Monday, June 30, 2008

The last one....

I had not intended to take yet another belly photo. I thought you all had seen enough of me.....however, my sister claimed that I had to do one more, because "you look bigger tonight than you ever have!!" (Thanks Kristin!) To which I calmly responded that 'it's just this shirt' For some reason, everybody thought that was quite funny. So, what do you think, does this shirt make me look fat? ;)

So, enjoy this last belly photo. Hopefully, the next picture you see of me, I'll be 'somewhat' skinny again with a baby in my arms :)

The MOST important thing

"Being a stay at home mom is a full time job." Those are the words of my husband, not me, although I would completely agree with him. We were just having a very deep discussion last night about our children, how they're doing, what we could do differently, etc. Mostly, I was asking for my husband's advice on how to help Cosette, who is struggling lately with obedience and 'attitude' issues. Let me just say that I am so grateful that Joel and I are on the same page regarding our children. Let me give you a peek into our conversation from last night. I'm going to start it in the middle somewhere....

Joel: You know, love, being a stay at home mom is a full-time job! You've got the cooking, the cleaning, the laundry, the grocery shopping, the budgeting, etc. But, NONE of that is as important as the time you spend with our kids. If everything else has to be neglected to make sure that Cosette and Eli are being loved, disciplined, and taught, then so be it.

Jaime: I know. I'm realizing that it's a change of 'life perspective' on my part. Yes, it's important to feed the children, bathe the children, keep the children healthy and safe, etc, etc. But the most important thing is watching their little souls and personalities develop. MY most important job throughout the day is to make sure that I am 'weeding out' all of the sinful nature that wants to grab our kids.

Joel: Right. And we need to make sure that they know that the people who expect the most from them are the people who love them the most (us!) Your job of playing with the kids and just enjoying them is the best thing you can do.

Jaime: My 'first born' nature makes this difficult. For example, the other day Cosette and I were making muffins. She insisted on putting the batter into the muffin cups. She was dripping it everywhere, she wasn't being consistant with muffin size, and she kept licking her finger and putting it back in the bowl! I wanted to yell "Let me do it!" But I didn't. I kept my mouth shut, let her do it all by herself, and actually enjoyed just having fun with her. When she was done and went to show daddy what a good job she did, I was glad that I had kept my mouth shut!

Joel: (chuckling) Yeah, that's what I'm talking about!

Jaime: I had a really good 'break-through' discussion with Cosette tonight before you got home. I mentioned to her that Mommy and Daddy have not been happy with her behavior lately, and that it makes us sad when she sins like that. Her eyes got as wide as saucers, and she said "Mommy, was I SINNING?" I told her that yes, when she hits Eli, or ignores mommy, or yells at her cousin, or is rude to Grandma, that is sinning, and allowing Satan to live in her heart. She got all teary eyed and said "Mom, I want Jesus to live in my heart! I don't want a black heart! I don't want to sin, I want to do good things!" Then she gave me a big hug and said "I'm sorry, mommy" We prayed together and asked Jesus to help her be a good girl. It was the first true 'repentant heart' I'd seen from her in quite a while, and it made me so relieved inside! It also proved that she is old enough to grasp the concept of sin, a 'black heart', and wanting to live for Jesus.

Joel: It really is more than just a 'discipline issue' We discipline and train for more than just 'good behavior'. We discipline them because we love them, and it's a 'heart issue'. We want to see their hearts turned in the right direction.

Jaime: I am SOOOO glad we are on the same page about all this.....


And that was the main part of our discussion. My job now is to keep a careful eye on Cosette's 'heart', and help her develop it into one that loves Jesus. I also want to read a book my mother-in-law suggested, called "Shepherding a Child's Heart'. Has anyone else read it?

This job of being 'mom' can seem so burdensome sometimes; let me leave you with a few encouraging and funny quotes from the book "The Pocket Dovotional for Mothers"

" If it was going to be easy to raise kids, it never would
have started with something called labor"

"The mother's face and voice are the first conscious
objects as the infant soul unfolds, and she soon
comes to stand in the very place of God to her child"

"Upon our children--how they are taught---
rests the fate, or fortune, of tomorrow's world."

