Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A good night's sleep and a big girl helper

Okay, folks, you'll be happy to know that I'm back to my normal self today! If you couldn't already tell from my last post, I was feeling slightly over-whelmed yesterday....but, you'd be amazed what a good night's sleep will do! My loving husband ordered me to bed last night as soon as Noah fell asleep. My sweet little baby slept several hours, and when he did wake up to nurse, I think I was only half-awake myself. Anyway, I woke up this morning feeling much better, and am a much happier mama today! Noah has his two week check-up today, and I'm anxious to see how much he's weighing now.
I also wanted to share something about Cosette with you that made me so happy. Yesterday afternoon, I was sitting on the couch nursing Noah (a common occurance these days!), and just mentioned about the huge pile of laundry that was waiting on my bed to be put away. I saw Cosette run back through the hallway, but didn't think anything of it. She came back out a little while later, and told me I had to go look at my bed. When I did, it was completely empty! She had, bless her heart, put away every single piece of laundry on that bed! Even Joel's stuff, which she wasn't sure where it belonged, was stacked nicely in front of his dresser! I was sooo proud of her :)
Then, today, I was nursing Noah again during lunch, and everybody was finished before he was. So, Cosette volunteered to clear up the table for me. Once again, she amazed me and did a fabulous job. She scraped all the plates and put them nicely in the dish-washer, then rinsed the dishes in the sink and put them in the dishwasher too.
So, just when you think that you're not doing a good job as a mama, your kids surprise you and do something like that! Everybody kept telling Cosette before Noah was born that she would 'have to be Mama's big-girl helper'. Little did I know that she actually would be!


Jenn @ Munchkin Land said...

Oh, how very sweet! Don't you love it when they take the iniative?! Devyn just started taking the iniative with dinner prayers. Too cute.

Love the new picture in your header... you are one blessed mama! (And don't feel bad about yesterday, us mamas are no good without rest!)

Beverly said...

Awwwwww - what a sweet helpful girl! And I too -LOVE the new header picture!

Elise said...

Oh, so sweet! I knew she would be a good helper- and she sounds like she delights in blessing you, too! She's actually paying attention to your needs! Hug her for me!


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