Thursday, May 31, 2007


"Sunny days keepin' the clouds away
I think we're coming to a clearing and a brighter day
So far away. Still I think they say
The wait will make the heart grow stronger or fonder
I can't quite remember anyway
So if you're waitin' for love
Well it's a promise I'll keep
If you don't mind believing that it changes everything
Then time will never matter"

jars of clay/who we are instead
"Sunny Days"

I popped this CD in the player today. It was one of the first CDs Joel and I bought after we were married. I remember listening to it during the day those first few weeks after our wedding. I would listen to it while cleaning, listen to it while cooking dinner for my new husband, listen to it in the car on the way to my music teaching job. So long ago, it seems. And yet, I put that CD in, and even today, it brings up those 'newly-wed' feelings. The awe of having my own home, my own husband :) Rejoicing in my new life. Even after 3 1/2 years, I still get that feeling--that sense of having everything I ever wanted. And here I was today, listening to it while the sky thundered and lightening bolted across the sky, watching as my children waited for a 'sunny day'. "Mommy, pray that it will stop raining!" Cosette begged. So we prayed. And it did. And my two beautiful children got to play in their new wading pool. We got a 'sunny day'. And I'm realizing that these are extremely 'sunny days' I am living in right now...

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I don't mean to harp on about stuff that Cosette says, but honestly, it's the high-light of every day! I wanted to record a few things that happened recently before I forget about it...

As we were taking a walk today, I noticed Cosette was dragging her feet and looking sad.

"What's up, Cosette?"
"Mommy, me no having a good day."
"Why not?''
"'Cause my daddy had to go to work. I miss my Daddy! When Daddy coming home?"

I know, you're all wiping your eyes at that one. You'll be laughing at these next two.

Cosette had just gotten out of bed because she had to use the potty. After she washed her hands, I told her to go tell Daddy good-night again, and then I would tuck her back in. She told Joel goodnight and then said:

"Mommy, you no come back with me. Only myself! Night, night, mommy! I love you!"

I watched bewildered as she marched herself down the hallway and shut her bedroom door. About five seconds later:

"AAAGGGHHH!!!! Mommmmmmyy!!!"

She came running down the hallway, and wrapped her arms around me.

"You come too, Mommy!"

I was so relieved to know that my little girl hadn't grown up that quickly!

Yesterday morning at breakfast, I came out to the table with a serious case of bed-head, having gone to bed the night before with wet hair. Cosette looked up and said

"Mommy, you look like a funny clown!"

I have a stupid question....

Okay, I have what I think is a stupid question, but I really want to know the answer, so I'll ask it anyway :)

Does anybody have any ideas for 'backing-up' a blog? (Sorry, my computer lingo is really lacking) It just occurred to me the other day that it would be a real shame if for some reason I were to lose my blog---like if blogger would suddenly crash, or, I don't know, some
other un-foreseen 'catastrophe'!

I have no idea how to 'save' my blog. Is it even 'save-able?' Has anybody else done this? Or do you all, like, already back-up your blogs all the time, and I'm just totally out of it?

Leave me some comments with your suggestions!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

So thankful...

Our family had an awesome day today. At least, I thought that it was awesome! My husband gave a wonderful message in church this morning. Now, I know I've said this before, but Joel is really a gifted speaker. And I'm not just saying that. I wish you could listen to his sermon from today---maybe sometime I'll figure out how to do a download of something like that...

Then, after church, my family came up for dinner (minus my mom, who is in Florida, and my brother, whom my mom is visiting) We made reaaaallly yummy kabobs on the grill. And the best thing is, I have more in the freezer to have later this week :)

After the kids nap, Joel and I took them for a walk. Cosette walked most of the way, and then she rode on Joel's shoulders. It was a really warm, nice day here. Cosette jibber-jabbered the entire walk. We were constantly cracking up at things she was saying, like, "These stupid flies!" (I am the guilty one for teaching her the word 'stupid :/ ) Then, we came home and played hide-and-seek in the front yard. We spent the part of the evening before the kids bedtime watching home videos of Cosette's first birthday.

I know, I know, you're thinking what sounds so special about all of that? But that's just it! There really wasn't anything overly special or exciting about it, it was just a normal Sunday for us. But, I was somewhat surprised when I realized what a wonderful time I have with my family, even when it's just a 'normal' day. It's times like these when I'm so thankful for everything (or everybody, rather), that God has given to me.

