Thursday, May 15, 2008

10:00 Ponderings

  • My baby has the hiccups, and I think I shall go crazy! It's worse than having them yourself. It's not even like you can take a big drink of water or hold your breath to get rid of them......

  • Cosette wanted to play Cinderella yesterday, and kept referring to me as her 'wicked mother' She's never even seen the movie!

  • Eli tried---no, he did----wash the back of his hair today with antibacterial hand soap. I caught him at the kitchen counter, rubbing it all in, nice and bubbly!

  • Cosette wanted to pack her own bags today because she's going to Grandma's house tomorrow. I decided to indulge her and allowed her to pick out her own clothes. She came out to the living room with a big pile of turtlenecks, warm pants, and flannel pajamas---um, the weather has been 70 and sunny around here lately!

  • Some of the highlights of being a mom----You might find a sticker or two stuck to the back of your jeans; When you sit on the couch, children suddenly feel compelled to climb all over you and spill your coffee; You're not at all surprised when you look down and realize that all over your shirt is....well, use your imagination; Anytime you try to use the bathroom, a little fist pounds on the door, and an agonized voice calls "Mommy! Mommy!", as if you've gone to the North Pole instead of inside the bathroom; And finally, you get the sweetest good-night kisses and hugs that make the rest of the stuff fade away.... :)

Well, Joel and I are headed out tomorrow morning to take the kids to my moms and start out on our 10 hour drive (see previous post). I'll try to post again sometime on Monday. Have a great week-end!


Chuck said...

hope your 10 hour drive has the mandatory "tiny pregnant bladder" stops planned in
I'm going to say one of the grandma's or maybe a niece let them watch or read cinderella...

Elizabeth said...

I hope you and Joel have a safe trip, and that your unborn child sleeps as much as a born child does in a car!! Then, maybe you won't have the belly hick-ups all weekend :)
By the way, we saw "Prince Caspian" in the theatre tonight, on opening night. It is just as good as #1! I think there will be a 3rd too...God bless and talk to you soon...have a safe trip home!! !:)

Beverly said...

I can identify :-)
Hope you have a wonderful holiday!!!


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