Saturday, July 26, 2008

Surveying the blessings of four and a half years......

This was so precious to me, I wish I'd taken a picture....

It was our first family walk together since Noah was born. All five of us. I turned in a circle to survey my little troop, marching up the road.

First, there was Cosette, my sweet girl, with little hair bows lining the top of her curly head. She was pushing her own little doll in a baby doll stroller down the road.

Then there was Eli, with his mis-matched clothes, which he picked out himself. He was being manly and carrying two thick sticks in his hands.

Then there was Joel, carrying up the rear, with Noah snuggled next to his chest in the snuggli. My sweet baby boy was sound asleep, missing his first family walk.

And then there was me, in the front of the group, looking over my beautiful family. I thought: "So this is where four and a half years of marriage to my wonderful husband has brought us. A sweet little family we can call our own. Thank you Lord!"

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