Friday, June 20, 2008

My ambitions (Get a cup of tea, this is a long one!)

I read in a book recently of a man who, at a very young age, determined to not 'waste' his life. He made a very lofty list of 'goals' for his life. Now in his forties, he has accomplished many of those goals, including climbing some of the world's tallest mountains, visiting all but 30 countries so far, reading the Bible from cover to cover, playing so many musical instruments, etc, etc. Just reading his list of accomplishments made me wonder "Does he ever sleep??"
I like his whole idea, though, of 'living intentionally'. He was determined not to waste his life! And this made me start thinking about my own life....
I realize that, since being married, many of my 'life goals' have turned away from 'myself', and turned toward my family, and rightly so. My goals, instead of being good grades on papers or finding a summer job, sound more like this: Helping Cosette learn to be obedient, being frugal with our family budget, cooking healthy, yummy meals, etc, etc.
It's nice, however, to realize that I am still 'me', the person who my husband fell in love with, and the person who 'mothers' my children. I do still have my own interests and desires, apart from (or in addition to?) being a wife and mom.
So, here are some of my 'near future life goals', both for myself, just as me, and for the 'me' who is a mommy and wife. Make sense? And no, they don't include such ambitions as visiting every single country, as the guy listed above did. Hey, some weeks my ambition is simply to make it to WalMart and back with two kids, a pregnant belly, and a sane mind at the end of the trip! So yes, my goals are a little bit more down to earth, but anyway, I thought if I wrote them down for all of blogging world to read, I'd be more likely to actually accomplish them :)

1. Become more knowledgeable at geography. It's always bothered me that this has not been a strong point for me. I remember struggling with it in school. On one geography test that I was having major frustrations with, I even remember labling an island as 'That STUPID little island!', because I couldn't remember the name of it! Turns out it wasn't a 'stupid little island' after all, it was the island of Madagascar! So yeah, I need to somehow improve my very weak geography skills. I'm sure my husband will be happy to help--he's somewhat of a geography buff himself!

2. Continue to expand on my cooking skills and repertoire. It's so nice being the main chef for my family--I feel like I have my own little 'audience' to try out new recipes and such on. I then either trash the recipe or put it in the 'keeper' file :) Anyway, I've been exploring cook-books and such recently for new ideas. I want to move beyond somewhat 'traditional' foods, and explore things that are a little more 'exciting'. For instance, we're having 'ratatouille' for dinner tomorrow night. Don't know if it'll be good or not, but the name sounds interesting :) (Don't forget to check out my cooking )

3. Stay more up to date on current events. At one point, we weren't getting the paper, I never listened to the radio, and never bothered to check the news online. My husband would mention a flood here or there, a major war point that happened here or there, the resigning of some huge political figure, and I'd be like 'huh?' So, to help his wife out, he set my home page to the drudge report :) Now, at least I have to force myself each time I log on to the internet, to sit and read headlines and at least have SOME clue as to what's going on in my world! I'm getting better at this slowly, but I have a lonnng way to go.

4. Always be in the middle of a good book. It takes me longer to finish them now than it did before the kids were born, but that's fine. At least I'll be exercising my mind a little! (Joining a book club recently has helped this out a good deal....)

5. Remember to let Cosette pick out fresh flowers for the table whenever we're at the grocery store. She loves flowers, and I can get them fairly cheap just at our local WalMart. It might be a good way for her to learn flower names, etc, and we'd always have a pretty centerpiece. We read a book together recently where a little girl and her mama pick out flowers on a shopping trip, and it sounded like such a nice thing to do :) Remember in the movie 'I remember Mama' where the girl and her mama are walking along, and the mama spends 'a whole dime' on a package of fresh flowers? I've always loved that scene!

Well, with a baby on the way any time now, I think that I shall let that be my goal's list for now. Any longer and I'll just frustrate myself! So, everybody out there, remember to ask me in a few weeks if Cosette is better at identifying flowers, and if I can actually locate places on a map :)

(Oh, and I forgot to mention, my last goal is to have this baby in the next three weeks....but there's not much I can do about that, is there?)


Elizabeth said...

Never have I ever read a blog of yours that reminded me SO MUCH of myself :) In a good long as you don't start getting compulsive about your goals, like I sometimes (ok, very often!) do :)

I don't know if you already new this, but it shouldn't come as much of a surprise, considering my obsession with lists and "to-do lists". I have a cork-board hanging over my desk at home with 35..yes THIRTY-FIVE things I expect myself to do DAILY. I made this list over a year ago, and some things on it are now outdated (like the DMA auditions). But, I used all different colors...the list is rediculously long :) The geography skills and book reading that you talked about are among the things on my list.

Here's the funny part. My brother Nick was home for Christmas last year. He saw the list and when I wasn't home one evening nailed a sticky-note to my board that says "#36 Go crazy trying to do 35 things every day." He sure knows me well!!

So, be encouraged that your friend is right along with you on working on some of those ambitions, and I will help hold you accountable for yours, if you can help hold me accountable for mine too! Just take Nicks advice and DON'T go crazy trying to do 36 things every day....which considering you already have A TON to do just with being a mom...sounds like great advice!!! :)

Anonymous said...

My Mom always used to say that my best friend and me had "played together in the clouds before we were born", when we were yet too much resemling eachother. Sometimes reading your posts gives me just that feeling, even if our lifes are so different.

I got crazy with geography, too, since I realised at my job, that I didn't have any idea about the location of some BIG countries. I bought myself a huge puzzle of the world and tried to put it together. That sure helped (to show me how little I know). But it was a first step and an easy one.

Letting Cosette pick flowers is so precious. I just didn't think about having flowers for years, until my best friend brought me a beautiful vase from Brasil. Now I fill that one about once a month and it feels as if I got the flowers right from her.

That book-goal ... I try to make it to "FINISH a good book every now and then" ;-) ... Currently there is a stack with about 20 books next to my bed and all of them are half read. This has to stop!

Keep going with the baby - I can't wait!

Anonymous said...

Ah, reading your post, actually I had no idea where Madagascar is. I tried to guess and this was a complete desaster

Anonymous said...

Yes, I am back. After 6 months of pain and whatever, it is sure nice to read your blogspot.God has been so good to me in answering my prayers. Thank you all for lifting me up in prayer. G. Rosina


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