Sunday, September 21, 2008

Capturing the funny things

At the park today:

Me: "Cosette, did you see how your cousin just slid down that pole? I bet you could do it like that too if you tried.
Cosette(looking a bit timid): "Yeah mom, but I don't have as much leg as he does!" ( I think she meant that she's not as tall as him :)

At the table a few days ago:

Me: Eli, do you want to go to Benjamin's birthday party on Sunday?
Eli: My Birfday!(Yes, that's how he says it)
Me: No, Eli, you already had your birthday this year.
Eli (a bit more earnestly): MY birfday!
Me: No, Eli, Sunday is Benjamin's birthday, not your's. Your birthday is in May.
Eli (putting his head down on his arm and sobbing in disappointment ) MY BIRFDAY!!

On Saturday: Eli, running up to my mom with a little tire in his hand that belongs on one of his trucks. It fit his finger perfectly. He said, "Marry me, Grandma?"

The other day, Eli was spitting milk bubbles at Cosette. She put her hands on her hips and said ''Eli, the Bible says you should not spit milk bubbles at your sister!" She has this habit of making the Bible say whatever is convenient to her at the time!!


Elizabeth said...

HAHA! I LOVE IT! "Thou shalt not spit milk bubbles at thy sister"....she's too funny :) I loved the other stories too....I should have tried that growing up "Thou shalt not tear ken's head off thy sister's doll".... or "thou shalt not let thy little sister chop her own hair off" hmmm 3 year olds can be pretty creative!!

Chuck said...

definitely cool and funny for cosette to bring in the "Big Book" for her defense , and until Eli learns how to read she won't be found out... very funny

Anonymous said...

I bet that grandma was MOST pleased to get that beautiful proposal :-) !


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