning. These are the things your children will remember---not whether or not your kitchen cabinets sparkled 100% of the time) Here are some examples of my time-saving tips.

I hate crafts. Let me repeat that. I. hate. crafts. Now, I'm not talking about real art here, like pottery, beautiful hand-sewn quilts, paintings, that type of thing. I'm talking about pop-sicle stick, cotton ball, little kid crafts. I can't stand to do them. They make a mess, and you end up throwing them out in a few days anyway. However, my kids looooove to do crafts, and I'm realizing the importance of this for them. Sooooooo.......we go to storytime once a week at the local library! The nice lady there reads books to my kids for half an hour, and then she has a related craft to do with them. Today, they read books about hibernation, so she used a brown paper lunch sack, cotton balls, and cut out pictures of a bear to make a den with a bear hiding inside. Wonderful! My kids craft for the week, and I didn't have to think it up! (Nor did it make a mess in my kitchen)
*Note: I do keep a container of 'necessary' crafts in my kitchen for the kids, like stickers, paper, safe scissors, glue stickes, foam beads, that type of thing, so that when their creative genius strikes, they at least have something to work with :)*

House Cleaning

Before kids, I would take one morning a week, and completely clean my house. HAHA! Even the thought of that now makes me laugh! With a nursing baby, it's just not going to happen. Instead, I spread the cleaning out throughout the whole week. Each day, we make beds, do dishes , a load of laundry, and pick up toys. Then, one day a week I scrub the bathroom, one day I scrub the kitchen floor, one day I dust and vacuum bed-rooms, one day I clean out recycling bins and go to the recycle center, etc. That way, my 'cleaning' only takes a little bit of each day, yet my house *usually* stays neat and tidy. I much prefer this method of doing things!


We generally always eat homemade dinners from scratch. However, I'm discovering alot of convenient shortcuts that although me to save necessary time, and make it easier for the kids to help. Examples--1. Use the crockpot more 2. Buy pre-cooked chicken, and vegetables (make sure you wash them good!) already cut up 3. Have menu plans and recipes ready to go a week in advance, so that I'm not left wondering each day what to have for dinner. 4. Wraps are so easy, and make really yummy, quick dinners!
And the list goes on.......

Anybody else have any great tips for making life more enjoyable/easy for a mom? Please, share them in the comments!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

The three 'C's', and a new floor

Seven years ago, when I was still in college, my family used to tease me about the three 'C's'. What are the three 'C's'? Well, they were, in my opinion, the three things in life that I couldn't do with out. If I had to give up everything else, these were the three things that I would want to keep (speaking in a totally selfish, shallow manner here, of course). And, they all happened to start with 'C'. That first year of school, here are three things that I found necessary in my life---a Cello, a Car, and a Computer. The cello I already owned, and was taking lessons on. The car, well I bought that the summer after my freshman year. The computer---that was a necessary piece of equipment that I purchased the second semester of my freshman year (the computer that just died on me, actually).
And then, during my second year at college, I added another 'C'. Can anybody guess what it was? A Curtis!! LOL. And not just any Curtis, mind you, although they're all nice :) I had my eye set on a particular Curtis, one named Joel, specifically :)
Well, seven years later, here is where I stand on my four 'C's'---I still own my cello, although I don't play it nearly as much since I've had kids. My computer---well, you all know the fate of that! And my car?? It now belongs to a friend of ours at church--we had no need of it anymore.
So you see, the only 'C' that I really needed was Joel!! :) He is the incredibly handsome, smart, caring, spiritually mature, loving man that makes his wife so happy every day.
And what is that man doing right now? He's at Lowe's, buying 90 floor tiles. You see, ever since we moved into our house, my laundry space has been less than desireable. I don't have a laundry room, per se, just a corner in the basement where we keep the washer and dryer. But today, Joel is going to start installing a new tile floor for me around my washer, dryer, and utility sink. I am so excited!! It will be so much easier to clean, look so much nicer, and it will be almost like I have an actual laundry room :)
Who would have known seven years ago that I'd be so excited about a new floor??