"There is in all this cold and hollow world no fount of deep,
strong, deathless love, save that within a mother's heart."

" Parents who are afraid to put their foot down
usually have children who step on their toes"

" A mother is a person who sees that there are only
four pieces of pie for five persons and promptly
remarks that she's never cared for pie."

Here's an extra special blessing today for all of you very important mothers!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Funny Cosette doings/sayings

Yes, it's time for one of those posts....

  • Cosette was having some issues the other night with obedience (or lack thereof), and told Joel "Daddy, I'm just over-whelmed!"

  • We were standing in a line in WalMart the other day, and there was a lady behind us with a white jacket on, which had pink, purple, yellow, and green buttons down the front of it. Cosette turned around and asked her "Hey, why don't your buttons match?"

  • After trying on her new sandals, she announced to me "Look Mommy, these shoes make me jump higher!"

  • She was sitting in front of me the other day, and I reached down and lovingly started to scratch her back. She shivered and said "Oh, don't do that, it makes me cold!" (I guess it must have given her the goose bumps :)

  • "Hey, guess what mommy! Daddy taught me how to say 'Dow Jones Industrial Average', and Aunt Kristin taught me how to say 'Uh-oh, spaghettios!'

  • "Mommy, can I have cinanaminnon and sugar toast for breakfast?" "I think you mean 'cinnamon' " That's what I said, cinanaminnon!"

  • I should not have painted her nails pink before taking her shopping the other day. As we walked through the store, she stopped every one who passed us, held out her nails and said "Hey, look, they're pink!"

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Swimming with Grandpa

My dad took the kids swimming yesterday. I stayed by the 'sidelines' to take pictures (Yep, you guessed it, I have no bathing suit that fits right now....)

My brave Cosette girl going under the

Eli preferred to 'wade' by the side

Cosette and Grandpa

Enjoying the water

Cosette, Eli and Grandpa

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

For my sister

Some of you may already read my sister's blog page. If not, go here and check out her most recent post from today. This post is mainly for her, and the questions she raises in her own post. But the rest of you might enjoy reading it as well :)

Why we're glad we did things this way

As many of you may know, the relationship between Joel and I before our marriage was not your typical 'dating' relationship. Although the name is not what is important, if we were to be technical, we would say that we 'courted'. In short, courting is spending time getting to know somebody really well, (and THEN falling in love with them), as opposed to falling in love with somebody, and THEN getting to know them. Make sense? I read a recent statistic somewhere that such and such a percentage of married couples claim their spouse was 'somebody different' after marrying them. I'm happy to say that this was not my case. I knew exactly who Joel was when I married him, and I think he'd say the same. Now, grant it, I've gotten to know him even better since we've been married; like the fact that he runs his hands through his hair when he's tired, or the fact that he likes bagels for breakfast one week, but hates them the next. But, for the most part, I knew all the IMPORTANT stuff about Joel before I ever told him 'Yes, I'll marry you'. Here are some of the reasons that we are so glad we carried out our relationship the way we did:

1. Almost five years into marriage, we are both 'the same' people that we were when we were courting. Since we didn't spend time focusing on the physical, we got to know each other mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and relationally incredibly well. There have been no huge, bad surprises in our marriage about the other person. We knew everything from how the other person handled a budget, to whether or not I would be a stay at home mom some day, to what kind of food Joel wanted me to fix.

2. When our wedding day finally came, Joel held my hand for the first time (other than putting on my engagement ring!) He stood there during the whole ceremony, rubbing my fingers with his, and I thought that this must be heaven. I was sooooo in love with this guy, and now, finally, he was standing here, holding my hand! (Needless to say, I about melted when he kissed me......) Anyway, four and a half years of marriage hasn't done away with the comfort I feel when my husband simply wraps his arms around me or holds my hand. I wonder, would it have been this nice if we had handled our courtship differently?