So there you have it. Our wonderful day! Not sure what the point of this post was supposed to be---just me typing out my thoughts, I guess!

Oh by the way, an ear update: I felt a whole lot better today, although I'm still having to consume the caffeine to keep myself awake. I can't tell if the medication is helping my hearing yet or not...I guess it's still a little soon for that!

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Somebody wake me up, please!

Okay, so I'm taking this medication to try to get rid of the inflammation that's causing me all of my hearing problems (presumably). This particular drug was suppose to cause increased energy, and an over-all 'good' feeling for the person taking it. Everybody I spoke to said "Watch out, you'll feel a sudden urge to lift weights and go for a jog!"

But, of course, it hasn't for me! It has done just the opposite. (Which is not unusual for me--- I often times have the opposite side effects to medications--don't ask me why!) By lunch time today, I felt tired. By 3:00, I felt pretty lousy. By 5:30, I felt like a truck had hit me, and was practically falling asleep in my dinner. Joel said if I still feel like this tomorrow, maybe I should just stay home from church---it wouldn't do to have the wife falling asleep during her husband's sermon!!

So, after I nearly fell asleep in my pizza, literally, I decided I needed to do something about all this! So I drank a big cup of strong coffee, quickly! Well, that woke me up! But now, it's kind of a strange feeling---My poor body, which I usually work so hard to fill with healthy, whole grain, natural, organic foods, is now stuffed full of steroid drugs and caffeine! How ironic! Lord, get me through the next week!!

Friday, May 25, 2007

Pray...for my poor ears!

Well, any of you who have been reading my blog for a while, or who know me personally, also know that I have poor hearing. Doctors believe it to have been something that happened before or right after birth---in other words, I've had this loss all my life. The hearing aids I have right now, however, are able to bring my hearing up to what is considered a normal range hearing, so that I hear at the same level as any other peson with decent hearing as long as I'm wearing the aids.

That is, up until two months ago. That's when Eli got an ear infection. And that's when I started to notice that, even with my hearing aids, I wasn't hearing as good as I normally do. I let it go for a while, thinking maybe my head was just stuffed up or something. Then I went to my family doctor and got an anti-biotic. No good. I was still hearing poorly.

So today, I finally broke down and went to see a nose, ear and throat specialist. He ran a bunch of tests and examined my ears. His hope right now is that I got some kind of viral infection back in March, and that it possibly left behind some inflammation in my ears. He prescribed a very strong medication for me to take for one week to see if this clears it up. I go back next Friday to have more hearing tests done and another examination to see if there is any improvement. That would be the best case scenario.

No, I take that back. Best case scenario would be that God would heal my ears, and it would be obvious that it was Him! Worst case scenario would be that I go back, there's no improvement, and I need to have more tests, and so on and so forth.

So, that is why I am asking for your prayers. I'm not even asking for complete and perfect hearing (although that would be nice), I'm simply asking that God would bring my hearing back to it's 'normal' bad state :) Would you pray with me?

Where my hearing is now is really frustrating for me. I'm constantly saying 'What?', and there are certain frequencies that I simply can not hear, such as really high-pitched sounds---my oven timer, the smoke alarm :/ and other such things. (And as you can see, this could potentially be pretty dangerous!)

So anyway, that was a long explanation, but I would really appreciate everybody's prayers! Wouldn't it be awesome to go back to the doctor next Friday and say "Thanks for your help, but God already healed me?" :)

Thursday, May 24, 2007

"Mothers are granted a single decade in which to lay a foundation of values and attitudes that will help their children cope with the future pressures and problems of adulthood."

-Dr. James Dobson

As quoted in an inspirational 'Mothers' Calendar

Monday, May 21, 2007

Here is one of what will probably be many posts of funny things that my daughter says.

We live in an area with many farms--Hence, the reason for this very loud comment from Cosette as we took a walk today and happened to pass a barn:

"Mommy, I smell sumpin ewwwyyy!!"

On a previous walk, as a neighbor strolled down her drive-way to get her mail, Cosette said (loudly, once again):

"Mommy, there's a little girl! Here comes a little girl! Hi little girl! Hi little girl!"

(I should probably note that the lady in the above paragraph was not old, but she was certainly not a 'little girl' anymore! Fortunately, she had a good sense of humor :)

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Our Story- Pictures

Okay, so I got away from the 'Our Story' Posts for a while :( Here's the final installment :) I had to seriously dig through our photo archives to find any pictures of Joel and I----99% of our photos are the kids :/ So, anyway, enjoy these rare photos of Joel and I :) They aren't really in any chronological order, so I'll try to explain them so they make sense.

