Sunday, December 30, 2007

The wedding

I have not posted in a while because we have been too busy enjoying Christmas :) That, and Joel's brother got married yesterday! We were out of town for the rehearsal and wedding, since Joel was a groomsmen and Cosette was a flower girl. Cosette was thrilled to be a flowergirl--especially since it was also her birthday! Yep, she turned the big 3 yesterday, and I think she pretty much thought the whole wedding proceedings were in honor of her ;) I have a few pictures from the special day. Unfortunately, I couldn't get my camera to cooperate, so they turned out a little dark. (That, and I was trying to snap them really quickly without getting on the photographers nerves :) But I think you'll still enjoy them.

The two flower girls--Cosette and her cousin
with their uncle, before the wedding

The happy couple after the wedding. I love the

funny face Joel's brother is making.

At one point during the day, Cosette told the bride with great enthusiasm: "You are soooo beautiful!!" Our whole family is thrilled to welcome a new member, and Cosette absolutely adores her new aunt :) My kids also enjoyed the fun of staying in a motel the night of the rehearsal. They thought it was a great novelty to watch cartoons on the tv, since we don't have television stations at home. When I told Cosette that she needed to get a bath, she looked in surprise at the tub in the motel bathroom and said: "In that tub???" Another funny thing that happened was around 5:30 a.m. I woke up when Eli started coughing (he's not been feeling well), and realized that it was really hot in the room. I went over to check the thermostat, which was above Cosette's bed, and realized in surprise that it was set to 88 degrees! The only thing we can figure is that Eli was playing with it without us knowing. So, there we were, a cold winters morning outside, and we had the air conditioning on full blast :)

So, here we are home again, recovering from a busy, but absolutely fun last week or so. (And Eli is feeling much better as well) I think Cosette and Daddy are going to take a date to McDonald's tomorrow in honor of her birthday :)

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

From our family....

Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Thoughts on Christmas

  • I am so proud of my little gang. During the whole Advent Season, Joel and I have been working with Cosette and Eli to memorize Luke 2:8-14. Tonight being the last night of Advent, we started at the beginning of the passage, and the kids had it all memorized! Well, Cosette had all the words memorized, and Eli had all the motions memorized. He's too little to say all the words, but he knows for sure what sign-language type hand motions are coming up next in the verse. It's so cute to see him putting his hand up like a visor on his head for "keeping watch over their flocks by night" Anyway, I felt like it was a great achievement for my little troop. Cosette has memorized single verses before, but never an entire passage like that-----can you feel my face beaming?? :) It was a very, very encouraging way to end our Advent Season.

  • I had a splitting head-ache tonight that would not go away, even with the liquid Tylenol :) Joel sent me to soak in a tub of hot water while he emptied the dish-washer, filled it up again, and washed the remaining dishes in the sink. And then he put them all away! I was over-whelmed with love for this man :) I have no clue how I was fortunate enough to end up married to him, but he is my greatest Christmas gift this year as always. (Well, aside from Jesus, but that's a given, right?)

  • On the yummy side of Christmas, I am attempting a Bavarian Mixed Berry Chocolate cake for Christmas dessert. If it turns out well, I'll share the recipe with you all :)

  • Okay, now I'm going to let my slightly greedy/wishful side shine through for just a minute. It's kind of early for me to be thinking about this, but I'm almost done my first trimester, and......well, I couldn't help myself, I set up a wish list at babiesrus. Yes, this is baby number three, and I already have all the essential baby items---crib, stroller, clothes, blankets, spit rags, car seat, etc. But, there are a few things that my slightly wishful side would love to have for this next baby. So.........all you grandparents, great-grandparents, aunts, uncles, brothers and sisters out there who will be feeling an un-controllable urge to buy something new for my precious baby ;) check out my wish list. This is how you find it. Click this link. This should take you directly to my wish list, but if it doesn't, you may be asked to type in my password on the left hand side of the page, which is babycurtis. This way, you don't have to ask me what I need for the baby...... :) Okay, when Joel reads this he's going to flip, but I think he'll still love me.....

  • I'll leave you with the kids favorite verses from our Advent readings. Ponder them this Christmas Eve, and think about how great our God is.

"And this will be a sign to you. You will find the baby wrapped in swaddling cloths, and lying in a manger. And suddenly, there was with the angel a whole multitude of the heavenly host, praising God and saying "Glory to God in the highest, and on earth, peace, goodwill toward men"

Luke 2:12-13

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Merry Christmas

These are the chocolate peanutbutter balls we made this morning. Cosette helped me to roll them in the chocolate. I was really amazed at her abilities! She did a good job of rolling them evenly, letting the chocolate drip, and keeping them smooth. Even so, as you can see, some of them turned out, um, not so perfect, or shall we say, 'unique'. But that's what I love about them! They don't say "Highly experienced cook lives here", they say "Loving family lives here" :) Besides, they'll still tase just as good :)

Anyway, the work of making them was worth it to see this

happy face looking at me afterwards......