3. I truly believe that this is the best, most God-honoring way of carrying out a pre-marriage relationship.He really knows what He's talking about when He gives us directions in His Word! I took the kids swimming today, and noticed a young teen sitting there in a very revealing bikini, all snuggled up with her boyfriend on the chair (who, I might add, could not have even been shaving yet). And I thought "What surprises are left for them on their wedding night? They're not 'keeping the secret!' They're enjoying everything now that was meant to be saved and treasured for marriage. No wonder so many people today are 'fed up with' and 'bored with' their marriages! I am so blessed to say that not a single day goes by that I don't thank God for my husband, and think how lucky I am to be married to him. Even when the kids are having a rough day, when I'm near my wit's end and want to scream, when my husband walks in the front door, I have a feeling of relief, joy, and peace. He always has been, and hopefully always will be, the joy of my life.

So there you have it, Kristin, (and anybody else who bothered to read this far), my top three reasons for 'courting' Again, call it dating if you want; it's the actions and attitudes that matter, not the name. I love my husband more every single day (as mushy as that may sound), and I want that blessing for every other married couple as well. We would never push anybody to do anything exactly the way we did (even our own children some day!); that was simply the call that we both felt on our lives. However, we WOULD encourage others to seek God first, and find out how HE wants you to please Him in your relationships.

Okay, so this was a big sidestep from my nomal 'kid' and 'baby on the way' posts, but I hope you all didn't mind reading it anyway :)

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Updates and such

First Update: Eli's tooth is still there!! (see last post) It doesn't look incredibly healthy, but I have hope now, at least :) Joel said the tooth was completely sticking out the wrong way, so I'm amazed that it hasn't fallen out yet. We're trying to be extra careful with what he eats, how we brush his teeth, etc, until we see how it's going to do. Yes, yes, I know, you all tell me that he would simply look 'boyish' if it were to fall out---you're right, and thanks for the comfort, but I would still prefer it to stay in there if at all possible :)

Second Update: No baby yet, but I have a feeling the time is not too far away. With my other two, I started to have contractions throughout the day during the last week or so. I would have several 'days' of contractions, with no actual labor. That has begun to happen with this baby as well, to a smaller degree. And so, while I doubt he'll be born in the next couple of days, I can at least tell that the end is drawing near.....

Third Update: I'm not sure what it is right now, but Cosette is pushing limits to the utmost. Maybe she can sense the 'anxiousness' in the air as we wait on the baby, I don't know. Whatever it is, I have been needing to put my foot down alot with her and remind her of boundaries and rules. It kind of makes me feel like the 'big bad mommy' when I seem to do this all day long, but do it I must! If I would allow her to continue with her 'spoiled brat' type of behavior, well, then we really would have a spoiled brat on our hands! So, I must 'nip this in the bud' and bring back my sweet little Cosette girl! Your prayers for my patience and diligence are much appreciated......

Saturday, June 21, 2008

A guessing game

Okay, so, any guesses as to why I'm posting this really odd, fuzzy picture? Hint: Take a look right in the middle of the picture at the little white mark.

Answer: I know it's hard to tell, but the picture is of our computer desk, and the little white spot in the middle is the mark of Eli's two front teeth! Apparently, he was climbing on the desk this morning (which he should NOT have been), and slipped and jammed his two teeth right down into the wood.
Yes he does still have them---at least for now. The right tooth appears to be fine. The left tooth, however, was knocked quite loose and bled alot, according to Joel (I was in the shower at the time!) Joel decided not to pull it out, and did his best to wedge it back up in place. Six hours later, it's still there, but we're not really hopeful. That tooth already had a little chip in it from Eli slamming it into the coffee table about a year ago, at which time we also thought he might lose it. But this time, I think the roots were probably damaged, so we'll see.
I was near tears and said I thought we should call the dentist, to which my practical husband said "And what will the dentist do? Put braces on it to hold in in place? A baby tooth?? I don't think so!"
So, relatives beware, you might see a toothless Eli before too long.....*sob*

Friday, June 20, 2008

My ambitions (Get a cup of tea, this is a long one!)

