Saturday, July 05, 2008

Wonderings from a busy mommy....

Have you ever wondered.....

  • Why did I just find a toothbrush under the coffee table?
  • Should I start going to the store every day for milk, or should we just buy a cow?
  • How in the world did half of the toy box worth of toys end up in our mini-van?
  • Why will little boys eat anything, even raw spaghetti?
  • What happened to all the icecream??
  • How many pairs of underwear can a potty-training toddler go through in one hour?
  • How am I going to get my sons toe-nail clipping out of my eye? (Yes, I tell the truth! While trimming his nails, this has happened to me multiple times)
  • Why does all terror suddenly break loose when mommy answers the phone?
  • How can I get my son to stop eating the tops off of my loaves of fresh, homemade bread?
  • Why is my daughter's shirt that I just laundered an hour ago already in the hamper?
  • Why is my purse full of dirty tissues, empty gum wrappers, little tiny hair barrettes, and baby wipes?
  • Where in the world is my son??! (Usually when I'm thinking this, he's hiding someplace doing something naughty)

  • Why is there a bite out of every apple in the fridge?
  • What was that squishy thing I just stepped on?

I like to think that I'm a fairly organized, 'got it together' type of person, but honestly, two little ones just naturally add fun and amusement to every day!


Elizabeth said...

Haha! :) I honestly have to say, I have not had the opportunity to wonder many of those things...yet...but don't worry, some day you'll be laughing at me! :)

Your post tells me we're still waiting for baby!!! Hang in there...I had a dream last night that you had the baby! Maybe that means he's coming soon...????

Beverly said...

(sigh of relief)I'm not the only one with a purse like that? I'm so glad. By the way, everytime I go to your blog now, I feel excited, wondering if I will see that you've had the baby!!

Kristin said...

I can say that an Aunts purse looks like that too....I found an empty gum box (which did have gum in it the last time I had checked) and a pull-up in my purse a few weeks ago :-) I guess whoever the culprit is thought Aunt Kristin wouldn't notice her gum was gone if he/she replaced it with a pull-up:-)


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