Saturday, August 30, 2008

Some funny and sweet moments

Cosette's funny tub hair-do

Noah enjoying his big sister's good morning greeting

This is what Eli looked like after eating a S'more :)

Thursday, August 28, 2008

My Cosette-Girl

Dear Cosette Girl,
Where did Mommy come up with this term of endearment for you? I suppose it is because I can remember my own Mama with a loving tone in her voice calling me her 'Jaime-Girl'
I am amazed lately at how big you are becoming. I look at this baby picture of you, and can hardly believe that this was three years ago already!
You were always my sweet baby, and I loved dressing you in pretty dresses and little pink clothes (although Aunt Kristin might argue a little bit too much pink)
Everybody joked before you were born, that with me as your mama, and daddy as your daddy, you'd be born with a head-full of thick, dark hair. Quite the contrary! In fact, you had very little hair, and it was blond!
But, after trimming your bangs the other day, I mused that yes, it took it's time, but you certainly have a nice head of curly hair now! I was struck by what a big girl you are now! You are learning so many things. You know all your letters and colors and numbers. You are learning how to add numbers together, and how to make patterns. But more importantly, you are learning how to be a child of God. I am so blessed when you graciously let Eli have the toy you are playing with. Or when you offer to put the laundry away for Mama. I love when you ask questions about God and Jesus, and when I can see you already making wise decisions and acting with a gentle spirit. These are the most important things that you are learning right now. Thank you for making the past 3 1/2 years so joyful for your mommy!
Cosette Elise Curtis, August 25th, 2008

I love you, my Cosette-Girl!

Monday, August 25, 2008

The prayers of children

This was Cosette's prayer at dinner tonight while we were visiting with my parents:

" Dear Lord, Thank you for this day. Please help this meal to go well. And please let us stay here until it's dark, then we can go home. Oh, and thank you for the food. Amen"
Also, tonight at family devotion time, Eli decided that he wanted to pray for the sidewalk. The sidewalk??!
Kids, you gotta love 'em!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Just thinking

It is easy as a stay at home mom to put so much effort into our children and homes that we forget to make our own brains think sometimes! But, I've been finding lately that I feel so much better if I carve out just a little bit of time each day for myself. This may sound greedy, but it really is good for my family as well! They get a much happier, well-balanced mama! I find it helpful to eat healthy meals--thus, I try to take the time to plan our meals and shopping trips out in advance. I find it helpful also to work some good exercise into several days of my week. This has always been a struggle for me, but I've been doing better since we bought a tread mill last December. I also appreciate a daily quiet time. With three little ones, though, it's not always as 'quiet' as I'd like. None the less, getting absorbed in God's Word each day, even if in the middle of chaos, is definitely necessary. I also enjoy trying to make it all the way through a good book on a reasonably frequent basis. The book club I recently joined has been helping me to accomplish this! (Anyone want to join with me?? We're looking for new members, seriously! Just leave me a comment and I'll get you the info :) I also enjoy blogs that make me think. I'm going to link you to a few here that I think you might enjoy:

  • If we're going strictly on the basis of 'thought provoking', then I have to link to my brother-in-laws blog first. He just recently did a post on a book he read, and boy will it get you thinking! He also does other posts on different topics, and I always enjoy them.

  • I also want to link this blog, which I started reading a few months ago. I love it! This blogger mama writes with such clarity and thoughtfulness. She frequently does these 'show and tell' posts, where she shares tons of great links.

  • Lastly, I want to link you to Elise's Page. I know that bloggers are always linking to her page, because frankly, it's wonderful. I always leave there feeling refreshed and encouraged in my job as a wife and mother! Please take the time to go check it out!

So, with that said, I'd be interested to hear how you other fellow 'mama's' find time for yourselves during the day. What kind of activities keep you feeling refreshed and joyful in your job as a mother? Is it walking? Is it painting? What makes you 'tick', what kinds of things help you to accomplish your main job, being a mommy, best?

Friday, August 22, 2008


If you've ever been in doubt as to whether or not you have a houseful of children, just see if you can relate to any of these:

  • When you need to jot down a note, the only writing insrument you can find is a crayon.

  • The only snacks in your cupboards are pretzels and gold-fish crackers.

  • You have to burn candles in your house just to cover the smell of dirty diapers.

  • You had to buy a new vehicle a few months ago just to be able to fit in all of the car-seats

  • You do huge loads of laundry--but they consist mostly of onesies, burp cloths and cute little T-shirts.

  • You have to clean the tub-toys out of the shower before you can get in

  • And finally, you find yourself using words like these in everyday conversation: 'yucky, yummy, and ewwy'

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Big city or small town?

Okay, I don't usually do these blog quiz things, but this one struck me a little funny. Apparently, I belong in Rome! (Question is, how are they ever gonna get me on the plane to fly there??) But hey, "picture perfect streets, cappuccino in hand", sounds good to me :) Nah, they can keep Rome, I prefer my own little house with my sweet little family :)

You Belong in Rome

You're a big city soul with a small town heart

Which is why you're attracted to the romance of Rome

Strolling down picture perfect streets, cappuccino in hand

And gorgeous Italian people - could life get any better?

