Monday, May 26, 2008

Some family time

Yes, I am still here--actually, we just got back. We really had a fun time visiting with Joel's extended family over the Memorial Day week-end. We all stayed together at a camp, about four hours from our house, and had a blast. (Well, since I am so incredibly pregnant, they were nice to our family and let us stay in one of the inside rooms in the lodge area, so you can't exactly say that I was 'camping'---it was more like a slightly rugged, 'home away from home'.) I think that someone counted up that there were between forty and fifty of us there this weekend; that is all of Joel's grandparent's children, their children, and their children, including spouses (such as myself), fiancee's, etc, etc. :) It is such a fun, loving group of people to be around, and I am always so thankful that Cosette and Eli are growing up surrounded by such positive examples of Christianity and 'family'.
Anyway, I have many pictures I'd love to share, so hopefully I can get them on here sometime soon. I have never seen my kids play so hard or get soooo dirty in their entire lives :) They had several cousins there right around their age, and they had sooo much fun together! They played on the play-ground, rode tri-cycles, played with bubbles and side-walk chalk, did finger-painting, decorated and shot-off miniature rockets (with alot of adult help, of course), took many rides in the back of their uncle's bike-kid-carrier thing, roasted marshmallows, and the list goes on.
Cosette even had her first s'more while we were there. She also took her first shower (my kids only ever take baths), and thought that was just so 'grown up'.
So anyway, I'm tired now, but a happy kind of tired. And tomorrow, it's back to 'real life' bring on the grocery shopping! :)

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Anonymous said...

Joel and Jaime,
I'm so glad you and the kids had a "great wkend" of fun!!! I'm more thankful that the other side of the family are who they are--Thank God for great Christian family. I love you and have missed you over the last few days. Give Cosette and Eli a big hug and kiss for me!!! Love you guys very much,
Remember to ask me about the new vacation location Karen and I found!


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