Saturday, May 31, 2008

Several Things Worth Mentioning

I had several different things I wanted to blog about tonight, so I thought I'd just combine them all into one post. My apologies if this is rather long, but I think you'll find my subject matter worth-while :)

1. First of all, a prayer request for a fellow blogging friend of mine. I will refrain from linking to her page, simply because I'm not sure how much traffic she wants. But regardless, you can still pray for her. She was due to have her second baby boy about five weeks after I am due. However, she found herself in the hospital on Tuesday due to pre-term labor. She is only 28 weeks, and it looks like that baby is definitely coming at any time. Pray for her, her husband, and especially the new little one. I know so many of you prayed Joel and I through all of the complications that we had, and we've made it further in this pregnancy than we ever imagined that we would. And now, I'm asking that you would use the same devoted prayers to lift up this little one and his parents.

2. Second-- I would like to call your attention to a really good book. At least, what I've read so far is really good; I'm not actually finished yet! It came highly recommended on
this blog a while back, and I am just now getting around to reading it. It's called "A Serious Call to a Devout and Holy Life", by William Law. I thought that the reading might be kind of heavy, based on the title. But it's actually fairly easy reading; the content, however, is 'meaty' and definitely worth-while!

3. Third---Did you know that Starbucks makes the most awesome strawberry milkshakes I've ever tasted? Joel and I went through a drive-through on our way home last week-end, and I was trying to avoid any 'coffee' type drink, so I got a 'strawberry creme blend', or something like that. Oh my goodness! I was sooo totally enjoying it! (Can you tell that food is even better for me when I'm pregnant??)

4. Fourth--Does anyone have any suggestions for curing a little bug-catcher? Well, I guess I don't really want him 'cured', but Eli has taken a recent, very strong interest, in catching bugs! I've seen him snatch a living fly right out of the air! He'll be walking along the side-walk, and suddenly bend down to pick up an ant. Poor bugs! They never survive long in his care. He'll bring them to me, all excited, but most of the time, they're already squashed between his fingers :( I have never seen a little boy so excited over finding bugs!!

5. For all you moms out there who are expecting (and I know that there are several of you who read my blog), I thought I'd share one more really neat item that I found. I've always wanted a baby sling, but could never decide what brand to buy. Well, after talking to a few people, and getting high recommendations, I decided to go with one from I ordered it the other day, and I'm really excited to see what it's like when it comes. I'll have to share a picture and more info once I finally get it. (I'm buying more cool stuff for this baby than I ever did for my other two. I can't exactly figure out why---maybe it's the result of a little more experience and research? Who knows!)

By the way, remember me......I am quickly growing out of all of my maternity clothes! You know it must be pretty bad when your 'heart to heart' jeans won't even pull up! I have to make it one more month, though, and I refuse to buy any more clothes for that short an amount of time! So, for those of you who have been seeing me in the same four T-shirts and black sweater lately, my apologies.....I'll have a whole 'new' wardrobe in about six weeks..... :) :) :)

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Pictures from last weekend

Waiting patiently during the long drive
Cosette getting ready to shoot off her rocket

Finger painting with her cousins

Having fun outside

Lots of Bubbles!

This is fun!

Getting ready for a tug of war. Joel is there
in the back of the line.

Cosette doing artwork with her Grandma
(Joel's mom)

That's my man!

Nothing better than a cookie dipped in milk

More Bubbles!

Eli 'fighting' Daddy for the ball :)

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Two funny stories

I eyed the half-full bag of tortilla chips on the pantry shelf longingly. Chips in our house is a rare occurance anyway, but the fact that there was also salsa in the refrigerator made them almost irresistable. But no, I would wait. I'd have a banana now instead. Maybe I'd enjoy a small plate of chips and salsa tonight after the kids went to bed. Ummmm...something to look forward to all afternoon!
Fast forward a few hours. I was in my bedroom, folding clean laundry. I heard....nothing. The house was quiet. Too quiet. And neither child was napping! Oh dear. Not a good sign! I better go check them. Imagaine, then, my horror and complete disappointment when I found....

Eli, in the living room, by the couch. He was totally surrounded by tortilla chips. He had dumped the entire rest of the bag out on the couch and the floor. My living room was covered with crushed tortilla chips. And he was happily standing there munching on them! His big sister was also standing nearby. Although she later claimed innocence, I thought I heard her crunching on something as well..