I read in a book recently of a man who, at a very young age, determined to not 'waste' his life. He made a very lofty list of 'goals' for his life. Now in his forties, he has accomplished many of those goals, including climbing some of the world's tallest mountains, visiting all but 30 countries so far, reading the Bible from cover to cover, playing so many musical instruments, etc, etc. Just reading his list of accomplishments made me wonder "Does he ever sleep??"
I like his whole idea, though, of 'living intentionally'. He was determined not to waste his life! And this made me start thinking about my own life....
I realize that, since being married, many of my 'life goals' have turned away from 'myself', and turned toward my family, and rightly so. My goals, instead of being good grades on papers or finding a summer job, sound more like this: Helping Cosette learn to be obedient, being frugal with our family budget, cooking healthy, yummy meals, etc, etc.
It's nice, however, to realize that I am still 'me', the person who my husband fell in love with, and the person who 'mothers' my children. I do still have my own interests and desires, apart from (or in addition to?) being a wife and mom.
So, here are some of my 'near future life goals', both for myself, just as me, and for the 'me' who is a mommy and wife. Make sense? And no, they don't include such ambitions as visiting every single country, as the guy listed above did. Hey, some weeks my ambition is simply to make it to WalMart and back with two kids, a pregnant belly, and a sane mind at the end of the trip! So yes, my goals are a little bit more down to earth, but anyway, I thought if I wrote them down for all of blogging world to read, I'd be more likely to actually accomplish them :)

1. Become more knowledgeable at geography. It's always bothered me that this has not been a strong point for me. I remember struggling with it in school. On one geography test that I was having major frustrations with, I even remember labling an island as 'That STUPID little island!', because I couldn't remember the name of it! Turns out it wasn't a 'stupid little island' after all, it was the island of Madagascar! So yeah, I need to somehow improve my very weak geography skills. I'm sure my husband will be happy to help--he's somewhat of a geography buff himself!

2. Continue to expand on my cooking skills and repertoire. It's so nice being the main chef for my family--I feel like I have my own little 'audience' to try out new recipes and such on. I then either trash the recipe or put it in the 'keeper' file :) Anyway, I've been exploring cook-books and such recently for new ideas. I want to move beyond somewhat 'traditional' foods, and explore things that are a little more 'exciting'. For instance, we're having 'ratatouille' for dinner tomorrow night. Don't know if it'll be good or not, but the name sounds interesting :) (Don't forget to check out my cooking )

3. Stay more up to date on current events. At one point, we weren't getting the paper, I never listened to the radio, and never bothered to check the news online. My husband would mention a flood here or there, a major war point that happened here or there, the resigning of some huge political figure, and I'd be like 'huh?' So, to help his wife out, he set my home page to the drudge report :) Now, at least I have to force myself each time I log on to the internet, to sit and read headlines and at least have SOME clue as to what's going on in my world! I'm getting better at this slowly, but I have a lonnng way to go.

4. Always be in the middle of a good book. It takes me longer to finish them now than it did before the kids were born, but that's fine. At least I'll be exercising my mind a little! (Joining a book club recently has helped this out a good deal....)

5. Remember to let Cosette pick out fresh flowers for the table whenever we're at the grocery store. She loves flowers, and I can get them fairly cheap just at our local WalMart. It might be a good way for her to learn flower names, etc, and we'd always have a pretty centerpiece. We read a book together recently where a little girl and her mama pick out flowers on a shopping trip, and it sounded like such a nice thing to do :) Remember in the movie 'I remember Mama' where the girl and her mama are walking along, and the mama spends 'a whole dime' on a package of fresh flowers? I've always loved that scene!

Well, with a baby on the way any time now, I think that I shall let that be my goal's list for now. Any longer and I'll just frustrate myself! So, everybody out there, remember to ask me in a few weeks if Cosette is better at identifying flowers, and if I can actually locate places on a map :)

(Oh, and I forgot to mention, my last goal is to have this baby in the next three weeks....but there's not much I can do about that, is there?)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Glimpses of our life

Here are just a few pictures from our life recently...

This one is really bad quality, I know, but I
love it anyway! Cosette requested that we
take it just like this, and I love the sweet
look she has on her face. She was in a very
'loving' mood that night!

