Saturday, August 09, 2008

Just some updates

I have photos that I'd like to share, but our internet connection is having problems (we're on dial-up), and I don't think I'd be successful at down-loading them. So, I won't even try :) Instead, I'll share with you some positive things happening around our house lately.

I am loving my little family. I am loving being the mommy. I find myself very 'inward focused' lately, having trouble concentrating on any kind of 'life' outside of my own home. In fact, a simple trip to WalMart the other day was enough to leave me grateful to turn the key of my own front door upon returning home! But, I suppose that's how it is for a while with a new baby :) Here's what's been happening around here lately:

  • I am almost to the end of freezing a bushel of peaches. In fact, I have to go finish them as soon as I'm done this post :( We love our peaches during the winter--we eat them straight out of the freezer, or put them in pies and desserts, or make milk-shakes out of them, or smoothies. Yum, so worth the work! Thanks to Joel's parents for making sure we got some!

  • Cosette has been practicing giving 'good answers' lately. I'd noticed that she was doing much better lately with not arguing with me, and then she told me the other day "Mommy, I'm going to be obedient all the time now!" Well, we'll see how that works out, but I applaud her for her honest effort!!

  • Joel and I enjoyed a much-needed date night last week. We ate at Uno's and had the most incredible food! My mom very graciously watched the kids for us (except Noah of course!), and we were also able to enjoy a late-night movie as well, cuddled on our couch, since I didn't want to take Noah to the movie theaters :)

  • I ordered some 'school supplies' for Cosette and Eli the other day. Yes, yes, they're way too little to 'do school' for real, but they are both so sharp, I wanted them to start 'working their brains' a little bit more during the day. So, I ordered them a bunch of fun, hands on educational type of stuff--things like colored counting rods, geometrically shaped blocks, pattern pieces with pretty colored foam pieces to make the patterns with, etc, etc. I also want to start working a little bit more formally with Cosette on her reading skills and easy math. She's actually demonstrated the ability to understand simple math, like, 2 plus 1 is 3, and so on. So, that's my goal for this 'school year'---help them to develop a love of learning, have fun with their 'hands on stuff', and work just a little more formally with Cosette. I figured if I keep my goals simple, I'll be less likely to get over-whelmed, right? I'm excited to see where this first year takes us.

  • And last, but not least, my precious little Noah. We're having fun watching him become a little more 'alert' to us and his surroundings. He's been sitting in his swing for the first time this week, and he sleeps like a baby in it ;) He hasn't lost his hair yet, which makes me very, very happy! And, he's been eating like a champ, so I'm curious to see what his weight is on Tuesday at his next appointment!

And that is life around the Curtis household!

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Elizabeth said...

Thanks for the update Jaime! It's always good to hear what you all are up to, and how you are all doing. I hope Noah doesn't gain TOO much more weight after the next two weeks, OR lose his hair...before we get to visit him :) :)

Glad to hear you both had a nice night out to yourselves..I'm sure it was greatly appreciated!

Packing for vacation but I'll be back in a week..God bless and hope to see you (finally) soon!! :)


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