Joel and I at a friend's wedding--before kids :)

Joel at the same wedding--he's on the left

Our family beach photo from last September

Joel and I this past Christmas

Yeah, I know, this isn't anybody---it's flowers my wonderful husband brought me :)

Mommy and Eli in March

Daddy and his Kiddos--about a year ago

Right after Eli was born

About ten months ago

Still in the hospital with Elias

Our family photo the Christmas before Eli

This is really out of order! Me playing at my Senior Recital---before wedding or kids :)
Another one from Senior Recital

Beach vacation, 2005

Beach vacation, 2006--Eli was sleeping :(

Another out of order--Mama and Cosette

Right after Cosette was born.

One sleepy Mommy -this was Cosette

Thursday, May 17, 2007

A friend to talk to.....

It's so nice to have a friend to talk to. Especially when that friend is with you 24/7.........

Some of you readers may remember this post, one of my earliest, in which I rejoiced at Cosette uttering a new 'big girl' word. Less than a year ago, her vocabulary was about 8 words. And up until a few weeks ago, it was about 18 words. But then, in a very short amount of time, my little girls vocabulary expanded to about........THE ENTIRE ENGLISH LANGUAGE!!

She now talks non-stop. About anything and everything! From the moment she wakes up till the moment she lays down at night, she is never quiet. She tells me about Eli, she tells me about the cars passing the house, she tells me that she's hungry, she tells me stories, (loooong stories), we have conversations the whole day through.

And it is so much fun! I now have a little friend! Yes, it was nice when she was born. It was nice when Eli was born. I had two little people living in my house, who I could spend my day loving and taking care of.

But now, NOW, one of them talks! One of them expresses her needs, ideas, and opinions, all day long. One of them can converse with her mama, be her friend, and keep her company all day long.

As my mom recently said " Well, Jaime, she'll be your buddy now for the rest of her life." What an awesome blessing!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

"Mama, me eat snack on my bed? A picnic!"

I cringed when I heard these words. Let her eat her lunch on her bed?! What a crazy idea!

You see, I am a very organized type of person. I like it when my house is clean, my mail is neatly organized, and the rest of our week is written on the calendar and planned out.

I always feed my children in their booster seats, at the table, with bibs securely fastened. They are fed plate-fuls of tasty, but very 'good for you' food.

And now, my highly creative daughter was asking to eat a snack---not lunch, mind you---but a snack, on her BED! She wanted to have a 'picnic'

"Let her have a picnic? On her bed? And it's not even 'snack-time'---It's lunchtime!" What should I do? Should I put my foot down and say no........"

I had this discussion with myself for about five whole seconds, and then promptly decided....

She may never remember all of the lunches that we've had at our kitchen table, but she will remember the time mama let her have a snack on her bed instead.....and it's not like we'll be doing this every day now.. just today for a fun change. So Jaime, let a little spontaneity and creativity into your life!

So, long story short, Cosette had her picnic on her bed today, surrounded by all of her favorite baby dolls and stuffed animals. I couldn't help snapping a picture of her happy face :)

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Joel and I are ever amazed at how quickly our kids are growing up and learning new things! This is a picture of Cosette learning to ride her bike outside in our drive-way

Up until this morning, we thought Eli would say "Grrrrrr" to any question like "What does a ___ say?" But, Joel asked him what a horse says, and he promptly made a 'click-clack' sound with his tongue. I know, I know, it's not that big a deal......but when he's your little boy, every new thing he can do seems like a major accomplishment :)

Here he is trying out the slide at the park. He mostly like climbing up it, or, er, trying to ;)

Thursday, May 10, 2007

We receive this weekly magazine. It's a Christian world-view news type of magazine. The last couple of issues have had several articles in them on the recent Partial-Birth Abortion Court ruling, and Justice Anthony Kennedy's part in it. They were such encouraging articles to read. It is a blessing to know that there are people in power in our Country who realize the value of human life and the innocent babies we have been destroying. It also had a very, very sad story on forced-abortions that just recently took place in China. If you don't already get this magazine, I encourage you to follow my link and check it out!
I was so moved after reading these articles. I was telling Joel that it seems we often take for granted what we have until we realize that not everybody has the same blessings. For instance, the ladies in this article from China who were forced to have abortions had the very lives of their babies taken away from them by blunt force. I have always taken it for granted that Joel and I can have as many children as we want, whenever we want, and nobody is going to take them from us. I was suddenly filled with incredible love for my family, my husband, and especially my little ones peacefully sleeping in their beds. Who knows, maybe I won't always have the freedoms that I now enjoy, but while I have them, I'm going to thank God and try to realize my blessings every day!
Okay, so I had some really cute outside pictures of the kids that I've tried twice now to download, but my crazy internet connection keeps giving me 'errors'. Oh well. I'll have to tell you in words about my kids instead :)

