Friday, August 15, 2008

This is my life :)

Well, I've got alot on my mind that I could blog about right now, and I can't decide what to do a post about. So, I decided to just share a bit of everything with you....

  • Noah weighed 10lb 6oz at his appointment on Tuesday! My babies tend to 'plump up' fairly quickly--they've all been good nursers so far. (However, he is dealing with a nasty case of thrush. All of my babies get it, but his is particularly bad, and it just won't leave! I've tried the prescription from my doctor, but it's not working. Any of you nursing moms out there have any suggestions??)

  • I took everybody out to the library yesterday. On getting back to the van, I first put our huge bag of books into the front aisle. Then, I took Noah out of the stroller, and put him in his car seat. Then, I buckled Eli in. Then, I told Cosette to crawl over Eli and get in her seat. While she was getting situated, I put the stroller in the back of the van. Then, I went around and shut the other side of the van door. (All this just to leave the library!) Well, I guess my head wasn't screwed on quite tight enough, because we pulled out of the library and I heard a little voice say "Mommy, my seats not buckled in!" Oh dear. Now why did I forget to buckle her in?! ;)

  • We were having a pleasant dinner conversation the other night when out of the blue Cosette said ''Mommy, I'm not going to be a mom like you when I grow up!" *Gulp!* NOT the thing a mommy wants to hear. "Um, why not, Cosette?" She replied: "Well, whenever my children want to stay over-night at their Grandma's house, I'm going to let them!"
    LOL! Well, I guess I can not be too put-out by that! She loves staying at Grandma's house, and is always disappointed when we tell her she can't.

  • I've decided that a mommy has to be content with not being able to do everything. For instance, I planted several pots of tomatoes and peppers on my front porch at the beginning of summer. It took the kids and I a good part of a day, some extra money spent on all the pots and baby plants, and we've been watching them all summer. But, alas, they are doing horribly! Half of my tomato plants died, and the peppers refuse to get any bigger than a cherry tomato! I have one lone, semi-red tomato hanging on for dear life. But, you know what? At the end of the day, my husband still loves me, so I'll not worry about the nasty old plants! :)

  • Once again, sorry for lack of pictures lately. We've got static in our phone line for some reason, and my connection keeps 'booting' me off. It's really annoying. Anyway, be prepared for some cute ones here soon!


Elizabeth said...

Have I told you what a wonderful person I think you are, lately??? Upon getting home from vacation yesterday evening, I was horrified to find that not only had kitty filled the litter box (which is great because sometimes when we go away for several days he gets stressed out and goes on the beds!!!) but he had also left an aproximate 1/2 foot ring AROUND the litter box on the floor. It was probably my fault for telling Sarah not to let him outside all week, for fear of him getting hit by a car. She also was strictly forbidden from cleaning the box due to the dangers with being pregnant. SOOOOO, my wonderful mom, regardless of the fact that it was my turn for the dirty job, came and helped. It was stinky, messy, and just plain unpleasant.

When I realize you deal with these occurances with your children on a daily basis, x3, it makes me think of how patient and persisten you must be...I hope I'm half the mom you are when it's my turn....and that there is plenty supply of chocolate chip cookies :)

Anonymous said...

It always makes me smile to come here and read that little stories of you and your family. Too bad there is that ocean between us, I'd love to get known to you in person.

Had to grin about the tomato-plants. Don't worry it will teach your kids to try again another year. I have seen my Mom doing gardening for that many years and I still remember the joy of every little growth and her numerous attempts to grow different plants.

Last week I babysitted three American kids and took them to a garden near our house. Honestly: they had never seen a tomato plant in their life (being up to 12 years old), their biggest surprise was seeing how carrots grow and they did not even know the name of a sunflower. I guess this is the price for growing up with Cartoon Network?!?


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