Thursday, September 27, 2007

Ten ways to tell that your little girl is no longer a baby

1.) She comes to you and says "Look mommy, there's a spider in the corner. Don't worry, I'll get it for you!"

2.) She starts to speak with fond remembrances of 'when she was a little girl'

3.) Whenever you put certain veggies on her plate, she now must state "I don't like these!"

4.) She has taken to calling all of her friends and cousins 'Honey'

5.) She prefers chocolate milk over white milk.

6.) She no longer cries when she's sleepy--she whines

7.) She can count all the way to ten, and then one day surprises you and makes it to fifteen

8.) She uses 'big' words, such as 'occasionally'

9.) She insists on washing her own hair in the bath tub, even though she never gets all of the soap out...

10.) And finally, you begin to look at her baby pictures and think "Where did the time go?"

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The case of the rejected apple sauce, or, a Love Affair with Cool Whip

Me and swallowing pills just does not work. This is no new news for most of you. I get that nasty little thing in my mouth and I either 1.) am unsuccesful at swallowing it, and it gets stuck to the roof of my mouth 2.) I swallow it down the wrong hole, and end up practically choking to death. 3.) If I do, somehow, manage to get it down the correct hole, it gets stuck half-way down my throat and I walk around for an hour with a wedge behind my tonsils, or 4.) I chicken out and never even try.

So, you can see how this might present a problem. Oh, not with common cold and pain medicine---I've just resigned myself to taking the largest dosage on the children's liquid bottle. I joke to Joel that this will always be incentive to me not to gain weight---if I gain any, I will have to stop taking the children's medicine!

But, what to do about daily vitamins? They certainly don't come in children's liquid versions. My wonderful mother bought me a pill crusher a few years ago. It's great! You take that nasty little pill/vitamin, and crush it all to smitherines. But then you have to figure out what to eat it with. I've tried apple-sauce. Blah! Pudding--too thick. The worst yet---a nurse once tried to give me a crushed up pain killer in an entire spoonful of grape jelly. Uggghhh!!! I thought I would...never mind.

But, the other day, I hit upon a marvelous solution!! (Sometimes my brain actually does work properly for me :) I took that little crushed up multi-vitamin and put it in a spoonful of whipped cream!! Brilliant!!!!!!!

The whipped cream just kind of dissolves, and you barely have to swallow at all. In fact, you can't even taste the vitamin.
It's so brilliant, it's like eating dessert, but you're actually taking a vitamin.
Why didn't I think of this years ago?
However, I'm wondering if all the sweet stuff in the whipped cream cancels out the vitamin....Oh well :)

So, if there happens to be any other people out there who hate swallowing pills, buy a tub of Cool Whip and chow down!

Friday, September 21, 2007

My little singing machine

This cracks me up every time I watch it! It's Cosette 'singing' Train up a Child.

You might have to turn off the music in my side-bar to listen to it.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

It was an amusing day for me. Some of the things that happened just really made me want to laugh. For instance...

When I went grocery shopping today,I had Cosette and Eli sitting in the little car thing attached to the front of the grocery cart. About half way through, I could sense they were getting tired, and so I stopped in front of the dairy section to give them a snack. An older gentlemen stocking the shelves said to me : " Are you re-fueling your car or something?"
I had a new piano student coming this afternoon at 5:00. My kids were sleeping, so I was sitting on the couch waiting on her to come. I waited and waited, and finally, several minutes late, I heard a car pull in, and her mom came walking up my side-walk, looking confused. "I'm looking for Jaime Curtis", she said. I assured her that she had come to the right house. "Oh", she said, looking at the numbers on my house. "When I talked to you on the phone, you gave me a different house number" She then repeated the number I had given her, which I quickly recognized to be my parents address. Oooppps! You'd think that after being married for almost four years that I'd remember my own address!
Cosette is getting to be so 'grown-up' Some of her conversations just crack us up! Tonight, I was fixing coffee when I heard her walk down the hall. She wasn't supposed to be out of bed, but it looked as though something was sincerely bothering her. "What's up?" I asked her. "Well mommy, I was 'sinkin, if you don't have any plans for tomorrow, like, if we don't have to go grocery shoppin', maybe we could visit somebody's house or sumpin, like, maybe Grandma's house!" And to think that it was only last spring that her vocabulary was like, a dozen words!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I'm still here!