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Love being home

I saw a blog recently that had a title something like that, and it really caught my attention, because it so accurately depicts my life right now. With three children all under four, going 'out' is a bit of an expedition. Two diaper bags to fill, two children need to use the potty, one needs pull-ups on, the baby needs nursed and diaper changed. And then, getting everybody out to the car and strapped into car-seats! Well, that takes a good 15 minutes all by itself! And then, whenever you actually get where you're going, it takes another 15 minutes to un-buckle everybody! Yes, we do take our occasional trips to Grandma's house, the library and story time, or sometimes, if I'm feeling really brave, to the store. But mostly, we stay home. Yes, I do go stir-crazy every now and then, just ask my husband. But, he always rescues me. Take last night for example, when he let me go grocery shopping for two hours all by myself!! What a treat! So, times like those help when days seem to get long.
I hope and pray that I can make my home a loving place for my family, where we all enjoy being. Here are some things that make our home a nice place to be right now.

  • Good food, dinners eaten together. Fall is my favorite season for things like soups, stews, hot bread, casseroles, hot cocoa and cider-- you know, the 'comfort' foods.
  • Candles making it cozy and covering the smell of dirty diapers.
  • Moms and their kids coming for a Bible study once a week
  • Cosette learning how to hold Noah in the boppie pillow--they're so sweet together!
  • Children wrestling with Daddy and playing Tiger before bedtime.
  • A stack of library books waiting to be read for the third--or fourth--or fifth---time.
  • A mom who is happy that baby is big enough that she can get in a few minutes on the treadmill each day.
  • A little girl who prays "Thank you God, for my food, for the refrigerator, for the table, and for all the other things you give us. Oh, and thank you God that you are so merciful!" Yep, she actually said that :)

So yes, I can agree with that other blogger, I 'love being home'

Sunday, October 19, 2008

26 years

Today is my birthday :) I thought it might be fun to compare some of my baby pictures to Cosette. She really does look alot like me!

This first picture is me at about 17 months

Here I am again, and here........ Cosette! Notice a resemblance?

And here we both are today :)

P.S. Just in case I don't mention it enough here, my husband is the best! Just for my birthday, he presented me with 2 dozen red roses, a box of chocolate, dinner at Olive Garden (my favorite restaurant), a new study Bible, and an entire day on Friday for just the two of us together. My mother keeps frowning at me and asking me what have I done nice for him lately?? (By the way, did I mention that my loving, wonderful, caring sister and mother watched the kids for the day?) (I was threatened into adding that last sentence!)

Thursday, October 16, 2008

A bunch of stuff :)

I've had several un-related pictures/topics I've wanted to post about lately, so I decided to just mush it all into one post.

First of all: MY SWEET BABY NOAH

These were just sweet pictures I captured of him yesterday after he fell asleep on this blanket. Notice that he is sucking his thumb. He's also holding onto a stuffed animal--yesterday was the first time he's paid any attention to any kind of toy whatsoever. He laid on the blanket and reached for that animal for a long time, and then cooed and 'talked' to it, tried to eat it, and finally fell asleep with it like this.


I made a trip up to my old college on Saturday for homecoming and my five-year reunion. It was a fun time. I enjoyed walking around the campus, seeing old buildings, talking to old professors, and seeing fellow students. I took Noah with me, and he was very good. The first picture is Noah with my best friend from college, Elizabeth. The second picture is Noah with my former piano instructor. I even got to nurse Noah in her old office, which was really kind of weird!! The whole time I was sitting there, I felt like I should get up and start practicing scales on the piano or something :)


I took this picture of my brother and Cosette last Sunday, because I thought it was weird how much they looked alike that day! Their fair skin tone, light blond, wavy hair---they certainly looked related!


Nope, I've never been able to blow up a balloon!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Where did the food go??

