Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Frustrations and Happy Things

First, for the frustrations:

  • I had a picture downloaded onto my computer. I wanted to post it tonight. I have been trying for the past hour to do so. I have tried three times...and failed every time! Those of you with high-speed connection, count your blessings! Anyway, be looking for a new belly photo of me as soon as I get to my parent's computer!!

  • Second...oh, I guess that was all my frustrations for the day!

Now, for the good stuff--

  • My mom came up today and helped me clean my house. We washed up the rest of the baby clothes, got out the changing table, put the bassinet back up again, got the car seat ready....etc, etc. In short, I am now as ready for baby as I ever will be. It's going to be a longgggg month!

  • We now have a new kitchen rug under our dining room table! It looks so nice and neat, and it's not losing it's binding, like our old one was :) Thanks, mom!

  • Eli is starting to learn his letters! I haven't been 'working' with him, per se. But, when I opened up his Memory Verse Book the other day, he correctly identified a few of the letters. I was impressed with the little guy! (Especially since he still thinks every color is 'purple' :)

  • Cosette and Eli helped me to 'pot' several pepper and tomato plants yesterday. I'm way too pregnant this year to do an entire garden, but I was going to miss fresh peppers and tomatoes, so hopefully they'll do okay growing on my front porch. (Did I say Eli helped? What I meant to say was that he spent the whole time collecting bugs out of the dirt :)

  • Cosette picked a handful of pretty purple wild flowers yesterday and gave them to me because 'You are my best mom in the whole world!' I put them in a vase and expected them to die right away, but they are still looking perky and pretty today! They must have had an extra special 'best mom' blessing on them :)


Beverly said...

Sounds like some great things are hppening at your house!!

Anonymous said...

Does Cosette still play with her paper dolls or is she waiting on her Grandma to come visit her, ha ha ha


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