Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Good Things!

Some good things happening lately.....

  • First and foremost, Joel's sister's husband is now home from El Salvador! He had been down there for a couple of years (due to details which I will not go into here), and we were all anxiously awaiting his return (of course, nobody as much as his wife and daughters!!). We were all so pleased to welcome him home this past Sunday. It was a time of GREAT rejoicing for all of the family, and it was so great to see him again interacting with his kids and loving his wife. What a sweet time! Welcome home, Armando!!

  • Secondly, and not nearly as important, but still wonderful for me, Noah is sleeping through the night now! Well, pretty much. He will generally sleep anywhere from five to seven hours, which is close enough to 'through the night' for me :)

  • Eli's vocabulary has suddenly sky-rocketed, or so it seems. Within the space of about two weeks, he went from rubbing his head and saying 'Ow, Mommy', to 'I bumped my head right here, Mommy!' Big difference! Joel and I are loving it. He says such sweet things, like: 1. For Cosette, he says 'Ette', 2. For banana, he says 'nana' 3. For 'Noah Shaun', he says 'Noah On' 4. For 'I love you', he says 'I wuv you!' It's so precious. Yes, I know, every two year old in the world goes through this stage, but it's even sweeter when it's YOUR two year old!

  • Cosette had her first sleep-over with her cousin two nights ago. They had a blast! They both slept in Cosette's bed, and nobody fell out of bed, so that was a plus! ;) Hearing them giggling and laughing together made me remember my own days as a little girl, begging my parents to let my cousin Jenny stay over. We used to have so much fun together! (Yes, we argued and fought a lot as well, but we always ended up 'best friends' by the end of the sleepover!) Jenny is due to have their first baby, a girl, in just a few weeks, and I am so excited for her! I can't believe we've both grown up from little girls having sleep overs to mothers with families of our own!

And speaking of my family, I've got laundry to fold and dinner to make......

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