I handed the bowl of pineapple chunks to Eli.

"Could you put these on the tortilla wraps for Mommy, please?"

"Yes. Um... I eat it, 'k mom?"

"Okay. Could you put this chicken on the wraps too, please?"

" Yes. Um.... I eat it too, 'k mom?"

"I guess that's okay. Could you put this piece of cheese on the wrap?"

(With a big grin) "I eat it too mom?"

"Yes, and could you please put this piece of tomato on the wrap for me?"

"Yes. Um.....I eat it too, 'k mom?"

Needless to say, that was one little boy who had trouble eating his dinner a little while later....

Friday, October 10, 2008

A video and some pictures

Here is a video of Eli counting to fifteen. Notice that he skips 'six'! :) (You'll have to turn the music off in my side-bar before you play the video)

If you're thinking that Noah's cheeks

sure look chubby in this picture--

you're right! They are :) My babies have

always been good nursers, so they plump

right up!

When I asked Eli what he was doing here,
he replied "Me, good helper!"

Can't resist that grin!

Thursday, October 09, 2008


Why are the stupid movies always the longest? Or, maybe they just seem that way. We don't have TV, so Joel and I will occasionally find ourselves watching a movie in the evenings after the kids go to bed. I LOVE a movie that makes me laugh. But the last four I have picked out, which were supposed to be funny, have been, well, just plain stupid. I won't even tell you the titles, because you'll probably just laugh at me for even trying them. So disappointing! There are just a handful of movies with places that make me laugh every time I watch them. Here are two of my favorites:

  • In Father of the Bride II, when Steve Martin unknowingly takes two extra-strength sleeping pills. He then says to his son "Could you please pass the rolls?", and next thing you know, he literally falls asleep in his soup. Then Franc, the rather eccentric nursery decorator says "Well, it's like, take these two pills George, and then, bye-bye, see you next Friday!", or something like that. For some reason, this scene just cracks me up. Steve Martin falling over in his plate like that is just too much.

  • This one just can't be beat, in my opinion. In Christmas with the Kranks, Tim Allen has just received a Botox treatment. He then sits at the table with his wife and tries to eat a bowl of canned peaches. However, he can't chew or move his lips, due to the Botox treatment, so the peaches just keep dribbling out his mouth and down his chin........HILARIOUS!! I crack up EVERY time I watch it! I rewind and rewind again until Joel begs me to please stop!

Okay, okay, so maybe I sound stupid to you now.... Hey, I'm a mother or three under four, my tastes in comedy run a little on the 'weird' side...

So, does anybody have any suggestions of any really funny movies? Not corny funny, like, I hate dumb 'romance comedies'--they just end up irritating me. And I can't stand it when the movie gets inapproapriate. So, any good, clean, funny, non-stupid movie suggestions??

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Just thinking 'out loud'

It's been a busy week for us. Tonight is the only night that we will all be home together, for the whole evening. Fortunately, weeks like this rarely happen for our family. Joel and I have tried to make a point of making sure that we spend most of our evenings at home, together, as a family. We realize how quickly our children's 'young years' will slip by, and we want to make the most of them, literally. I know older people always look at young moms and say " Oh, those years slip by so quickly, I wish I'd enjoyed mine more!" Well, I don't want to be one of those people!! I want to look back on my life as a young mother, and feel content in knowing that I made the most of every moment with my children!
So anyway, here are some simple things our family has been enjoying lately:

  • Watching Noah learn to laugh. He thinks it's hilarious whenever Eli sings to him!
  • Trying new foods and recipes. Cosette is so cute. She is learning to say 'Mom, thanks for the food!' , even if it's not her favorite thing in the world.
  • The changing leaves. Cosette and Eli 'ooh and aaahh' over them every time we go in the van somewhere.
  • Eli talking. He's absolutely so sweet! Cosette never really had a time like this. It seems like she went right from 'not talking' to using complete, correct sentences. Eli, on the other hand, says sooo many cute things, in sooo many cute ways! It's so fun to hear him talk. Maybe I can try to put a video clip of him on here some day.
  • Our bikes and kid carriers. We're learning to love taking bike rides together as a family.
  • Me--getting back into playing keyboard at church. I'd taken a long break after Noah was born, but I'm enjoying getting back into it a little bit.