I had three immediate thoughts: 1. This is gonna take forever to clean up! 2. Oh man, there goes my evening snack! 3. Serves me right for buying chips in the first place....
Story number Two
I was getting ready to go somewhere the other day, so I put on some 'nice' maternity clothes and even added a touch of make-up. My daughter, who is not used to seeing her mommy look so nice these days, gave me a hug and said : "Mommy, you're beautiful even though you do have a big fat tummy!" :)

Monday, May 26, 2008

Some family time

Yes, I am still here--actually, we just got back. We really had a fun time visiting with Joel's extended family over the Memorial Day week-end. We all stayed together at a camp, about four hours from our house, and had a blast. (Well, since I am so incredibly pregnant, they were nice to our family and let us stay in one of the inside rooms in the lodge area, so you can't exactly say that I was 'camping'---it was more like a slightly rugged, 'home away from home'.) I think that someone counted up that there were between forty and fifty of us there this weekend; that is all of Joel's grandparent's children, their children, and their children, including spouses (such as myself), fiancee's, etc, etc. :) It is such a fun, loving group of people to be around, and I am always so thankful that Cosette and Eli are growing up surrounded by such positive examples of Christianity and 'family'.
Anyway, I have many pictures I'd love to share, so hopefully I can get them on here sometime soon. I have never seen my kids play so hard or get soooo dirty in their entire lives :) They had several cousins there right around their age, and they had sooo much fun together! They played on the play-ground, rode tri-cycles, played with bubbles and side-walk chalk, did finger-painting, decorated and shot-off miniature rockets (with alot of adult help, of course), took many rides in the back of their uncle's bike-kid-carrier thing, roasted marshmallows, and the list goes on.
Cosette even had her first s'more while we were there. She also took her first shower (my kids only ever take baths), and thought that was just so 'grown up'.
So anyway, I'm tired now, but a happy kind of tired. And tomorrow, it's back to 'real life' bring on the grocery shopping! :)

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Bragging just a little....

We all got dressed nicely this morning to go to my great-grandmother's funeral (see previous post). Cosette and Eli both looked so nice in their dress clothes and combed hair (which is rare), that I thought I better take a picture :)

Aren't they sweet? ;)

Monday, May 19, 2008

Several Updates

I don't have much time, so I'm going to make this short---

1. Joel and I had a wonderful weekend, and really appreciated being able to see the graduation. Our trip was good, traveling was much faster without two toddlers in the backseat:) We even got to enjoy dinner on the couch in the motel in front of a movie one evening :) How fun!

2. I just got back from my last level two ultrasound, and, Praise God, everything looks wonderful. All of the minor complications that we were still waiting on to heal are finally healed, and I am at last back to a 'normal healthy pregnancy' with a 'normal, healthy baby'. Thank you all for all of your prayers we know you have been offering up through-out this whole pregnancy! Baby Curtis is weighing in at a hefty four pounds five ounces, so we are definitely hopeful for an early July delivery.

3. And last of all, on the sadder side of things---my great grandmother passed away on Sunday morning. She was in her late nineties, and we can all rejoice at the long and fruitful life that she lived. Obviously, though, that doesn't subtract from the feeling of loss---she was greatly loved! Go to my sister's blog (her tag is in my side-bar) to see a beautiful picture of this special lady

Thursday, May 15, 2008

10:00 Ponderings

  • My baby has the hiccups, and I think I shall go crazy! It's worse than having them yourself. It's not even like you can take a big drink of water or hold your breath to get rid of them......

  • Cosette wanted to play Cinderella yesterday, and kept referring to me as her 'wicked mother' She's never even seen the movie!

  • Eli tried---no, he did----wash the back of his hair today with antibacterial hand soap. I caught him at the kitchen counter, rubbing it all in, nice and bubbly!

  • Cosette wanted to pack her own bags today because she's going to Grandma's house tomorrow. I decided to indulge her and allowed her to pick out her own clothes. She came out to the living room with a big pile of turtlenecks, warm pants, and flannel pajamas---um, the weather has been 70 and sunny around here lately!

  • Some of the highlights of being a mom----You might find a sticker or two stuck to the back of your jeans; When you sit on the couch, children suddenly feel compelled to climb all over you and spill your coffee; You're not at all surprised when you look down and realize that all over your shirt is....well, use your imagination; Anytime you try to use the bathroom, a little fist pounds on the door, and an agonized voice calls "Mommy! Mommy!", as if you've gone to the North Pole instead of inside the bathroom; And finally, you get the sweetest good-night kisses and hugs that make the rest of the stuff fade away.... :)

Well, Joel and I are headed out tomorrow morning to take the kids to my moms and start out on our 10 hour drive (see previous post). I'll try to post again sometime on Monday. Have a great week-end!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Starting the countdown...

