Thursday, March 27, 2008

10 things I've been enjoying lately

I love.....

1. Fixing breakfast the night before and smelling it baking in the kitchen.

2. Having my windows open on a warmer 'spring' day

3. Being able to sit down for more than five minutes and make progress on a good book.

4. Decaf coffee with amaretto flavored creamer

5. Feeling my baby move

6. Realizing how long a package of pull-ups is now lasting for Eli

7. Taking advantage of the fact that Cosette now loves to comb mommy's hair!

8. Finding maternity shirts for five bucks at WalMart (Thanks Kristin!)

9. Getting closets cleaned out and preparations for a new baby

10. Snuggling up next to my sleeping husband, which I'm going to go do right now....Goodnight!

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