Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A note from Eli

Hi Everybody, this is Eli! My Mommy is pretty tired from taking care of me all day, so I thought I'd tell you myself about what kind of a day I had.

1. First, I woke up and decided to reject mom's offer of scrambled eggs for breakfast. I saw that Daddy was hiding some Lucky Charms in the kitchen and had some of those instead.

2. Later in the morning, I was supposed to be working on my letter puzzle at the kitchen table. But instead, I grabbed Mommy's candle in the glass holder from the middle of the table and smashed it to pieces. Mommy didn't have much fun cleaning that up. I didn't mean to break it, I just wanted to smell it...

3. Cosette decided that she couldn't find any paper to write on, so she decided to write all over me instead--with a pen! She drew circles on my forehead, squiggly lines on my cheeks, and all kinds of scribbly marks on my arms. I didn't like it much when Mom had to scrub it off later.

4. Later, after lunch, Mommy and me and Cosette and Noah took a walk. I tripped over Cosette's feet and fell face-first on the pavement. I've got two nice red-marks on my face to prove it, too.

5. I helped Mommy to make bread today. I dumped the flour in the mixer, and tried hard to get the measuring cup stuck in there too, but Mommy caught it just in time. I got to help shape the loaves, too, but Mommy had to fix it a little afterwards...

6. I decided I liked the taste of my toothpaste, and so I thought I'd eat some of it. OKAY, ALOT of it! Mommy was pretty upset about that. But, she said that the toothpaste didn't have fluoride or anything else bad in it, so I was safe. But, I did get an upset tummy later on.....I think I've learned my lesson--no more eating toothpaste!

7. I also have a new phrase I like to use. Whenever I'm in trouble for doing something bad, or something happens that I don't like, I say "Oh Man!" Mommy said she didn't know where I heard that from, but later, when Mommy spilled something, I heard her say "Oh Man!" *snicker, snicker!*

Hey, it's hard work being two years old! This is Eli, signing off...


Elizabeth said...

Hey Eli! Did you ever notice that your nickname is the same as the beginning of my name ELIzabeth :)

You be good Eli. Wake up tomorrow morning and give your mommy a BIG hug. Try to be a good boy and look for food that little boys were meant to eat...try and stay away from anything pasty that comes in a tube.

Love, your friend,


Chuck said...

eli, sounds like you are a real self-starter, none of that sitting around saying "i'm bored"
no sireee not for you
in your defense it was "the girl" who was doing the writing and the girls feet that tripped you and i'll bet the girl knew about some of the other stuff before mom did too but didn't say anything
...take a good nap you need it!!

Elise @A Path Made Straight said...

Oh, the life of a boy!

Mr. Eli, how about you give your Mama a nice treat today and sit on the couch reading books and eating whatever you are offered and nothing and hugging her till she smiles again? :)

Beverly said...

Eli, it sounds like your mommy had QUITE a day. She is pretty special, isn't she? I think she could use a couple of Eli - bear hugs!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for making my Saturday morning a LOT more funny, Eli :-)

Anonymous said...

Eli you are growing up much too fast and learning new words everyday. Remember Mommy," Litle pictures have big ears." Oh Man!
G. Rosina


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