Well, as you can see from my timeline above, we're down to the 'countdown'. Or at least, we're down to the point where I'm thinking "Enough already! When is nine months going to be over??" This pregnancy has seemed extra long too, I think probably due to my 4 weeks+ of bed rest, and trying to take it 'extra easy' since then. But, we're down to two months, and I'm going to make it :)
Fortunately, we have a busy schedule planned the rest of this month, so that will help to pass the time.

  • Joel and I have a ten hour car drive planned this week-end to see his brother and sister-in-law graduate from college. We'll be gone Friday morning through late Sunday night. The kids are staying with my parents :)
  • When we return Monday, we're driving again to go have one last level two ultrasound done. My doctor's and mid-wives feel they can't be too careful with this pregnancy!
  • Then, on Wednesday, I have my normally scheduled two-week appointment for the baby.
  • On Friday, we're leaving to go to a family get together with Joel's family over the Memorial Day weekend, about a five hour drive. The kids will be with us this time.

Add to that an appointment for Eli's two year booster shots, and wrapping up my piano teaching schedule for the semester, and we end up with a busy month of May! But that's okay, every week that goes by quickly is another week closer to seeing my baby boy :)

When we return from our last trip the end of May, I look forward to starting to get out baby boy clothes, getting the bassinet cleaned up and ready to go, stocking up on diapers...etc, etc.

Two months and counting.....Will July ever come??

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day....

My fourth Mother's Day.....some of my joys :)
Cosette 'helping' her great-grandmother to
open her mother's day gift.

The love of my life, cleaning up the yummy
dinner he fixed for my mom and I. (Well,
everybody ate some :)

Eli trying to put his shirt on by himself.

Cosette reading with her Grandma before lunch.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Happy birthday, Eli!

Finally, here are some of Eli's birthday pictures from Sunday afternoon.....

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Just to make you laugh.....

I know, I know, I promised pictures in this post. But, I'm too tired to wait for our dial-up connection to down-load them right now, so they'll just have to wait a little while longer,sorry :(
However, I thought maybe you all could use a good laugh, so I decided to tell you a story. This is the story of how a crazy, sometimes overly-protective, stay at home mom (me, duh!) spent her morning.

First off, let me say that it was all my husband's fault. (Note: I am just kidding here, I love Joel dearly). However, HE was the one who first brought up measles. You see, my kids and I were sick over the week-end with fevers and coughs. Joel just happened to mention that someone else had told him recently about a bunch of people somewhere who had come down with the measles. Well, I laughed at this, since both I and my children have all been vaccinated.
However, Eli and I got sicker on Monday, and eventually ended up at the doctor's for anti-biotics; Eli for a bad cough and me for a really bad sinus infection. We'd been taking them for a few days and feeling much, much better.
Today, though, I noticed a red spot on the back of Eli's neck. Then another. And another. And they were big and bloody and crusty and...I'll spare you the gross details. Well, long story short, I freaked out. I called Cosette over and immediately found two on the back of her neck and behind her ear. All I could hear was Joel's voice in my head saying "And all of these people just suddenly came down with measles...." I called his cell phone. He was out of cell range. I called my mom. She was at work, and my sister, although sympathetic, had no clue as to the mysterious red spots. I then called my 'second mom'--Joel's mom. She wasn't home!!! Arggghhh!!! I parked the kids on my bed for a movie and tried not to freak out in the meantime. But I was, major time. Finally, after what seemed like an enternity, (actually only a few minutes), Joel's mom called me back. She was very re-assuring, and simply advised me to call the Doctor's office and see what they said. Well, I got ahold of my mom at work, who advised the same thing. When I called the Doctor's office, the nurse did NOT match my overly-protective motherly concern, and simply said, in a bored, monotone voice "Were they playing outside? Could they be insect bites?" Hummmm.......... Yep, they had been playing outside. In un-cut grass. In fact, we'd gone across the road to the field to say 'hello' to all our neighbor's cows that had come out for the summer. And, I remembered batting away pesky little bugs while we were standing there. I started putting the pieces together. And really, when I thought about it, that made much more sense, it's just that I was so uptight about the measles, that's all I could think about.
Well, when my loving husband got home, he assured me that he had looked up measles on the internet, and they were more like a rash, not like little, individual red spots.
My children have not 'sprouted' any more red spots, and we are 100% certain now that they got little flea bites or something standing next to the open field and cows. Still gross, but really, I'll take flea bites over the measles any day.......
And that, my dear friends, is why it's much better to be a little bit more calm and relaxed, and less uptight. Had I simply not freaked out in the first place, I would have thought "Oh yeah, bug bites!" But hey, I'm an expecting mama about ready to pop. That gives me a little bit of sympathy, right? ;)

Monday, May 05, 2008

Pictures coming soon...