The face of a satisfied cook :)

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Who wants fish? (Not me!)

I am sitting here, listening to my husband running on the treadmill behind me. I don't know whether to feel proud of him or ashamed of myself :/ I have not been on that treadmill since....well, a while. Seems like just when I get a day when I'm feeling great, lots of energy, and I think 'Oh yeah, I think I'll do some walking on the treadmill tomorrow" (because walking is all I can do now that I'm pregnant), well, the next day I'm back to feeling 'blah' again. This pregnancy has been worse so far than either of my other two, probably mostly because I now have two other children to constantly keep me busy and on my toes. No time for exactly spending the whole afternoon sitting on the couch reading a book, like I did when I was pregnant with Cosette :) :) I also wish I had some cute, adorable kid-photos to share with you tonight, but I don't have that either. Why? Because it never even crossed my mind to take the camera off the shelf today. Oh well. Maybe I'll share with you the things I did get accomplished today(mostly to make myself feel better :)

  • My niece spent the day here today, playing with my kids. She was a little angel, I barely knew she was here. The kids, Cosette especially, loved having her here. Having three of them sitting around the table at once made me realize that yes, I think I will be able to do this in seven months.....

  • I folded a load of laundry. It's not put away yet, but hey, I'm getting there....

  • I gave two piano lessons.

  • I put fish in my fridge to thaw for dinner.

  • 4:30 rolled around, and this mama was hungry for anything but fish! So, I scrapped the fish idea and used the money I'd made on piano lessons today to take my family out for dinner instead :)

And so you see, my days are often filled up with---nothing much, but that's okay. I just look down at my ever-expanding stomach and realize that I'm working on more important things ;)

Sunday, December 16, 2007

The storm

"Mommy, I don't like the wind!"

"It's alright, sweetie. It's just that there is alot of snow outside, and it's very windy. The wind is whipping through the trees, beating against the house, and shaking your bed-room windows. That's what's making so much noise. But it's alright, Mommy and Daddy are right in the next room. Try to ignore it and go to sleep."

But just as I spoke these words of confidence, that old wind whipped fiercer than I've heard in a long time, shaking Cosette's bedroom window, and frightening even this 'brave' mommy.

And as I looked at my little girl, eyes as big as saucers, I realized there was no was she was going to fall asleep now. I sighed, as I racked my 'mom brain' for what to do now. I need a manual---"What to do when____happens to your child (fill in the blank). In this case, it was extremely noisy wind, and I didn't know what to do.

I couldn't make her lay back down and go to sleep. She was petrified, and justly so. I was even a little scared of the noisy wind! I could let her come to bed with us, but it was still early, we were watching a movie, and she'd never fall asleep. She'd be miserable and cranky all day tomorrow.

I tried to think what my mom would have done for me in such a situation.

Cosette, stay here, Mommy will be right back. I went to the kitchen and got the CD player. I took it to Cosette's room and plugged it in.

"What are you doing?" she asked suspiciously.

Well, I'm going to play some quiet music for you. These are songs about Jesus.

As I started the music, she immediately relaxed. "Maybe Jesus will come now and keep me safe."

I assured her that Jesus was already here, watching over her and keeping her safe. Her little body relaxed some more, and she put her head on her pillow. I prayed for her, that Jesus would help her not to be frightened, and to sleep well. Her little thumb went to her mouth, and she started to slowly blink her eyes. She was sound asleep when I checked on her a little while later, music still playing.

What a beautiful example of the faith of the child! Nothing I had tried before to calm her down had worked. No hugs or kisses, no re-assurances that Mommy and Daddy were close by, no back rubs, nothing. It took the faith on her part that Jesus was here for her to peacefully fall asleep.

I pray for the same beautiful faith in my own life....

Beep, beep, beep, beep.......