Sunday, August 17, 2008

My little crew

My husband and his brother were having some political/social conversation today at lunch, and I threatened to try to post it on my blog to make myself look intelligent for a change.....but then I thought, nah, I'd post pictures of my kids instead ;) Here are a few from recent days....

Relaxing with Uncle Wray

Mommy with two of her little ones

Eli adores Noah!!

Can you guess who this is?

He just keeps getting cuter (in this mommy's opinion!)

Helping to make treats

Friday, August 15, 2008

This is my life :)

Well, I've got alot on my mind that I could blog about right now, and I can't decide what to do a post about. So, I decided to just share a bit of everything with you....

  • Noah weighed 10lb 6oz at his appointment on Tuesday! My babies tend to 'plump up' fairly quickly--they've all been good nursers so far. (However, he is dealing with a nasty case of thrush. All of my babies get it, but his is particularly bad, and it just won't leave! I've tried the prescription from my doctor, but it's not working. Any of you nursing moms out there have any suggestions??)

  • I took everybody out to the library yesterday. On getting back to the van, I first put our huge bag of books into the front aisle. Then, I took Noah out of the stroller, and put him in his car seat. Then, I buckled Eli in. Then, I told Cosette to crawl over Eli and get in her seat. While she was getting situated, I put the stroller in the back of the van. Then, I went around and shut the other side of the van door. (All this just to leave the library!) Well, I guess my head wasn't screwed on quite tight enough, because we pulled out of the library and I heard a little voice say "Mommy, my seats not buckled in!" Oh dear. Now why did I forget to buckle her in?! ;)

  • We were having a pleasant dinner conversation the other night when out of the blue Cosette said ''Mommy, I'm not going to be a mom like you when I grow up!" *Gulp!* NOT the thing a mommy wants to hear. "Um, why not, Cosette?" She replied: "Well, whenever my children want to stay over-night at their Grandma's house, I'm going to let them!"
    LOL! Well, I guess I can not be too put-out by that! She loves staying at Grandma's house, and is always disappointed when we tell her she can't.

  • I've decided that a mommy has to be content with not being able to do everything. For instance, I planted several pots of tomatoes and peppers on my front porch at the beginning of summer. It took the kids and I a good part of a day, some extra money spent on all the pots and baby plants, and we've been watching them all summer. But, alas, they are doing horribly! Half of my tomato plants died, and the peppers refuse to get any bigger than a cherry tomato! I have one lone, semi-red tomato hanging on for dear life. But, you know what? At the end of the day, my husband still loves me, so I'll not worry about the nasty old plants! :)

  • Once again, sorry for lack of pictures lately. We've got static in our phone line for some reason, and my connection keeps 'booting' me off. It's really annoying. Anyway, be prepared for some cute ones here soon!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I don't know what to do....

.... I honestly don't. While other bloggers are filling their blogs with interesting things like theology debates, political issues, and olympic opinions , I can find nothing better to blog about than potty training. But hey, I'm a stay at home mom, this is my life.....

My day was going fine, until about 12:30, when Noah had a very sudden, full diaper, and leaked all over my clothes. Then, Eli (who is rebelling against potty training,) made a mess of his own in the hallway (I'm talking smeared all over my carpet!). Then, while cleaning that up, he managed to pee all over my bed-room carpet and some of the baby's stuff that was on the bottom of the changing table. I finally got ALL of that cleaned up, and Cosette announced that she had clogged the toilet---with about a half a roll of toilet paper! Oh, and then Eli went pee-pee in his pants again. Did I mention that ALL of this happened in the space of about twenty minutes??

So what to do with my difficult Eli boy? I have NO CLUE! We've tried positive reinforcement, we've consistently tried discipline when he insists on making messes---I've stuck to it, even with the birth of a new baby. And, no luck. Yes, he will be trained one day. And right now, the opinion of his mama is, better soon than later!

The messes are cleaned up, I've had a chocolate chip cookie to save my sanity, and the kids are peacefully watching a movie before nap-time. (No, not the best way for them to spend time, but sometimes, a mama just needs a break!) And now, I am greatly looking forward to a hot cup of cocoa and a good back rub from my husband tonight. This mama deserves it!

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Just some updates

I have photos that I'd like to share, but our internet connection is having problems (we're on dial-up), and I don't think I'd be successful at down-loading them. So, I won't even try :) Instead, I'll share with you some positive things happening around our house lately.

I am loving my little family. I am loving being the mommy. I find myself very 'inward focused' lately, having trouble concentrating on any kind of 'life' outside of my own home. In fact, a simple trip to WalMart the other day was enough to leave me grateful to turn the key of my own front door upon returning home! But, I suppose that's how it is for a while with a new baby :) Here's what's been happening around here lately:

  • I am almost to the end of freezing a bushel of peaches. In fact, I have to go finish them as soon as I'm done this post :( We love our peaches during the winter--we eat them straight out of the freezer, or put them in pies and desserts, or make milk-shakes out of them, or smoothies. Yum, so worth the work! Thanks to Joel's parents for making sure we got some!

