Monday, September 01, 2008

Operation Fruit Fly Attack

Mission: To capture and kill all of the enemies agents

Description of enemy
: Rather large, red-headed fruit flies, who are intent on making the Curtis Household unsanitary and extremely annoying

Size of enemies troops:

Original cause of war
: Experts disagree. There are two main theories. One is that the fruit flies were attracted due to some garbage bags left in the outside basement stairwell. Another main theory is that they arrived due to some over-ripe bananas left on the kitchen counter.

Plan of Action:
Remove all trash cans from the house; Remove all wet or damp towels from the house; Completely clean off coutnertops, scrub down with vinegar; put all food or food related items in the refrigerator; Hang several fly papers around the house; set a fruit trap for them on the kitchen stove; do not eat or cook at our house until said flies have been annihilated.

We will prevail!!!

(Anybody else have any good suggestions? We're at war here!)


Anonymous said...

Oh Jaime what a laugh I had before going to bed. May I suggest something that will help and also sanitize your kitchen. When we moved into our first bought house, there had been a cat there before us and poluted the house with flees.( mispelled I know)someone told me to clean my carpet and house with Pinesol and low and behold, no more pests. If it kills flees, it will kill those pesty Fruit flies. The smell makes your house fresh, especially when you wash the garbage cans etc. but I think they don't like the smell of Pine It takes away the smell of fruit. If you want, I can bring some to your house when I come up Wednesday? Let me know? I will even scrub everything for you. G. Rosina

danaskidmore said...

It's not all cooking or eating at your house till they're gone! Time to visit the grandma's!! ;-}

Elizabeth said...

E-mail my cousin Cathy (the one with the 10 kids). Her e-mail is,

(.ca is for canada). She had a huge infestation of flees and they have been fighting it with a multitude of powerful and effective solutions for a few weeks. She may have some additional tips and/or prevention ideas for you, although you are dealing with fruit flies and not flees... hope that helps! Just tell her your friend/her cousin Elizabeth told you to talk to her...she'd be glad to help, I'm sure.....good luck!!!!

Beverly said...

We JUST had that problem. Ours came in on some onions from the farmers market. I was indeed waging war!! We did pretty much what you did and it worked. Two other things we did were to put cleaner down our garbage disposal twice in a week and to make sure all sinks and counters were wiped dry before we went to bed. Hope you get rid of the pesties!

Adam and Jen said...

We are going to have to try what your Grandma Rosina suggests because we have them too and they are driving us insane!


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