Monday, June 02, 2008

To eat us out of house and home

5:30 a.m.--- I get out of bed, and head to the living room for some quiet time.

6:10---Joel starts to move around in the kitchen, and Cosette gets up.

6:20---Joel is sitting at the table, eating some really yummy eggs with homemade toast. Cosette announces that she's hungry for breakfast. I ask her if she's sure she doesn't want to wait until Mommy and Eli eat. "No, I'm really hungry" "Alright, Mommy will fix you an egg too, like Daddy is eating." "No thank you, I want an English muffin". I finish packing Joel's lunch, and give Cosette some time to make up her mind for sure. I go back to her. "So, do you want an egg now?" "Nope, I still want an English muffin". So, I fix her an english muffin with jam, some banana, and a glass of milk. She eats it all, quite the hungry little girl!

7:00--We get Daddy out the door to work, and I put Eli in his booster seat.

7:10--- I have been up for going on two hours by now, and my stomach is grumbling. I have just spent ten minutes fixing two eggs for Eli and I. They are done perfectly, just like I enjoy them. I add some butter to our warm toast, greatly looking forward to finally sitting down to my own breakfast. Suddenly, I hear a little girl's voice behind me: "Mommy! Those eggs look so good! Can I have one of them?"

Groan!!!! Needless to say, I didn't get my own breakfast until closer to 7:30! Have you ever seen the movie Lord of the Rings? Well, in the first one, there is one point that the hobbits are lamenting that Strider doesn't know about 'Second breakfast, Mid-morning snack, elevensies, pre-lunch,' etc, etc. That is just what my children are like! They're little hobbits, eating their early morning breakfast, then their mid-morning snack, then their second breakfast....and yes, they do still eat lunch!! I think I shall nick-name them "Merry and Pippin" ;)


Anonymous said...

Sounds exactly like me :-) in that 'one week a months'. I've just eaten a whole 400 grams chocolate bar. And I am still hungry and thinking of what to do for dinner today.

Breakfast at your house seems to be very yummy :-) !

Elizabeth said...

Too bad I'm not a morning person...I could wake up at 4:30a.m., and be at your house in time for the 2nd breakfast! :)

Anonymous said...

Cossete sounds like her Pappy John. Two breakfasts, two lunches etc. Do they ever get full? LOL

P.S. Keep frying those eggs!


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