Thursday, August 16, 2007

A little girls perspective

Last night, Joel and I had a date night. We went grocery shopping. Now, before you laugh, let me explain that yesterday was the grand opening for a new Martins in our area. It's great! They have an internet cafe, a huge produce section (I didn't even know there were such things as yellow baby carrots!), aisles and aisles of nothing but organic and natural food, a seafood section that's much better than the old Martins, and so on and so on. Joel and I were really looking forward to having our date night without the kids and taking our time looking around the new store and trying to locate everything! So, my mom agreed to watch the kids for us. Joel had a long day at work, and by the time we dropped the kids off at my parents, it was almost 7:00. Their bedtime was in a very short while! So, we decided that since they'd be asleep soon anyway, we'd just let them there over-night, and I would pick them up the next morning. (My parents only live like two miles from my house. What a blessing!) It was the first time Eli had spent the night there.

So, anyway, I got up this morning and ate breakfast in a very quiet house, made the bed, and took a shower. I was amazed at how quickly I got out the door after my shower without any kids!

When I got down to my parents house, my hair was still pretty wet from my shower. Cosette looked at me, confused, and said:

"Did you take a shower at the grocery store?!"

We all had to laugh! I guess in her little mind, I had been at the grocery store all night!


bluemountainmama said...

that's great, jaime! i heard about the new martin's....isn't it funny that those things are SO exciting when you live in small towns. :)

dan and i have laughed when we've found ourselves at wal-mart or the grocery store on dates....but its such a different experience without can actually browse and take everything in.

Anonymous said...

Hehe, great one :-)

I loved staying overnight at my grandparents and its a blessing to have them near and healthy enough to have your kids have that experience.

Have a blessed Sunday,

Beverly said...

What a sweet time with your hubby! I love browsing stores with mine;-)
I love hearing all the cute things that Cosette says.


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