Wednesday, September 10, 2008

What's happening

Just my occasional update into our lives, for those of you who are interested.....

Noah-- He had his two month check-up today. He weighed 12 pounds, 10 ounces. He was literally off the charts as far as heighth. I'm sure he'll grow out of that, though (no pun intended!), since neither Joel or I are tall people! He is smiling and laughing alot now, and responds much more to your face.

Eli--He is a copycat!!! We all have to watch what we say and do, because Eli will copy, copy, copy!! It annoys Cosette a little, but I try to explain to her that Eli is simply learning from her, and she must be careful to teach him 'good things'. The other day, she dropped her apple and said "Oops, my apple" Eli watched her closely, then threw his apple on the floor and said 'Oops, my apple too!' Good grief! He is also in the 'why' stage. He must ask this question a thousand times every day, and I am left to try to find ways to explain everything. He is also my little sweetheart. He is always the first to say 'Up, Mommy', to want to cuddle, or to give me kisses.

Cosette--I was sooo proud of her yesterday! At breakfast, she ran over to the pantry shelf, begging to have a fruit bar for breakfast. Eli ran along behind her, wanting one too. But she pulled the box off of the shelf, and saw that there was just one fruit bar left. First, she had a look of disappointment, but then she smiled and said "It's okay Eli, you can have this one!" Talk about a proud mommy moment! Then, later in the day, she offered to split her chocolate chip cookie with him as well. I am so happy when I see this generous, kind nature in her. I hope that it continues to grow and mature right along with her! She was excited last Sunday to be promoted to the 'big kids' Sunday School class. I think she was really ready for this, and it should be really good for her.

Jaime---Still learning how to manage three little ones, and to still have a happy, loving face for my husband when he gets home! This is the busy time of year for Joel, so my days are longer than they might normally be. I am learning to be content only getting done what I really can around the house, and simply loving being a mommy to my three children. One thing that has suffered since Noah was born is my daily quiet time. I still manage to fit it in every day, but don't feel like I can concentrate for as long a period of time as I used to. Either I find myself nursing Noah while I'm praying, or he starts crying while I'm reading, or whatever. I'm considering trying to break it up during the day--instead of one longer time in the morning, maybe a few shorter times throughout the day. I'm hoping to purchase the Bible on CD soon, so I can listen to it throughout the day while I'm cleaning and cooking, etc. I think it'll be a great way to stay more deeply in God's Word. Anyone else have suggestions?

Joel--- Like I said, he's very busy at work. But, he still manages to find time to preach frequently at church, teach a Sunday School class, and occasionally lead worship. He is first and foremost an incredible husband and father. He always leaves time to play with the kids and encourage me. In fact, he decided to surprise me with a night away this weekend. Of course, we'll have Noah with us, but Cosette and Eli are staying with my mom. Hopefully, I'll remember to take a few pictures :)


Chuck said...

best $149 i ever spent was a zune, since then i have downloaded countless free sermons off the internet, that have been a continual blesssing, you can put one ear-phone in and hear just fine with one ear and 1/2 of the "sermon" ear... just a thought, i know your internet connection isn't the best

Elizabeth said...

I hope you and Joel have a great weekend...and that Noah is a good baby for you so you can have a nice relaxing weekend/night with your husband :) Glad everyone is doing well!! Gotta run...hope to get in touch again soon...I'll be working on the bib in between studying/practicing this weekend...just so you know, there's still hope it will be finished!! :)

Beka said...

Hi Jaime,

I know I haven't stopped by here in a while, but I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your little updates and looking through your latest pictures. Your home is such a sweet and loving place-- I can tell. And that new little boy of yours is SO cute!
I hope you enjoy your night away this weekend!


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