Yes, I know, it's been a while since I've updated here. But life has been busy! At least, busier than what is normal for our family. But, it's been a wonderful kind of busy.

Joel's cousin was married this past weekend, and Joel and I found that to be a great excuse to get away for a night. My parents watched the kids, and since the wedding was a few hours away, we rented a hotel room and made a mini week-end of it. The wedding was beautiful, and it was great to have some time alone with my husband. We actually had a three hour car drive where we both got to complete every single sentence we started! It was great. We were only gone about 24 hours, but the break was very refreshing!

Then, my sister-in-law (Joel's sister) had her baby boy yesterday! She was gracious enough to allow me to be there for the birth, which was a new and exciting experience for me! I've had two babies, but never actually got to witness a baby being born before. It's just one of those things that makes you go 'Wow! God is good!' Her baby boy is beautiful, and we're so glad to have him here. So, anyway, I was at their house for a large part of the past two days.

Also this week, my fall piano lessons started. So, I've got students coming to the house in the afternoons now for lessons, and it's a challenge to work out lessons and my kids nap times. But most of the time it all works out!

So, our life has been busy, but we're enjoying every minute of it and thanking God for all of His blessings! I'm going to attend to my family and dinner now :)

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Eli's first real hair-cut

This was his hair before---in much need of being cut!

Trying to sit still

Me trying not to cry as I cut off his baby curls

As you can see, he didn't exactly enjoy the whole procedure.

The finished product--nice and neat!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The many smells of....a household with children.

We have noticed, living in a house-hold with two children, that there can be many different and unusual smells that linger in the air. Some of them are pleasant and refreshing, others are...nasty.

Take, for instance, my favorite smell....dinner cooking on the stove. Or cookies baking in the oven. Or fresh bread sitting on the counter. Being a family that eats at home the majority of the time, there is always some concoction being mixed up.

Or, consider my husband's least favorite smell. Dirty diapers in the trash can. Men seem to have a nose for this. I think it is because us moms are at home with it all day, and tend to start to ignore it. But Joel can walk in the front door from work, and instantly note if the house smells like Eli's dirty diapers.

One of my favorite smells is the smell of clean babies running around before bedtime. I love to give my kids a bath, get them all dry, and them sprinkle baby powder all over them. Then, make sure you give them a giant hug, because there's nothing in the world that smells nicer or more soothing than a clean baby.

I also enjoy the smell of candles on my table. Yes mom, don't worry, they are only on my table, and nowhere close to any fabric, curtains, or otherwise flammable material :) Candles are more of a fall/winter thing, though, so I'm looking forward to those seasons arrivals.

Today, we had an unusual smell in our house. One I had never smelled before! You see, Cosette had picked me a bunch of wild-flowers while we were on a walk the other day. They were sitting in a vase in some water on my table. Well, Eli, little mischievous guy that he is, managed to knock the vase over this morning and spill the water out all over the place. Oh my goodness!! I have never smelled anything that bad! It smelled like wet dog, only ten times worse. It smelled like something had died in my kitchen, and I'm not exaggerating. I have no idea why the water in the vase smelled like that---bacteria in it or something? Whatever the case, it was nasty! I scrubbed the floor and carpet hard, twice, with really smelly cleaner, but the smell is still there!

So, anybody have any ideas for making my house smell a little nicer? Maybe I'll give my kids a bath and sprinkle some baby powder....maybe I'll bake some bread.....or maybe we'll just leave for a while and hope it smells better when we return :)

Monday, September 10, 2007

There's something wrong with this picture

***Please also read edited section at bottom of post

Tonight, Cosette was up out of bed for the second time. While trying to get her back in bed, she got upset about something and screamed. Very loudly. It was a loud, "I'm really mad" kind of scream.

Well, we don't allow that kind of thing in our house, so the issue had to be dealt with.

When all was said and done, I put Cosette on my lap and explained to her how sad I was that she had screamed at mommy. I told her that she needed to tell mommy she was sorry for screaming.