These are flowers that she picked for me this
morning. Aren't they beautiful? Actually, they
came out of my mom's flower-garden :/
I hope she was okay with that!

And this...well, this is all of Eli's underwear
drying on my line. I had to wash an entire load
of his underwear by hand today because they
tend to get waaaay ahead of the rest of my washing!
He actually had two days in a row completely
in underwear with no accidents whatsoever, and I
was sooo proud of him! However, this morning
totally made up for that with five accidents
in like, hour! Oh well, all children do
train eventually, right?

The other thing that I don't have a picture of and wish I did was the date night Joel and I had last night. It was so nice! We had such a nice conversation in the van with no interruptions. Then, we sat and enjoyed a delicious (yet cheap!) dinner at one of my favorite restaurants, a Thai/Chinese place. They have the most delicious tea, and we both sat and sipped our tea for a while after we were finished. Then, we went and actually watched a movie at the theater! A coke through Burger King on the way home made the evening perfect :) Thank God for Grandparents and free babysitting :) (Can you tell we're trying to make the most of our time before a third little one joins our household??)

Monday, June 16, 2008

Making it less offensive.....


I tuned in quickly to the sound of my daughter's yelling voice. She had been playing 'house' with her little girl cousin very nicely. Apparently, their slightly older boy cousin had joined in, and although innocent, he wasn't playing 'girlie' enough for them, and had somehow 'messed up' their 'house'. I rounded the corner just in time to see Cosette's little hand reach out and wack him across the shoulder.

"Cosette! Could you come with me please?"

Cosette looked surprised for a minute that her mommy had caught her (I'm not sure why, when she was screaming at the top of her lungs!)

I took her back to her Grandma's bedroom to administer a little discipline.

"Cosette, do you know what you did wrong?"

"Yes, I yelled at him (her cousin)"

"That's right. And you also hit him."

"No I didn't!"

"Cosette, Don't lie to mommy, I saw you reach out with your hand and hit him on the shoulder."

Cosette looked momentarily relieved. "Oh Mommy! That wasn't a hit! That was just a little smack!"

I had to smile inwardly at the way she was justifying her sin. Did she somehow think that a 'little smack' was less offensive than a full-blown 'hit?'

But then it occured to me. I have done the same thing before! I've 'justified' my sin by making it seem less offensive. Does something like this sound familiar?

" Oh, I didn't snap at my husband last night. I was just tired. I AM nine months pregnant, after all" Sounds good, but, well, it doesn't change the fact that I really did snap at him.

Or how 'bout this one? " I think I was driving a little too fast on the highway, but I had to make up for all that lost time that they made me sit at the road-construction place. I would have had plenty of time to drive slowly if it wasn't for that!" Sounds lame, I know, but I've used that one too!

As I explained to Cosette that a smack is the same as a hit, is the same as a pinch, is the same as a punch, is the same as whatever, I realized that I was going to have to put a little less effort into trying to negotiate my way out of my own sin.

"If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness." 1 John 1:9

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Father's Day

So, Father's Day gives me yet one more good opportunity to brag on the love of my life. Before I even married Joel, I highly suspected that he would make a great Daddy some day. I was right! Three and a half years with children, and he proves it to me again and again, every day! A few nights ago, I found him sitting at the foot of Cosette's bed, reading 'Little House in the Big Woods' to her. She was eating it up! He sits on the couch every night and praises and encourages Eli on how well he's doing with his memory verses. He even delights in talking to this little one in my tummy!
Just today, he thanked me once again for staying at home with our children and 'skipping' the extra income that would be so nice. He thanked me for not going to work! I love this man!
Rather than down-load new pictures, I thought I'd direct you all to this post that I did about a year ago. It contains some of my favorite pictures of Joel-- some are with me, and some with the kids.
Happy Father's Day to my wonderful husband!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Tonka Trucks, Nesting Instincts, and failed experiments

Well, I have finally done it. I have offically proven to my husband that I have absolutely no Amish or Mennonite genes in my family background, unlike him. How did I accomplish this? Let me start at the beginning.....

