Tuesday, September 04, 2007

It was a verrry long day. I know, I know, you're thinking, "What could be so long about a day for a stay at home mom?" Well, here's a sample of my day---

I fixed my husband a lunch, saw him off to work, got two little kids fed, dressed, teeth brushed, diaper changed, pull-ups off and big-girl panties on (for Cosette, that is), had my devotions, took a shower, emptied my dish-washer, started a load of laundry, mediated an argument, explained to Cosette why she couldn't have any candy, started plans for dinner, and was headed out the door to take them for a walk when I realized--"It's only 9:20 a.m.!" It's going to be a verrrry long day!

Fortunately, though, I had two Reeses peanut butter cups sitting on my counter :)

Oh, and I also have an incredible husband :) (Okay, so maybe he's even a little more important than the Reese's cups :)

Poor guy. By the time he got home this evening, he had a nice sun-burn and a bee-sting on his finger. And I was one tired mommy. Wow, we made quite a pair!

But, we got our kids in bed, and everybody was actually pretty cheerful :)
I told Joel:

"I think behind most successful moms must be a dad who takes over in the evenings!"

And he said:

"Behind most tired moms is an equally tired dad"

So, we were tired together. But that's the key word. We were together with our family, even if we were tired and worn out. So now, these two tired people are going to watch a funny video together and count their many blessings:)

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freddie said...

such a nice blog, which is family and days... you have!!! but most of all, something I really long for and something I have so rarely as you can't find them in Italy, I mean the Reeses peanut butter cups... I simply love them. I once tried to have some peanut butter here in the monastery, you just should have seen the faces of the old monks... oh man, I did enjoy their expression almost like the peanut butter itself...
Ciao from a Rome without Reeses peanut butter cups... :-(


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