She put on what I believe to have been a genuinely sad face, wrapped her arms around my neck, and said:

"I forgive you, Mommy!"

***Edit---This is an edited section I felt I needed to add on to this post. After re-reading it, I realized I wasn't as clear as I should have been. The issue was not that Cosette was 'forgiving' me for punishing her, because she wasn't. She was actually just getting her words mixed up. What she meant to say was, 'I'm sorry, Mommy', but being only two, she still gets confused sometimes, and so it came out as 'I forgive you, Mommy', which struck me funny at the time. I was not meaning to sound over-bearing or controlling in this post, I was simply meaning to share a funny thing that Cosette had said :)

Sunday, September 09, 2007

I hear my closet calling my name......

I am not a procrastinator by nature. In fact, I'm kind of a "let's get everything done right now" kind of person. In college, I was considered some-what of a geek because I'd always do assignments waaaaay before they were due! Why not? Then I didn't have to cram the night before the big test, right? Anyway, since having two kids I've learned that some things just can't get done as quickly as I'd like them to. For instance:

  • I've been meaning to make this DVD for my sister for a month and a half now. I'm the only person who has her SKG conference on tape, and can I remember to get it onto DVD for her? NOOO!!! (So take heart, sis, I haven't completely forgotten!)

  • My closet is an absolute wreck! I've been meaning to clean it out all summer, but it never happened. At this point, I think I'll just wait and clean out all of my summer clothes soon and put my fall clothes in nice and neat.

  • My freezer also needs some help. I always clean out my fridge before going to the grocery store, but for some reason, the freezer often slips my mind. Honest. I'm not lying. So, my poor husband opened the freezer door the other day and an ice tray tried to decapitate him. Fortunately, he was quicker than the ice-tray, but I think maybe I should clean that freezer out now...

  • Printing my pictures. My (gulp) hundreds of pictures. I have a bad habit of putting them on the computer, and forgetting to print them! We are currently working on sorting through them, deleting the ones we don't want, and getting them sent to WalMart to have printed. This could take a looooong time! I'll be ninety-two and finally getting these pictures back. "Oh look, Joel, here's you and I when we still had teeth!"

But, I can't be completely negative. I have managed to get a few things crossed off my 'list' recently.

Like taking all of my plastic grocery bags to the recycling center. Those of you who saw my milk jug post-----this was ten times worse! I couldn't even see out my passenger side window in the car because of all the bags stacked there! I decided to be smart, though, and have bought myself a dozen re-usable cloth grocery bags. I did have to pat myself on the back for that idea ;)

Or, let's see.....okay, so maybe that's the only major thing I've accomplished lately, but that means maybe this week I can get started on that DVD for my sister before she disowns me. Or cleaning out that freezer before my husband has a major accident.

I guess I've just learned to figure that by the end of the day, if I've loved my husband and children, brought them up in the way of the Lord(my children, that is), and provided a nurturing, loving, safe environment for my family(minus the falling ice trays), then I have accomplished all that I am called to do, and the rest of the things will get done in their own good time. (At least, that's what I keep telling myself. But it's hard to sleep when that messy closet is calling your name...Jaime! Jaime!)

Friday, September 07, 2007


How does one keep a 16 month old curious, fearless boy, out of trouble? And safe, more importantly?

I turned my back for two seconds today, and when I turned around, there was Eli, sitting on the top of the changing table, legs stretched out, grinning from ear to ear. He had climbed up there by himself!

Or how about this morning, when I caught him with one leg on the couch arm, one leg dangling in mid-air, and his hands despertly gripping the window-sill so as not to fall.

Or later this afternoon, when he literally started to climb my kitchen cupboards! He grasped the handle of the drawer with his fingers, and then proceeded to take his sticky little feet and climb right up the side of it!

But that's not the last of it. I've always assumed that when I put him in his crib for a nap, I can finally breath a sigh of relief and assume that he's safe for a little while. Not so anymore! I caught him crawling up the outside of his crib this morning! He didn't make it the whole way, but I bet he would have if I hadn't stopped him.

Now by this point, you all are probably assuming that I'm some kind of neglectful mother or something! Not so. We have a small house, and the kids are always playing right around where I am. So how does Eli manage to get into all these predicaments? I have NO idea!