Joel had a church meeting last night, so he helped me get the kids ready for bed before he left. I tucked them both in, but after a while, a heard Eli making noise. So, I went in to check on him, and found that he had thrown his teddy bear out of bed. In it's place, he had tucked in his big yellow tonka dump truck (which is almost as big as him!), and his green farm tractor. He was patting them both affectionately. I wish I had taken a picture! (Joel later said, "That's my BOY!") Anyway, by the time I got him to sleep, it was after eight. I had made plans to make a big batch of homemade grape nuts last night. You see, when Joel and I first came home from our honey moon, his sister had a big bucket of homemade grapenuts waiting for us on the counter. They were sooo good! (Not at ALL like store-bought!) I have been telling myself to try some ever since then. Well, I finally decided last night to try it. (Must have been the pregnancy nesting instinct taking over, or something) "No problem", I thought. "I'll start them now, since the kitchen will be cooler in the evening than during the day anyway" The only flaw in this plan was that everybody failed to mention to me that grape nuts take, like, five hours to bake or something...
Fast forward to about 12:30a.m. Joel has been fast asleep for hours. I wearily take the first 13x9 pan of grape nuts out of the oven, and they look beautiful. Nice and crispy, and they smell wonderful. Yes! I thought. Success! But, my roasting pan, which was full of grape nuts on the other side of the oven, was far from done. I could just imagine that alarm going off the next morning.... So, I decided to crank the oven temperature up a little and bake that cereal quickly! This WOULD have been a perfect plan, I think it would have actually worked, except that, well.....I fell asleep while they were baking. I woke up just a little too late, to the smell of burned grapenuts. I jumped out of bed and rushed to the kitchen (as much as my pregnant belly would allow me to 'rush'), and pulled a whole pan of burned smelly things out of the oven.
Nope, there are definitely no Amish genes in my background! And from now on, you'll probably only find store-bought cereal in our house. But that's okay, because I can make a delicious apple pie, and I play a pretty mean Chopin on the piano.....I'll just stay away from home made cereal from now on! ;)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A pregnant mom's rambling thoughts

I am loving, let me repeat that, loving, this weather! Now, don't get me wrong, there have been a few days recently that have just been TOO hot! With temperatures in the mid-nineties, my poor feet were swollen just enough that I couldn't get my shoes on. Hello flip-flops! I was pretty miserable. But, today it is hanging around 80 degrees, and I love it. Maybe it's because ever since last November, when I found out we had a baby due in July, I have been waiting for this time! I waited through Christmas, I waited through New Years and snow, I waited through over a month of bed-rest, I waited through Easter and muddy, awful spring weather. And now, finally, it's summer! Now is the season when my baby will be born! Maybe that is why I am feeling extra joyful with this beautiful weather :)
Anyway, enough about the weather! I don't know if you all get tired of reading my 'thankful' posts or not, but I thought it was about time for another one! So, here goes, my list of things I'm 'thankful' for right now :)

1. My husband. Yep, he tops the list. He is constantly doing little things for me that make me fall in love with him all over again. For instance, just as he was pulling in the driveway from work the other day, Cosette announced that Eli had just had an 'accident' on the living room carpet. Great! So, I give her instructions not to touch anything, and rush Eli back to the potty. While I'm busy cleaning him up in the bathroom, Joel comes inside, quickly survey's the situation, and has the mess in the living room cleaned up before I even get out there! I told him sorry, he came home at just the wrong time, and he replied "No, I came home at just the right time, I got to help you clean that mess up!" Now, is that a man to be loved, or what??

2. As family members were cleaning out my great-grandmother's belongings (she just passed away recently), they asked if we'd like anything specific. I am now wearing a ring that belonged to her, and it's very special for me. Everytime I look down at my hand, I can remember something else special about Grandma. (So, I look at my left hand and think of my husband, I look at my right hand and think of my Great-Grandma; how cool is that?)

