Friday, July 18, 2008

Noah Shaun Curtis

It's still amazing for me to think that this precious baby boy was inside of me three days ago!

Fairly soon after birth. This picture makes his
cheeks look really chubby, but in reality, he's
a skinny little guy :)

Home at last

Yeah, I know, he's adorable :)


Beka said...

Oh Jaime, how precious! He is just adorable! You must just want to kiss those sweet cheeks all the time!

We're praising the Lord with you for sweet Noah's safe arrival!

Anonymous said...

Wow, my blog-time just paid out today with that wonderful news.

He is so cute and TINY... I can hardly imagine that my goddaughter was like this a few years ago.

Congratulations to you and your lovely family and lots of strenght for the new start with your little wonder. Sending a big hug!

Elizabeth said...

These pictures are SOOO adorable...and I'm sure it's still only half as adorable as seeing him in person :)

Wow, it really is amazing, isn't it?

I have to say, of all of the pictures, I think my very favorite (if I had to pick one!!!) would be the new one of him in his car seat, with no hat can really see Eli and Joel with his hair and dark eyes....such a cutie!! :)

Elizabeth said...

On the other hand, I also LOVE the one in the blue onesey (do you spell it that way???!! :) and the one in the yellow onesey too.....I love it when he looks at you...such a "concerned" and attentive facial expression!!

Jodi said...


Oh wow! You and I are right in the same spot! Little Noah really is adorable. And thanks for your sweet note on my blog. :)

Congratulations, and I hope the coming weeks go well for you!

Chuck said...

thanks for posting the pictures
sorry i didn't "come in" and see him the other night, but if anyone can understand my desire not to be's Jaime

Anonymous said...

Ohhhhhh, a new blog header, this is CUTECUTECUTE! I love the photo - your kids are adorable!

The Heders said...

Congratulations, Curtis family! So happy to know your little Noah arrived safely. Rejoicing with you!
-Julie and Brian


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