  • Cosette has been practicing giving 'good answers' lately. I'd noticed that she was doing much better lately with not arguing with me, and then she told me the other day "Mommy, I'm going to be obedient all the time now!" Well, we'll see how that works out, but I applaud her for her honest effort!!

  • Joel and I enjoyed a much-needed date night last week. We ate at Uno's and had the most incredible food! My mom very graciously watched the kids for us (except Noah of course!), and we were also able to enjoy a late-night movie as well, cuddled on our couch, since I didn't want to take Noah to the movie theaters :)

  • I ordered some 'school supplies' for Cosette and Eli the other day. Yes, yes, they're way too little to 'do school' for real, but they are both so sharp, I wanted them to start 'working their brains' a little bit more during the day. So, I ordered them a bunch of fun, hands on educational type of stuff--things like colored counting rods, geometrically shaped blocks, pattern pieces with pretty colored foam pieces to make the patterns with, etc, etc. I also want to start working a little bit more formally with Cosette on her reading skills and easy math. She's actually demonstrated the ability to understand simple math, like, 2 plus 1 is 3, and so on. So, that's my goal for this 'school year'---help them to develop a love of learning, have fun with their 'hands on stuff', and work just a little more formally with Cosette. I figured if I keep my goals simple, I'll be less likely to get over-whelmed, right? I'm excited to see where this first year takes us.

  • And last, but not least, my precious little Noah. We're having fun watching him become a little more 'alert' to us and his surroundings. He's been sitting in his swing for the first time this week, and he sleeps like a baby in it ;) He hasn't lost his hair yet, which makes me very, very happy! And, he's been eating like a champ, so I'm curious to see what his weight is on Tuesday at his next appointment!

And that is life around the Curtis household!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

This and That

Heard around our house lately:

Cosette (speaking to Daddy): "If you were a girl, and Mommy was a boy, then you would stay home with us kids and Mommy would go to work!"

Cosette (speaking to Mommy): "Mommy, I changed my mind, I'm not going to have 14 children when I grow up, I'm only going to have two :)

Eli to Mommy: "My spot! Scooch!" (To which I promptly reminded him to say please!)

Cosette: "Mommy, can I have some yogrit?" (That's how she says it most of the time!)

Cosette to Daddy: "I'm not going to put my clothes away tonight. I'm just going to leave them behind the door like Mommy does!" (Okay, I admit it, I'm guilty of not picking up my clothes right away sometimes, but goodness, do they have to note all the bad things we do??)

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Thank You, God.....

Well, we received a welcome answer to prayer today. I hadn't mentioned this before, because we wanted to see what would come of it first. Noah was born with a small 'bump' on his left thigh, oval shaped and about two inches big. It was just this small, squishy bit of skin that popped out where it shouldn't; it was really rather odd looking. It's not noticeable at all if he has a diaper on, but was quite noticeable when he was first born. We had an ultrasound done of it while we were in the hospital. The pediatrician said that she didn't think it was anything to worry about, but admitted that she didn't know exactly what it was. She referred us to a pediatric surgeon to have it evaluated further. That appointment was today. Since his birth, the lump appears to have gotten significantly smaller, so we were hopeful for good news today, but weren't sure what to expect. As it turns out, the little 'lump' (I'm not sure what else to call it!) is a 'lymphangioma'--basically a small extention of his lymph glands that for some reason or another formed superficially outside of his body cavity. The good news is, that it's nothing really to worry about! The doctor said that what would most likely happen is that as he gets bigger, it will get smaller, and eventually be barely noticeable. If it would happen to get larger (which she doubts), it might have to be removed, mostly for his own comfort, but that wouldn't be a huge deal either. Either way, it doesn't pose any other health issues other than appearance or comfort for him.
So, you can imagine that we were very much relieved. (Well, at least I was. I don't think Joel was quite as worried about it as I was---He is always the 'steady and stable' one!)
Otherwise, Noah is doing great health-wise. He weighed in today at nine pounds, nine ounces! He is already such a joy and blessing to us, and I daily think of how fortunate we are to have him! So many things could have happened during my complicated pregnancy, but they didn't, and we are blessed to have a healthy, happy baby boy.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Blessings and Prayer Request

I took my children to a family reunion today. Several of us were sitting outside enjoying the nice weather, when a relative that I don't see often at all walked up to us. She motioned to Noah, who was sitting with my cousin at the time, and asked "He's sweet, who's baby is he?" I grinned happily and said "He's mine." She then rubbed Cosette and Eli on the head and said "And who do these two belong to?" Once again I grinned and said "Oh, they're mine too!" She looked a bit surprised and said "BOTH of them?!" I smiled. "Yep, all three are mine!" She replied "My goodness, you're quite the busy mama!"

Yep, I am quite the busy mama alright. But, whenever Satan tries to discourage me with how much work and effort is required to raise three little ones, I try to remember Mark and Beka and how they are earnestly praying for their own sweet unborn little one. Then, I thank God for my own three precious children, and say a prayer of my own for Mark and Beka's baby. Won't you follow my link and join me in praying for them?


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