Tuesday, September 09, 2008


I am escaping---into the world of blogs, that is. It was rainy today. We were all stuck inside. I spent the whole day saying things like "Do NOT bite your brother", and "Tell Mommy you need to go potty next time!" I did laundry, I fixed breakfast, lunch and dinner, I helped a 3 year old with her 'schoolwork', I nursed a baby ALL day long, I worked hard to keep a busy two year old happy, playing safe, and out of trouble, I started working on our budget, although I didn't get it finished (being interrupted to nurse again), I even had a plateful of ooey gooey chocolate chip cookies waiting for my husband.....and now, Nobody is allowed to bother mommy. Joel is in charge for a half hour. I am sitting on my bed, in the peace and quiet, escaping into 'blogworld'. I will enjoy all of your blogs--I will read about your days with your own children, I will read a quad-moms blog and thank God that I only have three right now, I will read your intellectual blogs and pretend that I am some highly scholastic type of person, I will read your political opinions and decide whether or not I agree. You will make me think, cry and laugh.
And then, when I am done, I will thank God for the blogging world. I will disconnect, and return to my real life. I will read my children Bible Stories, brush their teeth and put them to bed. I will fix myself a cup of peach tea, and curl up on the couch beside my loving husband. You see, some days are hard, (rainy days are especially so), but in the end, I always remember that God has greatly blessed me, and my family is wonderful.
Thank you for the 'escape moments', friends, and Thank You God for my real life!!

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Elizabeth said...

It sounds like you were well deserving of your break!!! Just a note of encouragement...I think you are one of the world's greatest moms!!! I hope you get some much needed sleep tonight and that Noah sleeps....allllll night long :) Oh yeah, eat an extra chocolate chip cookie and milk for me :)


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