......Joel was trying to take a nap today after a very hectic Sunday morning. His wife? Well, I was sound asleep and impossible to disturb. However, the more Joel tried to sleep, the more he was disturbed by this persistant 'beeping' sound. He finally decided to get up and find it. He searched everywhere. Was it coming from the microwave? The clock? His cell phone? The fridge? The Carbon Monixide detector? No, no, no, no, and no. Suddenly he stopped. It sounded like it was coming from the trash can! "No, it can't be", he thought. But, determined to find it, he pulled the trash bag out of the trash can. The beeping sound got much louder. After very carefully picking through our trash, he found the culprit. We just put a new smoke detector up on Friday, and when Joel had thrown out the old one, he had neglected to take out the batteries. And now it was seriously complaining. So, what did he do? He took that trash bag out to our back porch and shut the door. "There, finally, peace!" he thought. But all I could imagine was our neighbors going "Honey, I think I'm going crazy! Where is that beeping sound coming from?" :)

Thursday, December 13, 2007


It's been four years, Love
Four long years, and yet so very short.
The time seems to have flown,
And yet I see how far we've come,
How much our family has grown.

When I think of myself before we were married,
It seems like a different 'me'
I can't imagine myself now without you.
I wonder, "Where would I be?"

You are my joy, my hope, and my love,
You inspire me every day.
I love looking into Eli's eyes,
and seeing your eyes look back at me.

I love all of Cosette's little quirks,
Her funny sayings and gestures
The way she expresses herself is just like you,
And I'm proud to know she's our daughter.

This little one inside of me,
amazes me every day.
I'm over-whelmed with joy and pride,
To be carrying another one of yours.

And so you see, Joel, the past four years,
have been the best of my life.
You have fulfilled my every dream,
And I'm proud to be your wife.
Happy Anniversary, Love!!

(And, as a side note, from my last post, you are probably all wondering now if that snow-storm ever came for our wedding. Yes and no. No, in that every one was able to get to the wedding, it went smoothly, and we got through 3/4 of the reception before someone said "Oh look, it's snowing!" And that was it. In our county, you don't fool around with snow flurries. We finished the reception rather quickly, took pictures, and by the time we were done with that, most of the rest of our guests had left. A few kind family members stayed to help my mom wash the 200 + real plates she had so kindly insisted on renting for the dinner :) The roads were still decent when Joel and I left that night, and when we looked out our window at the hotel the next morning, it was a winter wonderland. We were literally 'snowed in' for the first few days of our honeymoon. *Bummer* :) But, I have always been grateful that the snow held off as long as it did, and I was able to have my wedding :)

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Getting Ready...

Four years ago today, I was getting pretty excited. 'Tomorrow' was the day.

The dress was made and waiting in my closet.

I had finally found a pair of shoes that would work.

We spent all day at the church, decorating and getting details together.

Joel's good friend was coming in to video-tape everything.

I had a special dress picked out for the rehearsal.

We had made lists of all the pictures we needed taken.

My good friend was driving in to be my pianist.

All of the programs were copied and waiting in a basket.

The flower lady with the New York accent(or was it a Boston accent?) had assured me:
"Don't warry 'bout the flaw's, we'll get 'em there on time!"

Our new house was cleaned, painted, and ready for us to move in after we got back.

Joel had scrubbed his car inside and out, ready for his new bride to ride in.

My soon to be mother-in-law made a delicious rehearsal dinner.

We got through the rehearsal without any major problems, and Joel and I sat talking in my parent's living room until midnight, when they finally kicked him out, because it was 'bad luck for the groom to see the bride on her wedding day' :)

Now, everything would be perfect if only we could avoid a snow-storm for one more day......

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Growing up

Cosette got a new bed this weekend from her great-grandparents, my grandparents. It was her Christmas present from them. It's a really nice bed, and Cosette loves it. It is her first official 'big-girl' bed-- a twin size. So, that means that Eli moved into Cosette's old toddler bed. *sniff, sniff* Both of my babies are in big beds now. But, they're both loving it, and this will be night number two for them. As you can see, things have been going peacfully so far.....

Now, what are we going to do with that crib? ;)

Thursday, December 06, 2007


I am sitting here at the computer, wrapped up in my favorite thick blanket, eating raisin cinnamon toast and drinking a glass of milk.

My family is all sleeping. Joel's work laundry is rattling peacefully in the dryer.

Life is good.

At least, that's what I'm thinking right now, when things are finally quiet and still around here.

But this afternoon......

There was just enough snow on the road to make it unwise for me to cart out two toddlers. We were stuck at home. For the third day in a row. Sound familiar?

Throughout the day, there were times when I felt like I just didn't have the energy to finish this day. Like when Eli dumped his vegetables over the back of the chair onto the floor. Or when Cosette came to me sounding gloomy and saying "Mommy, I want to do 'sumpin! What can we do?" Or when I opened the fridge and realized that the fresh veggies I had bought for this meal tonight were not in my fridge. They were...somewhere.....probably still sitting on the check out counter at the grocery store.

But, God gives more grace when it is needed.

