Monday, June 30, 2008

The last one....

I had not intended to take yet another belly photo. I thought you all had seen enough of me.....however, my sister claimed that I had to do one more, because "you look bigger tonight than you ever have!!" (Thanks Kristin!) To which I calmly responded that 'it's just this shirt' For some reason, everybody thought that was quite funny. So, what do you think, does this shirt make me look fat? ;)

So, enjoy this last belly photo. Hopefully, the next picture you see of me, I'll be 'somewhat' skinny again with a baby in my arms :)


Chuck said...

oh yeh
it is just the shirt

Anonymous said...

Nono, it has nothing to do with you - must be the shirt *loooool*

I can't wait to see a photo of Curtis no 3 :-)

I am on "baby night shift" that week, too. Friends of mine await their second child each moment and if this is happening at night, I'll get over and stay with their two year old. I told them I want to see some action if I do the night shift :-)

Beverly said...

Definitely the shirt ;-)
You look adorable ... and READY!

Elizabeth said...

Yes, definitely the shirt!!!! HAHA! I love it. I must say, when we visited you a few days ago, I walked in the door and thought, "Jaime doesn't look as big as I was expecting?!" But THEN, while we were sitting and chatting, when you were walking out from the kitchen, and I got a front view, I thought, "Oh, THERE'S BABY!!!! Yup, she's ready" :)

I can't WAIT to see you and new baby pictures :) I'll be keeping up on you and Kristins' blogs...of course I would expect to hear it from your sister before you, seeing how I'm sure "oh! I need to blog now!" won't be the first thing on your mind after giving labor!!! :)


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