We went out to the park today, Cosette and Eli and me. Cosette loved the slides, even though she managed to go down one head-first. She wasn't too happy about that! Eli was mostly interested in eating the wood-chips on the ground until I showed him the slides as well. He liked the little baby slide. I would hold on to him as he went down, and he just grinned and laughed so sweetly :) It was really hot today, so by the time we got home and the kids had a bath, they were soooooo ready for their afternoon nap!

We are trying to help our kids learn how to sit still in church. So, we've been getting CD's of the message from Sunday Morning, and then listening to them during the week. We sit on the couch, and Eli must stay on his blanket, just like at church. Cosette is learning to be content with a few books, crayons and her baby doll. We don't expect them to sit like little angels or anything, but we also don't want them disturbing the whole service. So far, our 'practicing' has gone well. We'll see what the benefits may be when Sunday Morning arrives!

We asked Cosette tonight if she liked her dinner. She said "Yeah, but me like hamboogers on the girl too" I guess Joel will have to get out the girl tomorrow and start cooking up some hamboogers! ;)

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

AAAGGGHHH!!! Bloody noses and lips!

Okay, here's the low-down on how this unsuspecting mother came this close to losing her mind:

  • Last Sunday, I was getting dinner ready after church. Cosette was still in her cute, fancy church dress. She ran around a corner, tripped, and hit her nose on the side of the dresser. Blood squirted everywhere (dress included). She was stuck laying flat on the couch for a good twenty minutes. Fortunately, her dress came clean, but her nose was sore for a week!

  • A few days later, Eli was sitting on the kitchen floor playing. Next thing I knew, he had somehow toppled over, and blood was squirting from his nose as well. How did he manage this? I have no idea! There's a boy for you!
  • Then, today, he was trying to climb up on his little rocking chair to see what was on the table (which he's not supposed to do), and of course fell down, knocked his face on the rocker, and gave himself a bloody, swollen lip. He did NOT want his mama trying to help that lip, either!

So, I think that I shall now give myself an honorary degree in infant/toddler bloody nose/lip emergency procedures :)

Monday, May 07, 2007

7 Things Meme

I feel like a little girl playing with her friends again! I was tagged by Jenn to do this meme.

Here are the rules:

Each player starts with seven random facts/habits about themselves.
People who are tagged need to write on their own blog about their seven things, as well as these rules.
You need to choose up to seven people to get tagged and list their names.

Okay, so here are seven random facts about ME :)

1. I was home-schooled all the way through high-school. Did I like it? Absolutely! I plan to do the same for my children, God willing.
2. I have terrible hearing. I'm not kidding. I actually wear small hearing aids in both ears. No, I didn't listen to loud music or something, I was born with poor hearing.However, I've only been wearing the hearing aids since right before my wedding. It was kind of a source of unhealthy pride for me to get over. When Joel assured me that he would love me, even with hearing aids, and that he would probably be able to have an easier conversation with me, I decided it was time to give them a try. My life has been much easier ever since :)
3. I hate olives. HATE them! Won't eat them by themselves, on pizza, in salads... you get the picture.
4. I have given birth to both of my children 'naturally'---no pain meds. As you can see,I have a bit of unhealthy pride about this as well :(
5. I love music, but I can't sing. I have a degree in piano performance, and I play the cello, but ask me to sing, and I go pale!! I actually got one of my worst grades in college in my voice class!
6. My wonderful father shared his incredably thick, course hair with me. I have like
three people's worth of hair on top of my head! Whenever I go get my hair cut,
the hair-dressers are constantly cracking corny jokes about my thick hair. It really
does resemble a bush sometimes....
7. I am the oldest of three siblings. I have a younger brother and sister. Even though there are seven years between us, my sister and I closely resemble each other,especially now that we're older. If we dress similarly, we are constantly annoying people who mistake us for each other.
(I must note here, however, that she does not share my annoying, thick hair!)

