Wednesday, June 27, 2007

My 'Mama Heart'

There is just something that triggers inside a Mama when she hears her child cry "Mommy!"

For instance, the other night, we had laid Cosette and Eli down to bed. I heard Cosette talking and crying, so I went to see what was up. Apparently, she had gotten out of bed for the second (or was it the third?) time. She has just recently started this, and we are trying to train her to stay in bed after we tuck her in. Anyway, Joel was already in the room, talking to Cosette and dealing with the situation. But Cosette wasn't happy with Daddy's decision--that she must go back to bed and stay there.

When I walked in the room, I quickly figured out what was going on. But, Cosette turned around, looked at me with a pitiful face, tears streaming down it, raised her arms and said "MOMMY!"

EVERY bone in my body longed to bend down, pick her up, and tell her it was alright. I longed to hug her, rub her back, and lay her back in bed, covering up the blankets around her.

BUT, I knew that was absolutely the wrong thing to do. I knew it would only harm my daughter and make the situation worse. Besides that, Joel and I always try to be on the same page when training the children. So, I held myself back, gritted my teeth, put on my stern face and said "No, Cosette, Daddy is right. You must go back to bed."

All of that to say---What is it that happens when a child says "Mommy"? Just the other day, Eli looked at me and said "Mama!", and I thought that my heart would melt right there on the floor.

Is it maybe just one of those 'little pieces of heaven on earth?' Is that how God must feel when we go to Him as our loving Father? I'm not good at making everyday situations into Biblical applications, but this one just seemed to fit....


Munchkin Land said...

Beautiful correlation Jaime! I could almost hear Cosette crying for you and my whole body yearned for you to help her too. I know that feeling well; its the same feeling I get when I want to help Devyn but know that to do so would bring greater harm in the long run.

And good for you for presenting a united front with your husband to your children. They will remember that forever and take it with them into their own marriages someday.

Anonymous said...

Jaime, It will always be that way even when your child is 40. The Mommy or momma word just does something to your spirit as well as your heart. I believe our heavenly father made us that way because we have a special bond with our child especialy since we carried them for nine months. Well so do the father's but in a different way?

Helen said...

I guess it also might be the fact that a kid is really meaning that words and gestures - no being reserved or polite as grown-ups, but just spontaneous loving and longing.

I melted, when my goddaughter said, "I know that you love me" as response to a hug.

Kids can be soooo precious!

Beverly said...

Jaime -- I completely understand. Lena has just started saying "Mama," and we had an experience this week, where I had to force myself to stay in my room while she was calling "mama,mama" after I had told her she must stay in her crib for a nap. I wanted to cry because my heart just melts (just as you said) when she says my name. I like the analogy you made too. Very true.

Elise said...

Perfect analogy, Jaime! It is very *heaven on earth* to hear our name called - and pointing our children to heaven when we ignore it for their benefit.

Hugs to you!


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