Monday, June 04, 2007

Some things I never knew until I became a Mommy....

  • One spoonful of peas looks like a whole lot more when spread across the kitchen floor
  • Be careful what you say around a two-year old---because they will repeat it!
  • Apparently, if you forget the name for watermelon, just call it a marshmallow instead!
  • Little boys really like to make tiger, car, and truck noises!
  • It is definitely not cheating once in a while to use pre-breaded/cooked chicken from the grocery store and call it homemade
  • If one gets around to dusting one's rec-room every three months or so, it's enough (although you might have to fight the spiders in the process...)
  • Library books should be chosen carefully--they will be read about two million times before being returned
  • Don't even bother trying to learn those new chords on the guitar. Maybe you'll get around to it in the next eighteen years or so...
  • It is possible to try three times to get into the shower before actually making it there..
  • Little boys don't like to hold flowers given to them by their big sisters, they like to eat them
  • Pig-tails in a two-year olds hair will probably only last about 10 minutes
  • Your one year old boy will probably like the tire swing at the park even more than his two year old sister!
  • You will spend many days of your life listening to the abc's sung over, and over, and over, and over, and over.....
  • That an occasional date night with your husband can be the salvation of your sanity
  • One must have Bible reading time in the morning before the kids wake up.....because there won't be any other time during the day!
  • That you will fall more and more in love with your husband as you see him being such a good daddy
  • Always keep liquid tylenol on hand---if the kids don't use it, one non-pill swallowing mommy might!
  • You will spend about 50% of your day searching for lost sippy cups
  • Definitely join a mom's group--there's nobody who understands your trials and joys better than another mom!
  • It will about break your heart when you realize your little guy really needs his first hair cut
  • That as much as you used to like to go places and do things all the time, home is now the very best place to be
  • That you will fall so much in love with these little people that you wonder how you ever lived without them...


Elise said...

home is now the very best place to be... yes. Amen.

This is a wonderful list - full of potential frustrations, but I can *feel* the tangible love and joy in your life!

Munchkin Land said...

Good, good list! Thank you for sharing. It's such a great reminder why we become mommies in the first place!!

Anonymous said...

Really precious - and really funny! When I am going to have kids, at least I am warned :-)


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