Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Little watching eyes

I was sitting there reading my Bible
The clock on the dresser read 7:20
I heard the patter of little feet coming down the hall-way

A little girl with sleepy eyes looked up at me and grinned
"Mama, what'cha doing?"
She asked me through a yawn

I invited her to crawl up into bed with me
We snuggled under the covers
As I thanked God for this opportunity

I explained to my little girl
How every morning before she wakes,
Mama talks to Jesus, and reads from His Good Book

The next morning, as I sat reading,
The same scenario took place
"Mama, are you done your praying?
Do you need to read now too?"

And as I sat and prayed and read,
Cosette sat by me too
She told her dolls "Shhh, Mama's praying!"
And as I did so, she snuggled up and twirled her hair

Later on that day, after we had finished her Bible Stories,
She announced that she would do the praying
"Mama, close your eyes!"

She then proceded to bow her head
And move her lips silently
"Mama, shhh, listen, I'm talking to Jesus"
What she was saying, only He knows

And as this Mama sat,
with tears in her eyes,
I realized this little girl was very, very wise

She had observed her Mama carefully
And noted how Mama prayed
"If this is how Mama does it, then I guess I"ll give it a try"

So Mamas, watch your children
For they are watching you!
Every thing you do, they'll likely try it too

Seize every opportunity to teach them about your Jesus,
Their little hearts are open and ready,
And their souls cry ''Teach me, Teach me!"

We are their peep-hole to heaven, their guide-book on how to live
We are their very blessed Mamas,
And what an opportunity we have!

So I thank God for my precious children,
And every night as we pray,
Joel and I ask our Heavenly Father
For wisdom to share with them

Who could ask for a better job?
I've found my purpose in life
I'm shaping my children's souls,
Over, and over again!


freddie said...

I'm totally speachless and so touched to know there are people like you out there! Thanks

freddie said...
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Munchkin Land said...

Wow! So true, my friend, so true! Thank you for the gentle reminder that small eyes are watching and small ears are listening!

chuck said...

your purpose indeed!!!

Elise said...

Jaime - you made me catch my breath - this is so lovely, and so encouraging, inspiring... I'm speechless, even though you can't tell!

I'm printing it off for my bathroom mirror. Thank you friend. You are an incredible writer!

bluemountainmama said...



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