Saturday, May 19, 2007

Our Story- Pictures

Okay, so I got away from the 'Our Story' Posts for a while :( Here's the final installment :) I had to seriously dig through our photo archives to find any pictures of Joel and I----99% of our photos are the kids :/ So, anyway, enjoy these rare photos of Joel and I :) They aren't really in any chronological order, so I'll try to explain them so they make sense.

Joel and I at a friend's wedding--before kids :)

Joel at the same wedding--he's on the left

Our family beach photo from last September

Joel and I this past Christmas

Yeah, I know, this isn't anybody---it's flowers my wonderful husband brought me :)

Mommy and Eli in March

Daddy and his Kiddos--about a year ago

Right after Eli was born

About ten months ago

Still in the hospital with Elias

Our family photo the Christmas before Eli

This is really out of order! Me playing at my Senior Recital---before wedding or kids :)
Another one from Senior Recital

Beach vacation, 2005

Beach vacation, 2006--Eli was sleeping :(

Another out of order--Mama and Cosette

Right after Cosette was born.

One sleepy Mommy -this was Cosette


Anonymous said...

Soooo beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing.

Munchkin Land said...

I just loved these photos! I really enjoyed watching your family emerge through them, even though they were out of order. =) Thanks for sharing! You have a beautiful family!!

Munchkin Land said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Beverly said...

Ahhh ... I LOVE seeing pictures. Wonderful. What a sweet family!

Sharon said...

I love the pictures. Elizabeth keeps me posted and so today while she is gone to practice, lesson and teach in Morgantown, Here I Am.

God Bless


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