Just when you think you can't go anymore, He gives you an unexpected surprise. Like at 12:00 when there was a knock at the door. My sister, showing up for a quick surprise visit. She stayed long enough to eat lunch with us, about 45 minutes, and it seriously was a welcome distraction in our day.

Or this morning, when I was sitting gloomily on the couch, watching Joel drive down the road, knowing it would be a good 10 hours before he got home. A little voice said "What's the matter, Mommy, do you miss Daddy? Don't worry, me and Eli are here. We will keep you company. You won't get bored with us here!"

Or when Eli came running over to me, made me bend down, and kissed 'the baby.'

Or when Cosette announced tonight all by herself that she was going to ''pick up the books for Mommy so she won't have to do it in the morning."

Or the other night when my husband brought me a surprise in his jacket pocket--an entire Hershey's chocolate bar, just for me :)

So you see, God feels my frustration when I'm sweeping up the kitchen floor for the 5th time that day. And He says....

"Just wait, child, there's a surprise on the way......"

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Eli has always liked music. He loves to dance, clap his hands, and 'sing'. But, the difficulty for him is, that he only knows a handful of words. So his 'songs' often sound something like this:

"Mommy, mommy, my mommy, mommy, my mommy", etc, etc.

Well, tonight before bed, he was standing there, looking incredibly precious in his little truck pajamas, and he started to sing a song about Daddy. You have to imagine him rocking back and forth on his feet, his mouth in the most serious 'singing position', and he starts to sing this song. He has the sweetest little voice, too. All of the sudden, I said "Joel, is he saying what I think he's saying?" Joel busted out laughing and nodded his head. This is how Eli's song went tonight:

"Daddy, Daddy, Holy Daddy, Holy, Holy Daddy!", etc, etc.

We couldn't stop laughing! He was singing it so seriously, too! Apparently, he pays more attention in church then we realized, we just have to get his theology straightened out a little bit :)

Sunday, December 02, 2007

A bunch of writing about....nothing really important :)

Sunday Evening Thoughts

  • It is finally cold outside. Rain, possibly snow tonight and tomorrow. And Tuesday. Finally--it's actually beginning to feel a little bit like Christmas

  • I sent my hearing aid away two weeks ago to have repairs done on it. TWO WEEKS!!! Aaggghh!!! Where is it? I've been hearing 'lop-sided' for two whole weeks! "Speak in my left ear, please, my right one can't hear you" I feel like I'm 82! If it doesn't come soon, I think I'm going to have to buy a big mega-phone or something, like in all the old TV shows where someone was hard- of -hearing. I even had to play the keyboard in church this morning without it. I was thinking, "Gee, I hope Joel would think to signal me or something if I'm playing in the wrong key, because with the band standing right behind me , I could barely hear myself playing! The funny thing is, that most people are surprised when they find out I wear hearing aids. "I had no idea!", they say. Well, you will certainly have an 'idea' now, when you stand across the room from me, yell my name, and get no reaction whatsoever from me. *sigh* How frustrating! It'll be a happy day when that thing shows up in the mail....

  • Does anybody have any cures for pregnancy cravings? (Besides actually having the baby or not being pregnant in the first place?) All I have to do is think of a certain food by accident---and BAM, I have to have it! Joel and I had to take a date the other night just so I could eat at my favorite Mexican restaurant. I am now craving this really good pudding cake that his mom makes. Fortunately, I have the ingredients on my pantry shelf, but I'm making myself wait until dinner tomorrow night to bake it..... I've got to start thinking of healthy stuff, like apples and whole wheat bread!

  • Cosette's vocabulary is really amazing us lately. She told Joel on the phone the other day that she wanted his 'opinion' about something. And she said the other morning that she was so hungry she was 'miserable'

    • The other morning, Cosette asked me to read a book to her, and I said "After I'm done eating my bagel". She put her hands on her hips and said "Mommy, you already had a bagel this morning!" Gulp! She wasn't lying, either.

    • I wrapped up a bunch of Christmas library books in wrapping paper and the kids have been opening one a night to read for Advent. After the holidays, we'll take them back to the library. Tonight, Joel mentioned that he was 'proud of me' for thinking to do that. Funny thing was, I got this nice, warm feeling inside when he said that. It was nice to know that he appreciated something I had done. What is it that makes us seek our spouse's approval more than anyone elses? I guess that's the way it's supposed to be.....

    • Does anyone out there have any good recipes for fish? I've been trying to incorporate more of it into our diet, but we're getting tired of my two of three 'fish' recipes. Anything that your family paticularly likes?

    • And on a funny note to end this nonsense post, Cosette told Joel the other night to pray for her friend from church, because she had the 'picken-fox'.


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