Saturday, May 31, 2008

Several Things Worth Mentioning

I had several different things I wanted to blog about tonight, so I thought I'd just combine them all into one post. My apologies if this is rather long, but I think you'll find my subject matter worth-while :)

1. First of all, a prayer request for a fellow blogging friend of mine. I will refrain from linking to her page, simply because I'm not sure how much traffic she wants. But regardless, you can still pray for her. She was due to have her second baby boy about five weeks after I am due. However, she found herself in the hospital on Tuesday due to pre-term labor. She is only 28 weeks, and it looks like that baby is definitely coming at any time. Pray for her, her husband, and especially the new little one. I know so many of you prayed Joel and I through all of the complications that we had, and we've made it further in this pregnancy than we ever imagined that we would. And now, I'm asking that you would use the same devoted prayers to lift up this little one and his parents.

2. Second-- I would like to call your attention to a really good book. At least, what I've read so far is really good; I'm not actually finished yet! It came highly recommended on
this blog a while back, and I am just now getting around to reading it. It's called "A Serious Call to a Devout and Holy Life", by William Law. I thought that the reading might be kind of heavy, based on the title. But it's actually fairly easy reading; the content, however, is 'meaty' and definitely worth-while!

3. Third---Did you know that Starbucks makes the most awesome strawberry milkshakes I've ever tasted? Joel and I went through a drive-through on our way home last week-end, and I was trying to avoid any 'coffee' type drink, so I got a 'strawberry creme blend', or something like that. Oh my goodness! I was sooo totally enjoying it! (Can you tell that food is even better for me when I'm pregnant??)

4. Fourth--Does anyone have any suggestions for curing a little bug-catcher? Well, I guess I don't really want him 'cured', but Eli has taken a recent, very strong interest, in catching bugs! I've seen him snatch a living fly right out of the air! He'll be walking along the side-walk, and suddenly bend down to pick up an ant. Poor bugs! They never survive long in his care. He'll bring them to me, all excited, but most of the time, they're already squashed between his fingers :( I have never seen a little boy so excited over finding bugs!!

5. For all you moms out there who are expecting (and I know that there are several of you who read my blog), I thought I'd share one more really neat item that I found. I've always wanted a baby sling, but could never decide what brand to buy. Well, after talking to a few people, and getting high recommendations, I decided to go with one from I ordered it the other day, and I'm really excited to see what it's like when it comes. I'll have to share a picture and more info once I finally get it. (I'm buying more cool stuff for this baby than I ever did for my other two. I can't exactly figure out why---maybe it's the result of a little more experience and research? Who knows!)

By the way, remember me......I am quickly growing out of all of my maternity clothes! You know it must be pretty bad when your 'heart to heart' jeans won't even pull up! I have to make it one more month, though, and I refuse to buy any more clothes for that short an amount of time! So, for those of you who have been seeing me in the same four T-shirts and black sweater lately, my apologies.....I'll have a whole 'new' wardrobe in about six weeks..... :) :) :)


Chuck said...

william law has another amazing book
"The Power of the Spirit"
Andrew Murray calls it the best book ever written on the subject and i heartily agree

Elizabeth said...


Between strawberry milkshakes at Starbucks, and not fitting into your maternity clothes anymore, I'd say this baby isn't too far away!! I am so happy for you and Joel that this pregnancy has made it through, keeping both you and baby healthy. I can't wait to meet him! :)

p.s. I had an idea for Eli. I, like a lot of kids, used to love catching fire-flies when I was younger. My mom would teach me to keep them for a while, then let them go before bed time. Maybe this would help Eli understand that bugs are fun to watch, but happier in their own environment :) I think it might have worked for me cause I haven't been bug catching for quite some time!!! :) :) Another thought would be to just break down and buy Eli an ant farm :)


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