Sunday, July 29, 2007

Three things meme

I know I just did a meme a while back, but it's almost eleven o'clock at night, I can't sleep, and I have nothing better to post about at this moment :) busybusymomma did this meme a while ago, and I thought it might make my brain work hard enough that I'll be sleepy once it's done :) So, for all of you who know everything about my kids from reading my blog, but nothing about me, read on :)

Three things that scare me
kidney stones ( I had one about a year ago!)
choking on a pill
flying in an air-plane

Three people that make me laugh
my daughter
my husband
Steve Martin in "Father of the Bride"

Three things I love
a date with my husband
going for a hair-cut
rainy days

Three things I loathe
the dentist office
mice in my house

Three things I don't understand
How my husband retains all of the information in his head
Why I'm sleepy in the afternoon but not at night
Where fruit flies come from

Three things on my desk
a roll of stamps
all the CDs with pictures of my kids on them
a calculator

Three things I'm doing right now
this post
trying to make myself sleepy
wishing I hadn't brushed my teeth so I could eat some ice-cream

Three things I want to do before I die
Get better at chess so I can beat Joel
Learn how to play the guitar
hear another concert at the Kennedy Center

Three things I do well
play the piano
memorize Scripture (I'm not trying to boast---Bible Quizzing was like my life in high-school; I had several books memorized. If they only would have let me make a career out of it... :)
cook healthy meals

Three things I do not do well
dance (when I try to dance to music in the kitchen, my kids just laugh....)
cook chicken---it always turns out dry :(

Three things I think you should listen to
The Charity Gospel family series on CD
Focus on the Family daily broadcast
Any Jars of Clay CD

Three things I think you should never listen to
That little voice in your head that says you need more ice-cream (What, you're saying you don't have one of those???!)
Country music (sorry folks, it's just not my thing--I'll take classical any day)
Anything that will damage your hearing :)

Three things I'd like to learn
how to sight-read like a former music instructor of mine
how to sing better
how to get high speed internet access to our area

Three favorite foods
Joel's moms apple pie (It's incredible, folks. I assure you that you've never had apple pie like this before!)
The chip-dipping sauce from Ruby Tuesday's
A big crunchy taco

Three shows I watched as a kid
Zoobly zoo ( I can still sing the theme song!)
Brady bunch ( I know, I'm ashamed to admit it now, but it's the truth. I remember wanting my hair to grow just as long as Jan's :)
Little house on the prairie

Three things I regret
not drinking more water to keep away that kidney stone
Umm, I can't think of anything else, so I must be living a pretty blessed life.......

And now, I'm finally feeling sleepy and you are probably bored out of your mind, so adios!


Anonymous said...

Enjoyed that - thanks :-)

Andrea said...

We have a lot in common!
Though (thankfully) I've never had a kidney stone!! (is it worse than childbirth?):)
I love Jars of clay, too.

Munchkin Land said...

What a fun peek into your life! Thanks!

Beverly said...

Feel like I know you even better now!


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