Thursday, July 17, 2008

My newest little love

This is Jaime again :) Thanks to my sister for that last post :) I am sitting here on my bed, looking over at my newest little love, who is swaddled in a blanket and sleeping peacefully. I am absolutely head over heels in love with this little guy! After nine long months of anticipation, worry, bed-rest, complications, ultrasounds, etc, Noah Shaun made his way into the world as a happy, healthy little boy. (By the way, for those of you interested in this type of thing: We picked the name Noah for two reasons: One, for it's strong Biblical background and significance, and two, it's also a family name on both sides. And in case you didn't know this, Shaun is also my dad's name, so the middle name is in honor of him)
So, God answered all of our prayers in one last way. He gave me a labor and delivery like I had been sincerely hoping and praying for! Cosette's labor was loooong and hard( in the hospital for like 21 hours!), and Eli's, although it went muuuuuuch better, was still not exactly what I was hoping for. I was absolutely amazed at Noah's birth! (I'm writing this down for my own remembrance as well!) This folks, was almost exactly what I had been hoping for:

1. I woke Joel up at 6:00 a.m Tuesday morning and told him he could stay home from work that day :) Contractions had started around 2 that morning, and weren't leaving, so I figured this was the real thing, although they weren't at all difficult or painful yet, and still ten to twelve minutes apart.

2. We hung around the house all morning, eating breakfast, reading books, etc (the kids were at my moms house).

3. Around 11:00 we headed out in the van and ate some lunch and milkshakes at Arby's (yes, I was sitting in Arby's in the middle of labor!), walked around the park, and checked books out at the library.

4. We arrived back home around 3:00, and although I was starting to have slightly stronger contractions, they were still only about nine to ten minutes apart. Basically, they weren't too bad, and I felt like Joel and I had just had a long date day together!

5. At 4:00, the contractions still weren't close together, and I thought, "Enough of this!" I got up and started to walk all around the house, folding laundry, doing dishes, cleaning up toys, etc, and they finally started to come closer. By 6:00 they were finally about five minutes apart and much stronger, but I still didn't feel like I HAD to leave for the hospital. However, my wise husband said he thought we better head out.

6. Good plan! By the time we reached the hospital around seven, things were much more intense. We were only there a little over an hour, and Noah was born at 8:15.

All details, from the long, easy labor, to the short amount of time we were at the hospital, to the quick delivery (which I felt as if I was in good control of), were just as I had been praying they would be.

Noah is doing very well. I think he looks alot like Eli did. He has been nursing well, sleeping well, and making lots of dirty diapers for his Daddy to change :) I will do my best to post some more pictures later on today or tomorrow.....

In the meantime, this mommy of THREE is signing off......


Jenn @ Munchkin Land said...

Congrats, congrats, congrats! I am so happy and thrilled for you. And that sounds like a textbook-perfect labor and delivery to me. =) I'm looking forward to more pictures!

Adam and Jen said...

We are very excited for you and your family on little baby Noah! I love the name and from what I hear, your dad was pretty ecstatic about the middle name. I am sure he is as beautiful as the other two and I can't wait to see him! Maybe he finally came because of the lucky charms you ate!....I think you ate those anyway.


Beverly said...

Jaime - I am SOOOOO happy for you. Blessings to your dear family. Enjoy every moment!!

Elizabeth said...

CONGRATS again Jaime and Joel! :) I told Sarah about your fast delivery. That was such a blessing for you!!! I also thought how perfect it was that you had him at 8:15, so it wasn't too late that the kids couldn't come see him before sweet! :)

I'm anxious to see you and your new "bundle of joy" in a couple of weeks....stay well and God bless!!! Tell Cosette and Eli I said hi and am sending a hug for each of them! :)



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