Okay, now I'm going to tag: bluemountainmama, Bev, Helen, and Elise. Look forward to learning seven fun things about you guys!

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Happy Birthday, Elias!

Helping clean Grandma's house before the party :)

Our fun party hats (that we forgot to wear to the party :(

All my cool presents
It's a tiger! GRRR!

Am I allowed to do this??!

Yeah, I know, this one's fuzzy, but I couldn't resist...

Going in for the kill

Thursday, May 03, 2007

We had a battle of the wills last night at dinner. It was Daddy vs. Elias. And, I'm happy to say, for Eli's sake, that Daddy won. You see, we were having peas with our dinner. And Eli did not want to eat them! To understand how strange this was, you have to understand Eli. Since the day he was born, he has never refused a single drop of milk, ounce of food, or snack that has been offered to him. He has even tried eating such things as bugs, dirt, and crayons. So, for Eli to refuse food was really something!
Here's how it all went. We sat down to eat, and Joel gave Eli a bite of the spaghetti and meatballs that we were having. THEN, he gave him a bite of peas. Eli took one little taste, and decided he wasn't going to eat these peas! (Which, I can't say I blame him. Peas are nasty, awful things, to be eaten only when creamed. However, I haven't always felt this way--only since I was pregnant with Eli! How ironic :) Anyway, whenever Joel offered him another bite, he adamently shook his head 'no'. "Okay, fine Eli, tell Daddy when you're ready" We went on eating. Joel offered him another bite of peas. This time, Eli shook his head harder and pointed to his plate of spaghetti. "No, Eli, you must eat a bite of peas first" Eli started to whine. Then, he started to cry harder and point to his plate some more. We went on eating. Eli asked for another bite. Joel offered him peas. This time, Eli took his hand, and gave the offending spoonful of peas a nice swipe, sending it all over him, his bib, and anything else in close proximity. "No, No, Eli! You MUST eat your peas!" Eli cried. He sobbed. He pointed to his spaghetti. We went on eating. Eli was beginning to look utterly defeated. It's tough sitting there watching everybody else enjoying their yummy food! Finally, he opened his little mouth and accepted a very small bite of peas. Then another. Then another. After that, he ate the rest of his dinner without a fuss.
What's the big deal? You might be wondering why we made him eat his peas, when all he wanted was his spaghetti. But you see, he was learning in this moment how far he could push Mommy and Daddy. He was learning how much of his own little will he could use to dominate a situation. And he learned how much--none. And you see, when he is older, and the issues are bigger, he will already know that what Mommy and Daddy say, goes. Period. No questions asked.
But more importantly than his obedience to Mommy and Daddy, or his learning to be a happy, contented person, he is learning to submit to his Heavenly Father. If he learns from his earthly parents how to submit and be obedient, the next step will be for him to submit that same will to his Father in Heaven. That is our main goal in training our children. Sure, we'd love for them to be obedient, respectful, joyful, and loving. And those things will hopefully happen. But, more importantly, we train them so that they are ready when the time comes to submit to God and say "God, You rule my life. You call the shots. You guide me and direct me."
So you see, it wasn't just a matter of eating peas. It wasn't just teaching a child to enjoy his vegetables. It was one battle in a long, spiritual war, and it was won!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Hugs, Pony-tails, the Back-Porch, and Untimely Sneezes

Eli just learned to give hugs. If you pick him up and say, "Eli, do you have a hug for mommy?" he'll wray his arms around you really tight and lay his head down on your shoulder. Talk about a remedy for a really bad day!

Cosette is saying anything these days. This morning I put a pony-tail in her hair. Then, she wanted pig-tails. After I put the pig-tails in, she was running around for a little while. Then, all of a sudden, she stopped, rubbed the back of her head, and said "Hey, where'd my pony-tail go?" I guess she thought that you could have pigtails and ponytails at the same time!

She was 'helping' Daddy to grill fish the other day on the back porch. She was walking all around for a while, then she looked down and happened to notice the spaces between the boards. She was suddenly very afraid and refused to budge. Joel had to gently tell her that the slats were not big enough for her to fall through!

This morning I got out a clean dish towel to dry dishes. Cosette wanted to help. I handed her the towel, and she promptly sneezed all over it :/ What a waste of a clean towel :)

So, what do people laugh at who don't have little kids?!


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