And that's just some of the things we've been enjoying this fall. I hope to get some pictures on here soon, but I'll have to do it from my Mom's computer sometime---fast internet connection is not one of the things we've been enjoying here at our house :)

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Random Thoughts

My 'beginning of the week' random thoughts....

  • This may be one of Noah's last weeks in his bassinet *sob!* I keep waking up in the mornings and finding him sideways, or in some other uncomfortable position--he's just getting too big for it. This is always a bitter-sweet thing for me--when my babies move out of the bassinet. But not. quite. yet. I'm hanging on to his 'new-born-ness' for just a little while longer. I like waking up in the middle of the night and rolling over to check on him (his bassinet attaches to the side of our bed)

  • Speaking of sad things, I think my lap-top may have officially died. It won't even turn on. But, I've had it since college-- almost eight years, so that's a pretty good life for a computer, right? I'm going to try laying hands on it and praying tomorrow, but I think it may be too late.... ;) Fortunately, there wasn't anything too important on that computer, and I'm glad we have this desk-top as well.

  • I'm beginning to love my crock-pot. I did three meals in it last week! Hey, when you have a baby who could be crying to nurse, two toddlers waking up from naps and needing help on the potty all around dinner-time---well, the simpler, the better.

  • I lost Eli in church today. At least, I thought I did. After the service, he was standing right there beside me, and then, he just, wasn't. I started running all over the church like a chicken with my head cut off. I informed Joel, and he started looking too. So, then we both looked like chickens with our heads cut off, running around yelling 'Eli, Eli! Elias Jacob!!"! I had just started to panic, when someone yelled "Jaime, here he is!" Turns out, he was in the sanctuary, where I thought he was, all along. He had wandered off from me a little bit, and started playing with friends, and I couldn't see his little head sticking up far enough. Arrghh! What a way to scare a mama!

  • I asked Cosette today who she had learned about in Sunday School, expecting to hear an answer like 'Jesus', or 'Moses'. Instead, she promptly replied 'Mi-yuka'. "WHO??" 'Mi-yuka!' Apparently, they had been studying missions over-seas, and 'Mi-yuka' was a little boy who was sick, but her answer just struck me funny, and also the fact that she could remember a name like that!

Friday, October 03, 2008

An up-and-coming artist....

Cosette decided to experiment and see how many different things she could write on with a pen or pencil-- the wall, her pink jeans, her fingers, her little brother (!!), her dinner plate.....and Daddy decided that was enough. Cosette was put on a 'pen fast' today, which means she is not allowed to write with a pen, pencil, crayon, or any other writing instrument. It has been a loooong day for her, as she loves to scribble away in notebooks all day long. She came to me teary eyed this morning and said "Does that mean I can't use my Etch-a-sketch today either, mommy?" I assured her she could :)

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Playing 'Bride'

I was informed by my daughter that she intends to get married---today! To whom? She's not sure. Possibly Eli, or maybe some mysterious guy named 'David'. She assures me, however, that she will only be gone on her honeymoon for two days, so I wont' miss her too much. And, she's going to live in the little blue house across the road (??) And, I know you are all just dying to see her wedding gown, so here she is:

The dress was fashioned out of a hand-me-down from a friend at church--the style these days is to wear it two sizes too large. The veil was made from an old lace baby blanket, which is held in place by priceless two dollar barrette's from WalMart. I tried to talk her out of it--I told her that her Daddy and I were hoping for a few more years before she tied the knot, but she's dead-set on it. Oh well, I just wish I would have had time to teach her how to read first :)


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