Sunday, July 01, 2007

Some pictures from our week-end

Well, we finally went ahead and did it. My little man's
first hair cut. Well, at least his bangs :) Doesn't he
look sweet?


Just a few of my favorite people in the whole

****************************************** ****************

Cosette and I went to our local Farmers Market
on Saturday in search of Blueberries. We came
back instead with three sweet little dresses
for Cosette. Only $2.00 I'm a sucker for
bargains! Here she is modeling one of them :)

****************************************** ******************

Joel and I came out to the living room this
morning before church to find that Cosette had
lined up all of her shoes by herself. Do you notice
anything interesting about the way she has them
lined up? We think she's a pretty smart little
girl :)


Anonymous said...

Hehe, if I need my daily dose of cuteness, I only have to come over to your blog - so sweet.

Yeah, the shoes look great sorted this way. Maybe she'll get an architect with that view for symmetry.


Munchkin Land said...

Toooo sweet! You have precious children, Jaime. Really, very sweet.

Devyn has the exact same pair of Butterfly sandels, she just adores them!

Beverly said...

Oh how cute :-) She is such a little dumpling! And I love the new haircut on your little man.


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