Eli had his 2nd B'day yesterday! He is such a big boy! (Well, he's actually small for his age, but you know what I mean ) I know he's going to look like a giant once my baby is born. It almost blows my mind to think that it's been two years since I first saw him in that hospital room! I fell in love immediately. I looked at him in wonder, thinking that he looked just like his daddy's baby pictures that I'd seen. Joel and I crooned over his head of dark hair, his big, beautiful brown eyes that were so alert even at birth, and his perfect little fingers and toes. I remember thinking how different he was from Cosette. After nursing, she had slept for 12 hours straight after being born; there was no waking her up. Eli, however, stayed awake for quite a while and wanted to nurse frequently. Same hospital, same mid-wife, same un-medicated birth---but two different babies!!
And, Eli has been expressing his individuality ever since! As I mentioned in a recent post, he is definitely a handful, but his Daddy and I love him to pieces. Here are some cute 'Eli traits' from recent days:

  • He is learning his colors. Well, trying to at least. But, he thinks that everything is purple or green! You can show him a red shirt, and he'll put a bunch of air in his cheeks and say "Pur-ple?" When you tell him no, he gets a happy look and says " Geen?"

  • He is finally learning to cooperate to brush his teeth. Since he was an infant, Joel and I have struggled and struggled to get this child to hold still for tooth-brushing! He hated it! We do not allow our children to 'throw fits', but he would literally scream and kick and jerk his mouth all around, no matter what we did. It was like 'Okay, I think I got those two teeth clean now. How about the other mouthful? I remember one time my mom said "Good grief!! What are you doing to that child?" But, finally, I think our hard work in trying to train him is paying off. He has actually been sitting still and keeping his mouth open long enough to get all of those pearly whites clean! Who knew that it would take till his second birthday??

  • He thinks any 'Winnie the Pooh' character is called 'Pooh' He loves Tigger, and when he sees a picture of him, he'll start hopping around the room!

  • He loves the baby in mommy's belly. Once, when I was giving him a bath, he managed to splash water all over my protuding stomach. He looked at my wet shirt in alarm and said "Uh-oh, baby!"

  • He loves to eat, and seems to have my metabolism. He'll gobble down his entire dinner most nights in the time it takes Cosette to decide what her first bite is going to be! People don't usually believe me when I tell them what a big appetite he has.

  • He has always been my cuddle-bug. The other night he woke up crying with a cold and a fever. He was calling 'Mama! Mama!' Joel jumped up to go comfort him, but he was having none of it! Joel finally had to carry him over to our bed and lay him down beside 'mama' for a couple of minutes. He snuggled in and rubbed my face and said "Mama! Mama!" I thought my heart would melt.

  • We are working with Cosette and Eli on a different Bible verse for each letter of the Alphabet. Even though he doesn't talk a whole lot yet, he somehow manages to get in alot of the words for those verses! He does all the hand motions for the verses, and 'knows' them all by heart! It so makes me proud and happy to think that he's getting God's Word ingrained in his heart even before he can talk full sentences!

Well, we had his birthday party outside at the park yesterday, and he had a fun time, despite his head cold. It was beautiful, fairly warm weather for the day, which I was thankful for. You never know what May 4th will be like in our area! I have pictures to share, of course, but I don't have my camera with me, so that will have to be my next post.......

Thursday, May 01, 2008

National/Global Day of Prayer

Were you all aware that today is the National Day of Prayer? I completely missed it last year! However, thanks to our church handing out info on Sunday, I was more prepared this year :) I encourage you to check out this page for more info. Then, on May 11th, many will be participating in the global day of prayer. Check out this page for more info on that. You can use it as a great opportunity to pray with your kids. Cosette and Eli and I talked about it this morning. I'm not sure how much Cosette grasped, but at least she's aware of the idea now, and we had a special time of prayer together. So take advantage of the webpages and find out more about how you can be involved!


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