3. My family and church family. Everybody has been soooo helpful during the course of this whole pregnancy. Yes, we had all that help during my bed-rest, but even just recently, people have been helping me clean my house (my mom!), bringing me bags of diapers, and offering words of encouragment like " Don't worry! You'll see your feet again soon!" :)

4. Frozen Grapes. Okay, so maybe they're not as important as the above mentioned things, but I still love them! They somehow seem sweeter than regular grapes, and they're really nice on hot days like today.

5. The fact that my husband works so hard and I can stay home with my kids. I read a statistic somewhere that said something like 75% of all mothers with school age children work. Can that be right? It seemed high to me, but what do I know? Anyway, I realize that not everybody can enjoy this blessing, so I'm not going to take it for granted. Every day at home with my kids is precious.

And that's all of my ramblings thoughts for now. By the way, if you haven't checked out my last post yet, go there and watch the video of Eli. It's hilarious! :)

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Sunday photos and video

Yeah, I know, I already posted today, but I didn't know I'd get so many cute pictures later in the afternoon. We were at Joel's parent's house, and the kids were having fun on the new 'slip and slide' their Grandpa just bought. Enjoy :) P.S.--Look in the sidebar for my latest 'belly shot' :)

I think that this video clip of Eli is almost 'Funniest

Home Videos' worthy :) (By the way, the expecting

mom you see in this clip is not me, it's my sister-in-law :)

Eli enjoying being wet and cool

Cosette going down the slide

Going down the slide again

Joel let Eli sit in the BobCat with him today.

Cosette thought it was fun too.

'Snap-shots' from my Sunday morning

My house is quiet, since everybody is taking their much-needed Sunday afternoon naps. I was just reflecting on some of the things that happened in church this morning. Here are some 'tid-bits' for you to munch on. These are not in any paticular order of importance, I'm simply typing them out as they come to mind :)

1. I was speaking to my Pastor's wife about our baby on the way, and what a challenge it would be to have a third. She replied "Yes, but you'll be fine, since you've taught these two obedience already." I groaned, and replied, "Sometimes it doesn't feel as if I have!" Her response--"Obedience in an on-going process. You just keep working at it!" Coming from the mother of 12 children, I think I'll have to agree with her comment!

2. Another wise comment from a mother in the church: "The third child tends to be the most mellow, easy-going and laid-back" After my mischievious and curious Eli, I would welcome a 'mellow' child :)

3. Cosette to me, after watching two baptisms this morning: "Mommy, when I grow up, when I'm a big girl, I'm going to be baptized too!" Music to a mother's ears!

4. From my pastor, during the baptism service---"Sometimes God asks us to do things in His Word that don't make 100% sense to us as humans, but we do them anyway, because that's what God told us to do in His Word, and we act out of obedience.

5. From a friend: "Do you want to get the kids together to play at the park this week?" (Welcome words for any stay-at-home mom!)

6. Another paraphrased idea from my pastor "Satan will work to destroy the good things happening in our families, church, work, etc. We must, through prayer and fasting, re-capture what Satan is trying to claim."

7. The first thing Eli said as I picked him up from Sunday School: "Mommy, bug!" Yes, even in Sunday School he had managed to capture a lady-bug in a plastic cup!

Thank God for His day of rest! Thank God for the time I can spend in church, fellowshipping with others, being encouraged through their words, convicted through a message, and hopefully being an encouragement to someone else.

"Then God blessed the seventh day and sanctified it, because in it He rested from all His work which God had created and made." Genesis 2:3

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Little brown haired blessings

Picture This:

My sweet little boy, with his wavy brown hair, sitting in the front of the grocery cart. He's swinging his little legs, kicking his brown sandals together. He's happily sucking on the straw in his chocolate milk, a treat for him while his mama is grocery shopping. He has chocolate stains on his forhead, above his mouth, and on the tip of his nose. But he doesn't mind, he's happily singing a song---I'm not sure what song----for his mama, or anyone who cares to listen. He is holding on tightly to the pickle relish, the very important job that mama gave him to do. As I search the aisle for diced tomatos, I say aloud to myself, "Humm, where are the canned tomatos?" And I hear a little voice echo, "Humm, Humm?", as he 'searches' the shelf with his eyes as well. We pass the tank of live lobsters in the middle of the store, and he points to them excitedly "Mama, mama, come, see!" So, we have to ignore the frozen food already in the cart, and stop to say hi to the lobsters.

