Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Thank You, God.....

Well, we received a welcome answer to prayer today. I hadn't mentioned this before, because we wanted to see what would come of it first. Noah was born with a small 'bump' on his left thigh, oval shaped and about two inches big. It was just this small, squishy bit of skin that popped out where it shouldn't; it was really rather odd looking. It's not noticeable at all if he has a diaper on, but was quite noticeable when he was first born. We had an ultrasound done of it while we were in the hospital. The pediatrician said that she didn't think it was anything to worry about, but admitted that she didn't know exactly what it was. She referred us to a pediatric surgeon to have it evaluated further. That appointment was today. Since his birth, the lump appears to have gotten significantly smaller, so we were hopeful for good news today, but weren't sure what to expect. As it turns out, the little 'lump' (I'm not sure what else to call it!) is a 'lymphangioma'--basically a small extention of his lymph glands that for some reason or another formed superficially outside of his body cavity. The good news is, that it's nothing really to worry about! The doctor said that what would most likely happen is that as he gets bigger, it will get smaller, and eventually be barely noticeable. If it would happen to get larger (which she doubts), it might have to be removed, mostly for his own comfort, but that wouldn't be a huge deal either. Either way, it doesn't pose any other health issues other than appearance or comfort for him.
So, you can imagine that we were very much relieved. (Well, at least I was. I don't think Joel was quite as worried about it as I was---He is always the 'steady and stable' one!)
Otherwise, Noah is doing great health-wise. He weighed in today at nine pounds, nine ounces! He is already such a joy and blessing to us, and I daily think of how fortunate we are to have him! So many things could have happened during my complicated pregnancy, but they didn't, and we are blessed to have a healthy, happy baby boy.

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Adam and Jen said...

So glad that the "bump" Noah has is okay. That's awesome! Thanks for letting me hold him at the reunion! I loved it and all three of your kids are beautiful and adorable.


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