So, what's a mama to do? My mom thinks we need to build on an addition to our house--a big, rubber, completely padded room to keep Eli in.

Okay, okay, so that's not really an option ;)

Joel's mom had four boys, all two years apart, and my grandmother had four boys as well. They both still seem sane and in their right minds. How did you guys do it??

I'll just have to try to keep a good eye on Eli, and pray that Jesus will keep him safe the rest of the time!!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Taking time to have fun

I had been telling myself for a while that I should take the kids on a picnic lunch sometime before the summer was over. So, I finally got around to doing that today. The kids loved it! Sometimes it's nice to stop 'trying to get stuff done' and just have fun with my kids! Here are some pictures from our day.

Cosette looking down into the water

Our picnic lunch. (Yes, that's a Burger King bag
you see! I was a 'bad' mommy and didn't pack
a nice nutritious lunch. But oh well. Everybody
needs a cheeseburger now and then :)

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

It was a verrry long day. I know, I know, you're thinking, "What could be so long about a day for a stay at home mom?" Well, here's a sample of my day---

I fixed my husband a lunch, saw him off to work, got two little kids fed, dressed, teeth brushed, diaper changed, pull-ups off and big-girl panties on (for Cosette, that is), had my devotions, took a shower, emptied my dish-washer, started a load of laundry, mediated an argument, explained to Cosette why she couldn't have any candy, started plans for dinner, and was headed out the door to take them for a walk when I realized--"It's only 9:20 a.m.!" It's going to be a verrrry long day!

Fortunately, though, I had two Reeses peanut butter cups sitting on my counter :)

Oh, and I also have an incredible husband :) (Okay, so maybe he's even a little more important than the Reese's cups :)

Poor guy. By the time he got home this evening, he had a nice sun-burn and a bee-sting on his finger. And I was one tired mommy. Wow, we made quite a pair!

But, we got our kids in bed, and everybody was actually pretty cheerful :)
I told Joel:

"I think behind most successful moms must be a dad who takes over in the evenings!"

And he said:

"Behind most tired moms is an equally tired dad"

So, we were tired together. But that's the key word. We were together with our family, even if we were tired and worn out. So now, these two tired people are going to watch a funny video together and count their many blessings:)

Monday, September 03, 2007

A very 'innocent evil'

That's what my husband calls my daughter's new bad habit. No, it is more than a bad habit. It she were ten years old, I'd call it a sin. But since she's only two, I'll give her some grace and say that it is a very naughty thing that she needs to learn not to do! Joel says he thinks all kids do this at one time or another. But I had never heard of it, so the first time Cosette did it, I didn't know whether to laugh, cry, scold, or stare in amazement.

Here's how it happened the first time:

The kids and I were eating lunch at the table. Cosette had asked to eat lunch on a 'big-girl' chair, meaning one without her booster. I had agreed, on the condition that she remain seated and not get up. Well, all was going good, until about half-way through lunch. Suddenly, Cosette announced "Mommy, don't look at me!" I tried hard not to laugh, and said "What did you say?" So she repeated it. Wondering what was up, I agreed, and turned my head so I was looking in the opposite direction.

Three seconds later, I turned around, and there went Cosette, crawling across the kitchen table on her hands and knees! The exact thing I had asked her not to do.

She was smart enough to know she'd be in trouble if she did it, but innocent enough to think she could trick me by saying "Don't look at me"

It has happened several times since then as well, always with a similar situation. (Don't worry, I'm smarter than that. I knew what was coming after the first time, I just wanted to see if she'd actually try it again.)

So please, please don't tell me that two year olds 'have no sense of right and wrong', or that it's too early to be training them. My dear, sweet, 'innocent' two-year old daughter thought she had found a way to trick mommy so she could get her own way, and she tried it!

There is much evil bound up in the hearts of men, and it is our job as parents to train it right out of there with much love and patience! I believe it was Michael Pearl who once said something to the effect of this--If you think that people are 'basically good', just live around a child for a day or two, and your theory will be proven wrong!

So, folks, here's your lesson for the day: If your child ever says "Mom, don't look at me", LOOK AT THEM!!


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