Sunday, June 08, 2008

Sunday photos and video

Yeah, I know, I already posted today, but I didn't know I'd get so many cute pictures later in the afternoon. We were at Joel's parent's house, and the kids were having fun on the new 'slip and slide' their Grandpa just bought. Enjoy :) P.S.--Look in the sidebar for my latest 'belly shot' :)

I think that this video clip of Eli is almost 'Funniest

Home Videos' worthy :) (By the way, the expecting

mom you see in this clip is not me, it's my sister-in-law :)

Eli enjoying being wet and cool

Cosette going down the slide

Going down the slide again

Joel let Eli sit in the BobCat with him today.

Cosette thought it was fun too.


Anonymous said...

That video is just hilariously funny *hehe*!

Loved your Sunday Post, too - the Lord's Day is indeed a blessing.

Thanks for mentioning the belly shot - I am reading in a feed reader, so I always miss the sidebar.


Jesse Curtis said...

eli's descent is classic. rather out of control young limbs there.

Elizabeth said...

How funny! It looks like the kids had a fun day in the sun! Brings back memories of our make-shift water slides in PA...Eli's video would make for a great ad video on at home 'slip n' slides'...every kid would want one! :)


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