You see, I am eight months pregnant---pushing a heavy grocery cart, with a wheel that won't turn----I can't find half the stuff I need---my feet are achy and swollen----But it doesn't matter. My little, chocolate stained son is as sweet as they get. And as I look at him, I remember that my huge belly, my sore feet, and my tired body all just mean that there is another little boy on the way. Will he enjoy chocolate milk, like his brother? Will he sit in the front of my grocery cart, and swing his legs and sing me songs? I can only wait to find out......

Just to make you smile :)

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Frustrations and Happy Things

First, for the frustrations:

  • I had a picture downloaded onto my computer. I wanted to post it tonight. I have been trying for the past hour to do so. I have tried three times...and failed every time! Those of you with high-speed connection, count your blessings! Anyway, be looking for a new belly photo of me as soon as I get to my parent's computer!!

  • Second...oh, I guess that was all my frustrations for the day!

Now, for the good stuff--

  • My mom came up today and helped me clean my house. We washed up the rest of the baby clothes, got out the changing table, put the bassinet back up again, got the car seat ready....etc, etc. In short, I am now as ready for baby as I ever will be. It's going to be a longgggg month!

  • We now have a new kitchen rug under our dining room table! It looks so nice and neat, and it's not losing it's binding, like our old one was :) Thanks, mom!

  • Eli is starting to learn his letters! I haven't been 'working' with him, per se. But, when I opened up his Memory Verse Book the other day, he correctly identified a few of the letters. I was impressed with the little guy! (Especially since he still thinks every color is 'purple' :)

  • Cosette and Eli helped me to 'pot' several pepper and tomato plants yesterday. I'm way too pregnant this year to do an entire garden, but I was going to miss fresh peppers and tomatoes, so hopefully they'll do okay growing on my front porch. (Did I say Eli helped? What I meant to say was that he spent the whole time collecting bugs out of the dirt :)

  • Cosette picked a handful of pretty purple wild flowers yesterday and gave them to me because 'You are my best mom in the whole world!' I put them in a vase and expected them to die right away, but they are still looking perky and pretty today! They must have had an extra special 'best mom' blessing on them :)

Monday, June 02, 2008

To eat us out of house and home

5:30 a.m.--- I get out of bed, and head to the living room for some quiet time.

6:10---Joel starts to move around in the kitchen, and Cosette gets up.

6:20---Joel is sitting at the table, eating some really yummy eggs with homemade toast. Cosette announces that she's hungry for breakfast. I ask her if she's sure she doesn't want to wait until Mommy and Eli eat. "No, I'm really hungry" "Alright, Mommy will fix you an egg too, like Daddy is eating." "No thank you, I want an English muffin". I finish packing Joel's lunch, and give Cosette some time to make up her mind for sure. I go back to her. "So, do you want an egg now?" "Nope, I still want an English muffin". So, I fix her an english muffin with jam, some banana, and a glass of milk. She eats it all, quite the hungry little girl!

7:00--We get Daddy out the door to work, and I put Eli in his booster seat.

7:10--- I have been up for going on two hours by now, and my stomach is grumbling. I have just spent ten minutes fixing two eggs for Eli and I. They are done perfectly, just like I enjoy them. I add some butter to our warm toast, greatly looking forward to finally sitting down to my own breakfast. Suddenly, I hear a little girl's voice behind me: "Mommy! Those eggs look so good! Can I have one of them?"

Groan!!!! Needless to say, I didn't get my own breakfast until closer to 7:30! Have you ever seen the movie Lord of the Rings? Well, in the first one, there is one point that the hobbits are lamenting that Strider doesn't know about 'Second breakfast, Mid-morning snack, elevensies, pre-lunch,' etc, etc. That is just what my children are like! They're little hobbits, eating their early morning breakfast, then their mid-morning snack, then their second breakfast....and yes, they do still eat lunch!! I think I shall nick-name them "Merry and Pippin" ;)


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