Thursday, June 12, 2008

Tonka Trucks, Nesting Instincts, and failed experiments

Well, I have finally done it. I have offically proven to my husband that I have absolutely no Amish or Mennonite genes in my family background, unlike him. How did I accomplish this? Let me start at the beginning.....

Joel had a church meeting last night, so he helped me get the kids ready for bed before he left. I tucked them both in, but after a while, a heard Eli making noise. So, I went in to check on him, and found that he had thrown his teddy bear out of bed. In it's place, he had tucked in his big yellow tonka dump truck (which is almost as big as him!), and his green farm tractor. He was patting them both affectionately. I wish I had taken a picture! (Joel later said, "That's my BOY!") Anyway, by the time I got him to sleep, it was after eight. I had made plans to make a big batch of homemade grape nuts last night. You see, when Joel and I first came home from our honey moon, his sister had a big bucket of homemade grapenuts waiting for us on the counter. They were sooo good! (Not at ALL like store-bought!) I have been telling myself to try some ever since then. Well, I finally decided last night to try it. (Must have been the pregnancy nesting instinct taking over, or something) "No problem", I thought. "I'll start them now, since the kitchen will be cooler in the evening than during the day anyway" The only flaw in this plan was that everybody failed to mention to me that grape nuts take, like, five hours to bake or something...
Fast forward to about 12:30a.m. Joel has been fast asleep for hours. I wearily take the first 13x9 pan of grape nuts out of the oven, and they look beautiful. Nice and crispy, and they smell wonderful. Yes! I thought. Success! But, my roasting pan, which was full of grape nuts on the other side of the oven, was far from done. I could just imagine that alarm going off the next morning.... So, I decided to crank the oven temperature up a little and bake that cereal quickly! This WOULD have been a perfect plan, I think it would have actually worked, except that, well.....I fell asleep while they were baking. I woke up just a little too late, to the smell of burned grapenuts. I jumped out of bed and rushed to the kitchen (as much as my pregnant belly would allow me to 'rush'), and pulled a whole pan of burned smelly things out of the oven.
Nope, there are definitely no Amish genes in my background! And from now on, you'll probably only find store-bought cereal in our house. But that's okay, because I can make a delicious apple pie, and I play a pretty mean Chopin on the piano.....I'll just stay away from home made cereal from now on! ;)


Elizabeth said...

Haha! That sounds like something I would expect to see on "I Love Lucy" :) Well, you can be proud of your first batch anyway! Before I forget, I want to apologize for having to get off the phone so quickly this evening. People at the church were rushing me to get started (ironically, when I got off the phone, they didn't hurry to their seats..they took their sweet time talking). Anyway, I guess it was better for me to look "professional" and at least TRY to get rehearsal started on time.

It was good talking to you even for a little bit though!!! Hopefully we'll talk more soon.


ps do you have a current list of things that are ok to shop for baby? You posted a link a looong time ago in the pregnancy, and I don't remember where it was. I know I don't HAVE to get you something, but I really would like to. Just let me know!! :)

Elizabeth said...

One more thing (and sorry for taking up so much space here!!!). We have Amish roots in my dad's side of the family...and I'm obviously no where NEAR resembling you can join me in that group of "wanna-be's" :) Oh yeah, and just to prove my point. My Grandma Etnoyer's name was Beaula (meaning "married woman" it's good they didn't name me that...I'd still be waiting to live up to my name! :)

Sharon said...

Don't fret too much over the burned cereal Jaime. My one sister-in-law has a granola cereal she makes and it is so yummy that her sweet husband eats it every morning.
I have tried making it several times. It burned, it tasted NOT like hers and ONCE, THAT WAS ONCE, it was good !!

Ha... just enjoy what you can make. That is my theory. :0)



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